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To grow a successful business today, you need to stand out in a saturated digital world. That begins with a website that reflects your unique value and voice while making it easy for your audience to engage with your brand. WordPress offers a convenient platform for managing content and building an online presence, without the extensive time and investment of building a comparable website from the ground up.

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Top 1% Global Leader Digital Agency
Ranked by Clutch 2023

Top 1% Digital Agency in United States
Ranked by UpCity 2022

Fastest-Growing Companies in the USA
4 Years in a Row

Top 1% Best Digital Marketing Award
Ranked by Expertise 2023

#2 Global Award Winner
Ranked by MASHABLE

Top 1% Award of Excellence Winner
Years 2020, 2021, 2022

500+ 5-Star Reviews in Google
Ranked by Our Customers

Top 1000 Global Digital Agency
Ranked by Clutch 2022

#1 Global Digital Agency
Ranked by Business Journal

Top Rated SEO Agency
Ranked by SEO Blog 2023

Top Ecommerce Development Company
Ranked by Selected Firms

Top Web Development Agency
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WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world - it's used by 43.2% of websites.

It provides you with the means to make changes, add pages, and even delete parts of your website whenever you want from the comfort of your own office.

No coding skills are required, with the CMS working in a similar way to word processing software - and no large payments are made to a developer.

Discover the WordPress Expert with NEWMEDIA

You need a new website.

You’re tired of having a site that offers the “same old, same old” that everybody else is delivering to their customers. No more standard templates for your business – you want custom themes, custom plugins, and a website that enables you to do whatever you need to do to land customers.

Enter a skilled WordPress developer.

Though it’s well known as the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world – it’s used by 43.2% of websites – WordPress sometimes has a negative reputation. Some see it as the “easy route into having a website. Just slap a template onto the CMS, and you’re good to go.

And with some WordPress website designers, that’s precisely what you get – a standard website that takes little effort to create. But that’s not the case with NEWMEDIA. Our WordPress designers get the most out of the WordPress software to deliver a custom website that’s perfect for you and your clients.

What is the WordPress Platform?

For the uninitiated, WordPress is a content management system or CMS.

There are hundreds of CMS options around, with each claiming to do the exact same thing – make it easier for you to upload content onto your own website. Without a CMS in place, you only have two options when it comes to uploading content:

  • Try it yourself, which means working your way through a ton of code to not only get the content uploaded but also to ensure it displays correctly.
  • Hire a web developer – or pay your existing one – to upload the content for you. Every. Single. Time.

Neither is an attractive option.

If you don’t have any in-house developer resources, then tinkering around with the code inside your existing website is a recipe for disaster. Even the smallest mistake could run the entire site – forcing a (costly) call to your hosting provider to reset the site to a previous version.

As for paying a web designer or developer to add the content for you, just think about what that means for your company’s bank balance:

ckeditor website development

Every single change – no matter how tiny – comes with a charge that you have to pay when it could literally take just seconds to make the change yourself. And with hourly rates falling between $60 and $110, with the developer likely charging for at least one hour when you need to make a simple change, the money soon adds up.

That’s where WordPress – and other CMS solutions – come in:

They provide you with the means to make changes, add pages, and even delete parts of your website whenever you want from the comfort of your own office. No coding skills are required – with the CMS working in a similar way to word processing software – and no large payments are made to a developer.

Why Choose WordPress Over Any Other CMS?

So, you have a basic idea of what WordPress can do for your company. But that leads you to an obvious next question – why hire WordPress developers in the first place? After all, WordPress lets you mount a template onto its CMS and tweak it (to an extent), so what’s the point of having a professional WordPress developer do all of that for you?

The simple answer – WordPress web development is so much more than that.

Sure, you can go down the template route and get a working – though far from impressive – website up in a few days. But if you want a custom WordPress site, you need to call in the experts for these five reasons.

Create a User-Friendly WordPress Site (For You and Your Clients)

People don’t like using websites that aren’t designed with the user in mind. HubSpot makes that clear with this array of statistics, all highlighting reasons why somebody might bounce away:

top reasons a visitor leaves a website

Let’s take each major stat one by one.

For a huge portion of users – 88.5% – it’s all about loading times. The slower a site loads, the more likely they are to leave because they don’t want to spend an eternity waiting around for it to load just because somebody ended up with bad code due to poor management of their website project. That’s not a problem when you have a WordPress designer in your corner – the software creates standardized and well-optimized code so loading times only become an issue if your site uses extremely large images.

What about navigation?

That’s such a major issue that 61.5% of people say they’re gone if they can’t find what they need on a website. That’s where custom WordPress themes come into play – your WordPress web designer can create (and mount) a navigable template onto your CMS so your visitors never have to worry about getting lost among the content ever again.

Speaking of content, another 34.6% of people wave bye-bye to your website if your content is spread all over the place and doesn’t look good to their eye. That’s a problem that can happen frequently when you code a website from scratch, with each addition having to be tinkered with – potentially for hours – to make it fit with the existing design. And, again, it’s a problem that a WordPress developer can solve because the CMS they create on your behalf arranges your content in a way that makes sense to your visitors.

So, it’s clear that WordPress is a great choice from your visitors’ usability perspective.

But what about yours?

wordpress stats

WordPress has gone through great pains to make its back end – where you enter your content – as user-friendly as the websites you can create using the platform itself. That’s why it powers 14% of the top 100 websites in the world. WordPress is easy to use, especially when you hire a WordPress expert to train you on the platform, and is even a great choice for international brands.

After all, it’s available in 205 languages.

Use WordPress Plugins to Extend Functionality

One of the key things that separates WordPress from other content management systems is that it’s open source.

That means anybody can adjust the code behind the standard version of WordPress to turn the website its powers into anything they want. That comes with an immediate benefit for you as a user – you’re not locked into a WordPress website designer and don’t have to worry about paying through the nose to customize a proprietary system.

But there’s another, more tangible, benefit that you’ll unlock as long as you have a great developer at your side:


The standard version of WordPress is fairly simple. You get to write content, upload images, preview pages, and – of course – add, edit, and delete at will. That’s all great. But it doesn’t cover the full range of what you might need to do, which is where plugins come into play. These pieces of “mini” software plug into the main WordPress CMS to create additional functionalities that the base version doesn’t offer.

And most WordPress website owners use them:

number of wp plugins

The majority – 59% of all WordPress users – have anywhere between five and 15 plugins installed. A quarter have over 15, with even the most basic of users having between 1 and 5. That’s because these plugins introduce versatility into the CMS, essentially letting you transform it into anything that you want.

So, where does NEWMEDIA come in?

There are two ways we can help you to take advantage of plugins.

First, our vast experience of working with WordPress means we’ve spent hours poring over the massive database of plugins that others have already developed. We know what works – and what doesn’t – meaning we can save you enormous amounts of time that you might otherwise spend trying to pick the right plugin for your site.

Second, we’re a WordPress developer.

Part of hiring a WordPress developer – at least a competent one – is getting a team that’s capable of designing plugins that are specific to your site and what you need from it. So, if the plugins that exist for WordPress aren’t doing it for you and your business, you don’t need to worry. We’ll get the development process steaming ahead to build the plugins you need to power your website and, by extension, your business.

Provide a Versatile Content Management System

Building upon our point about plugins is one of the main reasons why so many on the internet use WordPress – it’s extremely versatile as a content management system.

Take the base version as an example.

Even without adding a single plugin, you have the ability to add text, visual elements, and even bullets and tables – all coded for you – using the CMS. All of that content is planted onto your website’s design, with WordPress’ “Preview” options allowing you to see what it all looks like before you make it live.

You don’t get that when you’re hardcoding a website.

When you code, you have to make all sorts of tweaks to the site’s core files and can only really check what the page you’re creating or editing looks like by making it live. You might mess up – bad news for your business and its customers – forcing you to take the page offline again while you fix it.

None of that happens with WordPress.

You can keep your existing pages live as you edit them, with your changes only appearing when you decide that they’re ready. You can even create a development timeline within WordPress – the platform allows you to schedule when your new content gets posted so you can roll out new website features and articles when you want them to go live.

All of this is available in the base version of WordPress – with no technical skills required before you get into the concept of adding plugins to enhance your version of the platform.

WordPress Websites Are SEO-Friendly

Let’s talk about an element of building a website that’s often underestimated:

Search engine optimization (SEO).

In basic terms, SEO is all about ensuring that your website ranks in search engines for the keywords your potential visitors are likely to use. If you don’t have those rankings, then you’re out of luck – most people who search for your products or services will never even know that you exist. And if nobody’s landing on your website, you can’t expect to make sales. How could you? It would be like broadcasting television adverts in a world where only radios exist.

You may know all of this already.

But you may not know just how vital SEO is to your website’s success:

pages getting no organic traffic form google

Ahrefs – which provides a host of SEO tools – ran a study on a staggering 14 billion web pages to discover how many of them receive organic traffic from search engines. This is the type of traffic that lands on a website when somebody searches for a term in a search engine and clicks a site they see in the results.

Most get no organic visits at all.

A staggering 96.55% – over 13.5 billion – of the 14 billion pages that Ahrefs examined are so invisible on search engines that they get precisely no visitors from them.

By now, you’re asking an obvious question:

Where does WordPress fit into all of this?

It would be inaccurate to claim that WordPress delivers immediate rankings in search engines. That’s just not how SEO works. But it does offer two things that are absolutely vital to getting the rankings you need:

Clean and Simple Code

Search engines use “spiders” to “crawl” the code behind websites in order to figure out what those websites actually offer. Unclean code – such as code that doesn’t follow accepted standards – makes it harder for these spiders to do their jobs and can have detrimental effects on rankings. That’s not a problem with WordPress because every scrap of code it creates is clean, easy to navigate, and designed for search engines.

SEO Plugins

We come back to plugins again – the workhorses of your WordPress website.

Where the base version of the platform creates the type of code that search engines love, the SEO plugins you can install allow you to handle the nuts and bolts of a strong SEO strategy. Metadata. Alt tags for images. There are even plugins that offer keyword suggestions for the pages you’re creating – all of which can be built into your CMS with the help of the right WordPress developer.

Boost Your Digital Marketing

We’ve covered the SEO aspects of digital marketing with a WordPress website – at least, in part – with the explanation that you can install plugins that make your site an online marketing machine. But there’s so much more to it than that. WordPress is a great choice for companies that want to formulate digital marketing strategies for three key reasons.

Reason 1 – Fast and Simple Development

Part of your online marketing strategy may involve the use of landing pages – mini-websites to which you point online ads served on Google and social media. They’re a vital part of paid ad strategy and, if you intend to run several advertising campaigns, you’re going to need a lot of them.

Enter WordPress.

Rather than tying you up with complicated code and a bunch of different programming languages, WordPress allows you to quickly create – and publish – landing pages for your online campaigns. That’s why the majority of developers create their landing pages in WordPress:

cms for landing pages

WordPress is the CMS of choice for landing pages in 27.7% of cases – almost 13% more than its nearest competitor. The simple reason why is that it’s so much easier to create landing pages with the type of visual design a business needs in WordPress than it is on any other platform.

Reason 2 – Mobile Responsive Websites

Are you still stuck in a world where most people still access the web from desktop computers?

Don’t be – most are using their mobile devices to surf the web, which has a distinct impact on your digital marketing strategy:

percentage of mobile traffic

As of the end of 2023, nearly 60% of all website traffic stems from the magical little smart devices we all keep in our pockets, which is why it’s so crucial for your online marketing to account for them. How does WordPress fit into that question?

It allows you to create responsive websites.

These are sites that are able to adjust their layout on the fly – dependent on the device a visitor is using to access it – so it always displays well. With WordPress, you don’t have to build a separate mobile website for mobile SEO purposes. You get it all in one.

Reason 3 – WordPress is Compatible with Google Analytics

How do you even know that your online marketing campaigns are working?

You need tools to analyze what’s happening – such as where your traffic is coming from – which is where services like Google Analytics come in. A free-to-use data bonanza, Google Analytics tells you how many people land on your website, where they come from, and so much more data that’s useful to your marketing campaigns.

And it’s compatible with WordPress.

Popping a single line of code into your WordPress website’s “functions” folder makes it easy to see how successful – or otherwise – your digital marketing campaigns are. And for those who love a plugin, a WordPress developer like NEWMEDIA can install plugins that show key data inside the CMS itself.

Our WordPress Website Services

You get it by now:

Joining the WordPress ecosystem with your new website is the right thing to do. You get a powerful and versatile CMS as standard – which is only made stronger once your WordPress developer adds some plugins – as well as a platform that’s basically built for online marketing.

Let’s move on to another question.

Now that you know why WordPress is the right choice,

What does a WordPress website designer – like NEWMEDIA – actually offer?

Project Scope Definition

Most software development projects – which includes website creation – either fail or face serious challenges at some point during the project lifecycle:

software development success rate


The simple reason is usually a lack of proper planning. That’s an issue that plagues web development, with many companies jumping straight into trying to get something online. They don’t ask the “whys” and “wherefores” needed to create a specific direction for their project, which leads to one of two outcomes:

The project goes over budget and time, as is the case with the 52% of “Challenged” projects in the above chart. Or they fail to materialize into anything tangible at all, with 19% of them falling onto the software scrap heap, never to be heard from again.

NEWMEDIA makes sure that doesn’t happen by assigning a project manager – specific to your WordPress website – who helps you to determine the scope of your project and plots out the steps needed for building websites that work.

WordPress Development Services

“Wait,” you might think.

“Why do I need a WordPress developer at all? I probably just need a designer who can create a template that I’ll mount on WordPress myself!”

You could go down that route, assuming you want the most standard website that your business could own. But without a developer, you’re not going to unlock the full potential of WordPress, particularly in terms of the plugins that can be built into your website or the specific customizations that would make it unique.

Take developing an online store, for instance.

WordPress lets you do that, as long as you know how. But selling online isn’t part of the base software – it can only be done with the right plugins that adapt the CMS into something that allows you to upload products and take payments.

That’s one example of what a WordPress developer does and, if you get in touch with NEWMEDIA, we can give you many more.

WordPress Web Design

You have a fraction of a second to make a first impression with your website:

website design stats first impression

Specifically, 0.05 seconds is all you have to wow somebody with how your website looks. That’s where the design aspect of our WordPress services comes in – our WordPress website designers give your site the look and feel that keeps people there once they’ve arrived.

Think of design as the yin to development’s yang. Where development focuses on the nuts and bolts of your site – the behind-the-scenes stuff that keeps it up and running – design is the pretty face you put on top of those nuts and bolts to ensure your business looks professional in the eyes of your visitors.

You need both to create a great WordPress site – NEWMEDIA can provide both.

WordPress Theme Development

A WordPress “theme” is a collection of the templates, stylesheets, and blocks of coding needed to mount a design onto the WordPress CMS. There are tons of these available for free – all of which you can edit yourself – if you take a few moments to search for them online.

The problem?

Those themes are generic. They’re made to appeal to the widest audience possible, meaning they may not do everything you need them to do or showcase your brand in the way you want.

Enter custom themes – entire packages built for you as part of your website design that are made specifically for you. No more trying to hammer a generic template into what you need it to be. You can go custom – with NEWMEDIA’s help – so your theme is genuinely your theme.

WordPress Plugin Development

If you’ve been paying attention so far, you already know what a WordPress plugin does – it expands the functionality of the base version of WordPress. And with NEWMEDIA, you have a team that knows the best plugins and can build them into your website as part of the development process.

But what if you want more?

What if you want a plugin that does things no other available plugin does or – if you’re sensitive about protecting your IP – a plugin that’s created solely for your use?

NEWMEDIA can help there, too, with our plugin development service. As an offshoot of our WordPress development services, this is all about digging into what you need your website to do before crafting a plugin that serves that need.

WordPress Admin Dashboard Creation

You’ll first see it when you log into your WordPress CMS for the first time – the administrative dashboard. It looks a little something like this:

wp admin dashboard

There’s some useful stuff there. You get a quick rundown of how many posts – or pages – you have on your site, as well as comments from your visitors. You can even see some of those comments and even approve or disapprove them for publication. But it’s all a little…barebones.

What if it could tell you more?

It can with the implementation of widgets – a little piece of modular code we can slot into your CMS to supercharge your admin dashboard so that it shows you more information. Add to that some white labeling – where we build your branding into a special admin theme – and you can transform the default dashboard into something that speaks to your company.

Update Your Existing Theme

Maybe you already have a WordPress website.

You’ve worked with a WordPress developer before – or you uploaded a custom theme you found online – and you’re pretty happy with what you have. You certainly don’t want to go through the hassle of a redesign for something that’s working for you so far.

Still, it would be nice if you could add some social buttons to that theme. Or, maybe, a customized form for visitors to fill out. In short – you want to make a few changes.


Our WordPress expertise extends beyond designing custom themes and into tweaking the ones you’re already using. After all, WordPress is an open-source platform – a talented developer could change anything about your site if you need it done.

Create a WordPress Ecommerce Store

WordPress doesn’t offer ecommerce functionality as standard.

At its heart, it’s a blogging platform – though one that has been massively expanded to make it the website creation platform of choice – so you’re going to have to put in a little more work to sell online.

Guess how.

If you guessed “plugins,” then you’re right on the money. They’re the key to unlocking the ecommerce potential of your WordPress website, with a ton of them being available as standard. We default to the WooCommerce plugin – which is the most feature-rich of all ecommerce plugins – as do many other developers:

WooCommerce Statistics

A staggering 24% of websites that have ecommerce features use WooCommerce, with only Shopify coming ahead. By the way, there’s a Shopify checkout button plugin we can implement for you as well. We make sure the plugin is up and running properly – allowing you to add and remove products as your stock levels require – and that your site can take customer payments securely.

Search Engine Optimization Feature Implementation

We won’t belabor this point too much because we’ve already talked about the SEO capabilities of WordPress. The code it generates is search engine friendly – thanks to it being as clean as a whistle – and NEWMEDIA can install plugins that help you handle the mechanics of SEO while building your pages.

But that’s not all that a successful SEO campaign requires.

We’ll handle the back-end development aspect of ensuring your WordPress site is capable of working in the context of an SEO campaign. And, with our award-winning digital marketing services, we’ll build upon the site we develop for you so that you start drawing in the traffic you deserve.

America's Top WordPress Developers

There’s only one question left to answer – why choose NEWMEDIA as your WordPress developer?

Over a Decade of Experience (And Counting)

We have well over a decade of professional experience and have built WordPress sites across more than 50 verticals, so you know that we know what we’re doing. Combining WordPress and NEWMEDIA is like mixing peanut butter and jelly – it’s the perfect combination for great results.

We've Won Awards for Our WordPress Sites

Ranked in the top 1000 global digital companies by Clutch. The number one digital agency, according to Business Journal. And if those accolades – along with the many others we have – don’t convince you, then just listen to our clients:

We have more than 500 five-star reviews on Google.

Our WordPress Projects Are Managed by an In-House Team

We know that far too many developers will accept a WordPress project before foisting it off onto some outsourced team that isn’t even available to you. Not at NEWMEDIA – every project we take on is managed in-house, and you’ll always have access to a project manager who will inform you of what’s happening every step of the way.


Get in touch with us today and see how our design team can revamp and take your Wordpress website design to the next level.

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