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Top 1% Global Leader Digital Agency
Ranked by Clutch 2023

Top 1% Digital Agency in United States
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Fastest-Growing Companies in the USA
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Top 1% Global Leader Digital Agency
Ranked by Clutch 2023

Top 1% Digital Agency in United States
Ranked by UpCity 2022

Fastest-Growing Companies in the USA
4 Years in a Row

Top 1% Best Digital Marketing Award
Ranked by Expertise 2023

#2 Global Award Winner
Ranked by MASHABLE

Top 1% Award of Excellence Winner
Years 2020, 2021, 2022

500+ 5-Star Reviews in Google
Ranked by Our Customers

Top 1000 Global Digital Agency
Ranked by Clutch 2022

#1 Global Digital Agency
Ranked by Business Journal

Top Rated SEO Agency
Ranked by SEO Blog 2023

Top Ecommerce Development Company
Ranked by Selected Firms

Top Web Development Agency
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With NEWMEDIA web design

Kansas City businesses make their web presence felt.

You set up your business in the Heart of America because you want to be part of a local economy that provides for the needs of over 50,000 businesses.

But there’s something else that 50,000 businesses bring – competition.

Most of your competitors are already online (and if they’re not – they’re probably planning to be), so you need to bring your A-game to your website if you’re going to stand out from that big crowd.

Kansas City website design, UX, digital development and marketing agency


Top 1%

Global Leader Digital Agency

Ranked by Clutch 2023

Top 1%

Digital Agency in United States

Ranked by UpCity 2022


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We can craft the perfect digital strategy to grow your business, and then execute it for you to generate massive scale. And we can move much faster than you would expect.


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What Do Web Designers Do?

We can tackle this question in two ways – the “what web designers do in the process” sense and the “what they do in terms of delivering websites that feed into your company’s growth marketing” strategy.

The Three Things All Web Designers Do

Let’s start with the basics.

No matter who you choose for Kansas City web design, they should all do the following three things (and if they don’t, you know they’re not for your business).

A Web Designer Plans Your Website's Look and Layout

Every website design starts with a plan.

This can come in many forms – from wireframes that look something like the blueprint for a house to full visuals that show what your website will look like in storyboard format. Most web designers do both, but whichever you get, the plan needs to do one crucial thing:

Showcase how the user makes their way through your website.

While you may love the design elements of a proposed website, it’s more important that web design agencies show they’ve considered the user experience. Remember – graphical designs can be changed, but a shoddy flow through your website lowers user engagement and often requires a full redesign.

Website Development - Coding Your Website So it Works

So, web development isn’t technically the same thing as web design. We go into more detail later, but the main difference is that design is all about how your site looks, whereas development is about the coding that creates functional websites.

Often, your marketing agency will move into the development phase once it has final approval on the designs it presents. But some do the two in tandem – handling the basics of development so you get a workable prototype of your site when creating digital designs, with full development taking place once you’re happy with how everything works.

Your Web Design Company Makes the Design Digital

Once you’ve agreed to a design, top web designers get to the important business of making it digital. You won’t have a working website yet (that comes in the development phase), but you’ll be able to see your web pages on the screen and get a feel for how it will look when it all comes together.

Note – there’s no website coding going on here.

Think of it more like creating digital pictures that highlight the design elements of your site.



What a Great Web Design Agency Does for Your Kansa City Business

A decent web design company is fine for creating websites. But you need the best web design company in Kansas City (hint – that’s NEWMEDIA) if you want to enjoy the benefits that having a website delivers to your small business.

Help You Get More Online Leads


Every company wants them but so few come up with consistent ways to generate them.

Web design doesn’t generate leads directly. The marketing campaigns you build around your new websites are what bring people through the door (i.e., create the virtual “foot traffic” that the site needs to attract). But in an indirect way, having a quality website has a huge impact on the number of leads you generate.


Poor web design leads to people abandoning sites before they buy or make an inquiry:

reasons why users leave a page

These stats from Zippia paint the full picture.

If your site has unclear messaging, 46% of people cite that as the reason they’ll leave. Often, messaging becomes unclear thanks to a cluttered design that fails to guide the visitor through your content. Speaking of design, over a third of people (37%) cite that as the main reason why they’ll abandon a website. In other words, if they don’t like how the site looks or they can’t find their way around, they’ll wave bye-bye, and you have a lost lead on your hands.

So, web design may not create leads directly, but it definitely ensures you keep as many of the visitors you get on your website (and in with a chance of converting).

Make the All-Important First Impression

Imagine that you have a first date lined up.

You get that wonderful combination of nervousness and excitement in the pit of your stomach as you get ready. And you really get ready. Your best clothes. Full grooming. You’re going to put your best foot forward for this date. But it all goes downhill when you arrive and see that your date hasn’t put in anywhere near the same amount of effort – they look shoddy to the point where you feel like you’ve been catfished!

The point is simple – first impressions matter no matter how many times people tell you not to judge a book by its cover.

And it’s a great first impression you need to create with your business website:

Make a positive impact on potential customers

There are two stats here that are worth highlighting here.

First, 94% of the average website visitor’s first impression of your website (and your business) comes from the site’s design. They’ll take one look. If they don’t like what they see from your new website, then you’re in trouble – they have a poor opinion of you from the start.

And that brings us to the second stat:

Three-quarters of people (75%) say they judge a company’s credibility based on its website. Your entire team may be phenomenal at what it does, but none of that matters if you have a shoddy web design that doesn’t reflect the professionalism you bring to the table.

First impressions matter – make sure your marketing agency can create an SEO-friendly web design that also wows anybody who sees it.

Contribute to the Trust That Digital Marketing Creates

Why does credibility matter?

The answer is all about trust – you need credibility (remember that 75% of people are using your website to judge your credibility) if you’re going to make sales. And if you’re working under the illusion that your customers automatically trust you, then we’re sorry to burst your bubble, but…

A lot of them don’t, at least not right away. Over a third (39%) say that a company needs to earn their trust before they’ll consider buying from them. And though 42% say they tend to trust companies automatically, even they say that they’re gone if you do something to break that trust (such as presenting a terrible website that damages your credibility).

But there’s good news, too.

Nearly 40% of people go out of their way to buy more from companies they trust. Given that web design has such an impact on your credibility, it stands to reason that good design (along with appropriate messaging across the site, through social media marketing, and in your print marketing) helps to build trust.

Our Web Design Services

You know what a Kansas City web design agency should do for your business, both on the basic level and in terms of the benefits that good design delivers. Next up – the specific services that NEWMEDIA delivers.

Create SEO-Friendly Websites

Tons of agencies can claim to create a custom website and deliver on that promise.

But you want to use that website for lead generation. You want it ready to go and capable of dominating search engines (with the appropriate strategies) without you having to constantly tweak the backend to make it SEO-friendly.

NEWMEDIA makes sure that happens.

We build websites that are made to succeed in search engines. That means creating website content (more on that later) that appeals to your customers and ensuring your site is coded so that it loads fast and sends solid signals to search engines.

We also give you the most important tool of all – a content management system (CMS).

Through your CMS, you can add new pages and handle the little technical SEO aspects (think metadata and title tags) from your site’s backend. No coding. No learning any programming languages. Your site is set up to succeed in search engine optimization from the start.

WordPress Web Design

Speaking of CMSs, there’s one that stands head and shoulders above the rest – WordPress.

wordpress market

Combine the other five most popular content management systems and they still lose to WordPress websites. It has 58.7% of the market share, and for good reason – WordPress works because it’s simple and it has tons of plug-ins.

Naturally, that may lead to you wanting WordPress as the CMS for your new website, and we’re 100% on board with that decision. But where NEWMEDIA differs from other digital agencies is that we don’t just pick a pre-set WordPress template, dump your branding on it, and then charge you.

We create something customized that works for your business and is powered by WordPress. You still get to use one of the best CMSs around. But you’re not stuck with an “off-the-shelf” template that anybody could use when you’re with NEWMEDIA.

Website Redesign

Maybe you already have a website.

If so – congratulations! You’re already ahead of the 29% of small businesses that don’t have one, so you’re at least visible to an online audience.

But simply being visible online isn’t enough. If your website is outdated because it’s not using any of the tech that modern sites use, your customers will notice, and they’ll go running. In fact, 81% of them immediately think less of your Kansas City business if your website isn’t up to the standards they expect (remember – credibility matters).

So, NEDMEDIA’s website redesign service is simple – we take what works from your existing site, sprinkle some up-to-date magic on it, and deliver a site that still serves your brand while ensuring you stay credible.

Web Development

We’ve touched on web development already, so we won’t belabor the point – where web design is visual, website development is all about what goes on under the hood.

If you think of your website as a car, it makes more sense. The design is the bodywork, polished to a mirror sheen and with curves in all of the right places. Development is the engine, transmission, and everything else that car needs to get out of the garage so you can parade it around the streets.

You can’t have web design without quality development to back it up. NEWMEDIA delivers both.

Websites for Mobile Devices

Most of the world is mobile. There were over 6.6 billion smartphone users in 2022, and that number is expected to rise to 7.7 billion by 2028 – the vast majority of the global population.

The vast majority of those smartphones connect to the internet, so, guess what many of your customers are going to use them for?

Browsing the web.

The majority already do, as this chart from Exploding Topics demonstrates:

percentage of mobile traffic

In the first quarter of 2015, about 30% of all web traffic came from mobile devices. That’s gone up to about 60% in 2023, and the number’s only going to climb higher over time.

What happens if your site doesn’t display well on mobile devices?

Remember what we said about first impressions – 94% of them are design-related and 75% of people judge your business based on the experience you deliver through your website. So, if you have a site that looks terrible on smaller screens, you’re starting on the wrong foot with the majority of your potential customers.

That won’t happen with NEWMEDIA – we develop mobile-friendly websites and design responsive sites that display perfectly on mobile devices. And if you want to go a step further in delivering an astounding mobile experience to your customers, we can handle mobile app development for you, too.

E-Commerce Websites

You can’t take the same approach with e-commerce web design as you do with service-based design.

Take us an example – we offer SEO services on our website (along with a ton of other digital marketing services). Our pages showcase tons of information, but you’ll notice there’s something missing that you see on all e-commerce sites – product pages. We don’t have a physical product, so we don’t have pages dedicated to showcasing that product or allowing people to buy from us right here and now.

An e-commerce site does.

And that means different considerations go into the design. How do you create attractive product pages? What does the CMS need to offer to ensure you can put products up (or take them down) as needed? How do you handle payments?

It’s an entirely different approach, and you’re often wasting your money if you give your marketing budget to a service-based web developer when what you really need is an e-commerce specialist.

NEWMEDIA does both.

We’re great at creating service websites (we’ve done it for companies like the YMCA and CBS Television), but we’re also the top web designers in Kansas City for anybody who needs to get an online store up and running.

Graphic Design

We don’t just offer website design to businesses – we handle a ton of other creative services, too. Graphic design falls under that umbrella, and it’s especially useful if you already have a solid website that needs just a few graphical flourishes added to it.

Take your logo, for instance:

how consumers recognize brands

Three-quarters of your customers say they recognize brands from their logos (60% say visual style is also memorable), so if you have a forgettable logo, then you have a forgettable brand.

NEWMEDIA can fix that by creating a logo that represents the terrific company that you are and sticks in the memory.

And our graphic designers can help elsewhere, too. They can show you if your site is too cluttered or if you’re using the wrong colors (both can have an impact on your business goals), as well as ensure cohesion between all of your branding materials.

Simply put – if you need graphics, NEWMEDIA creates them.

Content Marketing and Creation

No website is complete without content.

After all, there’s a reason why anybody who knows anything about search engine optimization will tell you that “content is king.” It’s what people come to see because it’s the substance behind the visual aspects of your website.

In other words, the design is the book cover that pulls them in, and your content is the words on the page that keep them reading.

As SEO experts, NEWMEDIA enhances your marketing efforts by creating content that’s optimized and effective. There’s no boilerplate content copied and pasted across every page on your site with us. We create unique content that fits into your website design seamlessly.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Internet Marketing Services

Let’s get a misconception out of the way – an SEO-friendly site isn’t a perfectly optimized site.

It has the tools to be. And if your web designers know about best SEO practices (NEWMEDIA does), then your SEO-friendly site will get an instant jump ahead of the many sites that do no SEO at all. But you need more if you’re going to dominate search engines.

Keyword research.

Content creation.

Link building.

Conversion optimization.

They’re all ingredients in the SEO recipe and, we won’t lie, they’re all ingredients in which you have to invest. But that investment will pay off when you have a tasty revenue-generating dish on your hands.

seo roi statistics

Every major industry sees amazing ROI from SEO, even at the lowest end of the scale. E-commerce sites generate 300% ROI (three dollars for every dollar spent), and the big hitters, like real estate and financial services, crack 1000%.

The point?

Kansas City SEO works, and we can make it work for you once you have your website up and running.

Our Past Projects

Our Esteemed Clientele

You can see precisely what great web design delivers. From local businesses to global enterprises, it helps you put your best foot forward so you gain credibility, develop trust, and make more sales.
Major businesses trust us to handle their web design. The YMCA. Six Flags. Delta Airlines. They're all NEWMEDIA customers, and they've all had websites designed by our experts.

Delta Sky Club

The new Delta Sky Club website portal, designed and developed from scratch by NEWMEDIA, allows Delta passengers who go online in any of their Sky Club lounges across the U.S. to quickly get news, weather & stock market information, in addition to tracking flights on any airline (not just Delta!), searching directly in Google, and getting maps and driving directions to/from any address on Earth.

California Almonds

NEWMEDIA Los Angeles, in collaboration with Sterling-Rice Group (SRG), built a new website for the Almond Board of California under an aggressive development timeline. We built a multi-language website for them while ensuring a consistent user experience by bringing all four existing websites into a single universal system. Our team of experts delivered this mammoth project even after the deadline was shortened by four weeks.

Six Flags

The Six Flags team reached out to NEWMEDIA for a complete website redesign and multi-site ecommerce web development. We redesigned the website to change its complete look and feel and organized content into categories and subcategories to simplify content discovery for visitors. Over the course of the project, we worked in close coordination with the Six Flags team to deliver the website quickly before their parks reopened.


PostNet approached us to completely redesign all their websites, including those of franchisees. We developed a fresh responsive website for them to offer a consistent browsing experience to visitors irrespective of the screen size of the device they use to access the website. Additionally, we developed a tool to help visitors find their nearest PostNet center. Finally, we designed the 300+ franchise websites for them with local SEO and franchise SEO.

YMCA (The Y)

YMCA (now “The Y”) is an organization that we’ve all heard of and/or been a part of at one time in our lives. YMCA of Metro Denver came to us for a fresh website design that would communicate their mission of being for youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. Even more exciting, they had just had a brand refresh and this was the chance to support that refresh with a complementary website.


When CBS Television was producing the show that came to be called Haystack Help, they needed a complex yet easy to use website application to direct the TV viewers to visit, and their search for a Denver website developer led them to NEWMEDIA. Initially, prior to contacting NEWMEDIA, they had selected another web development partner for the project. Then, there was a problem…


Choose NEWMEDIA as Your Kansas City Marketing Agency

NEWMEDIA is an expert agency with experience in various industries, from small e-commerce and not-for-profit organizations to healthcare marketing. Our successful campaigns brought wide recognition and awards, including the Mashable Global Award and the U.S. Nationa Excellence Award in 2022. Now, your Kansas City company can reap all the benefits of working with a leading marketing agency. Let us take care of your marketing, web design, and all other business needs.

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ranks NEWMEDIA a Top 1% Global Leader Digital Agency.


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