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Using only print, TV, and radio to advertise your business is undoubtedly a thing of the past. In today's digital age, the battlefield has shifted to include online resources as businesses fight fiercely for their share of online real estate.

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Top 1% Global Leader Digital Agency
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Top 1% Award of Excellence Winner
Years 2020 - 2024
Fastest-Growing Companies in the USA
4 Years in a Row
Top 1000 Global Digital Agency
Ranked by Clutch 2024
Agency Partner
500+ 5-Star Reviews in Google
Ranked by Our Customers
Top 1% Digital Agency in United States
Ranked by UpCity 2022
Top 1% Best Digital Marketing Award
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#2 Global Award Winner
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Search Engine Optimization

People now turn to the internet for many of their needs, from shopping to socializing. With the online realm constantly expanding, standing out in such a highly competitive environment is more challenging than ever.
Fortunately, there's a secret weapon you can use to give your business an edge in the online arena. That weapon is called search engine optimization.
Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, can help you create a robust online presence that will attract your target audience and customers in no time.

Unlock Your Business's Full Potential With Expert Search Engine Optimization

Let’s explore how embracing SEO can help you conquer the digital world and why investing in professional SEO services is the best way to go about it.

What Is Search Engine


Before diving into the ins and outs of search engine optimization, let’s go back to the basics.

What exactly is search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization is a set of practices for optimizing websites and other online channels to allow them to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Call it art or call it science; it doesn’t matter. What matters is the end goal – making your online channels easily found, understood, and embraced by search engines.

While the definition might be simple, the execution is far from it.

How SEO Works

Search engine optimization is all about pleasing the search engine algorithms. These algorithms are governed by a pre-defined set of rules to determine which web pages to show for which queries.

Now you might wonder what’s so hard about that. Just follow the rules and watch your online presence soar!

Well, we’ve got some bad news. Search engines aren’t exactly forthcoming about sharing those rules. Plus, the rules keep changing. And we’re not talking about a change or two a year. We’re talking about one or two changes a day.

That’s right. Experts estimate that Google search algorithms go through 500 to 600 changes a year.

While there are numerous search engines to choose from, we’ll focus on Google. After all, this online giant captures the majority of the search engine market, as seen below.

US search market share

Google’s search crawlers constantly scan the internet, searching for web pages with high-quality, relevant information for a specific query. Then, they gather these pages, categorize them, and store them in an index. Every time you search for something online, Google will pull up relevant pages from its index and present them to you, front and center.

But how can Google tell if a page is relevant to a query? To judge the relevance and quality of a web page, Google relies on hundreds or even thousands of ranking factors.

What Are Google Ranking Factors?

As the name suggests, these factors determine the order of website rankings on Google. That makes them highly valuable for search engine optimization.

However, the sheer number of these factors and the changing nature of Google’s algorithms make it almost impossible to keep up.

The good news is that you don’t have to keep up with all of them.

Instead, you can pick out the most essential items in this seemingly endless sea of factors dictating search rankings and focus on them.

Unfortunately, even this list is constantly changing. Still, some core metrics remain equally valuable no matter how often Google switches up its algorithm.

  • High-quality backlinks. Links from authoritative websites leading to your site play an essential role in determining your search engine rankings. Basically, these links signal to search engines that your website can be trusted.
  • Relevant content. “Content is king” is plastered across numerous articles exploring search engine optimization for a reason. Like many other aspects of digital presence, content also rules search engines. Consistent publication of high-quality content is your one-way ticket up the search engine rankings.
  • User-friendly website structure. Search engines don’t read websites the same way we do. They see HTML code and text content and use their crawlers to determine how organized and readable they are.

Of course, these are just core metrics search engines use to determine your website’s relevance. If we were to continue, we’d also mention internal links, mobile-friendly web design, site security, and page speed. And we could go on and on.

Don’t worry, we won’t! After all, we aren’t here to learn about Google and its ever-evolving algorithms. We’re here to understand how SEO keeps up with them.

With this in mind, let’s explore different types of SEO, each focused on covering a different requirement set by Google and other search engines.

Types of SEO

The three core types of search engine optimization are on-page, off-page, and technical SEO, as seen below.
US search market share

On-page SEO

On-page optimization has a pretty descriptive name. It tackles everything you can see on a web page, focusing on its structure and quality.

Key players for on-page SEO include:

  • Body content
  • Keywords
  • Title tags
  • Internal links
  • Meta descriptions
  • Alt attributes
  • URL structure

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO refers to the actions taken outside your website to improve its standing in “search engine land.”

Off-page SEO must-haves include:

  • Link building strategies
  • Social media marketing
  • Guest posting
  • Influencer outreach
  • Online reputation management

Technical SEO

Continuing the theme of self-explanatory names, technical SEO focuses on the technical aspects of your website. These optimizations tackle the backend of your site, ensuring it meets all the security and user experience requirements.

Technical SEO keeps the following aspects in check:

  • Page speed
  • Site architecture and structure
  • Crawlability
  • Indexability
  • Responsive web design
  • Schema markup

Why Hire an

SEO Company

Now that you understand the basics of SEO, you might want to give it a shot on your own. And you absolutely can! There are plenty of resources online with appealing SEO tactics you can try out. With some time and effort, you can implement a simple SEO strategy for your online channels.

However, anything beyond that calls for extensive knowledge, advanced tools, and a lot of time. Truthfully, SEO can become a full-time job for people who lack experience in the field.

To make matters worse, DIY search engine marketing can often do more harm than good. In the worst-case scenario, your website can get blacklisted by search engines.

If you want a successful and safe SEO strategy, but lack the time, skills, and know-how to devise it, SEO agencies are the way to go.

When working with SEO specialists, you’ll stop wasting valuable time and resources. Instead, you’ll be able to focus on running your business while these professionals take care of the SEO efforts.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you’ll see results overnight. Successfully implementing an SEO plan takes time, so be patient. We promise that the results will make your patience well worth it.

In fact, here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect when working with an experienced SEO agency.

Rising Above the Noise

In today’s digital age, virtually anyone can be present online. All it takes is a simple website and an account on leading social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

But just like you can make those digital channels on your own, so can millions of other business owners.

The key to running a successful online business isn’t in being present online. It’s in being seen.

When it comes to effective SEO strategies, online visibility is the name of the game. In fact, most benefits from working with the right SEO company rest on this single factor.

From organic search traffic and higher conversion rates to improved brand awareness and increased revenue, it all starts with visibility.

For this reason, numerous professional SEO services focus on your business’s search performance. The goal is to keep rising in search engine results until you reach the coveted first page of Google. After all, it’s where 75% of internet users are firmly planted, according to HubSpot, as seen below.

US search market share

Revving Up the Website Traffic

If reaching the first page on Google is so important, why not just pay to do so?

To be honest, nothing’s stopping you. A paid search can help you achieve some short-term goals you set for your website, “short-term” being the keyword here.

With paid search, once the money is out of the mix, so is the website traffic.

Organic search traffic is what you need for long-term success and what reliable SEO agencies can get you.

Organic traffic is essentially free for life and serves as a sustainable method of attracting website visitors and potential customers.

Unfortunately, not all web pages will experience the wonders of organic traffic. In fact, over 90% of pages get no organic search whatsoever, as the chart below suggests.

US search market share

We don’t have to tell you that those 90% of websites aren’t a great company to keep. SEO companies are also well aware of that, so getting organic traffic is the goal of most of their SEO services.

Scaling Your Customer Base

The more people discover your products and services online, the more chances you have to earn their trust and convert them into customers.

To achieve this desirable goal, the people who discover your products and services should be your target audience. Otherwise, you’re wasting time and effort.

A professional search engine optimization company will help you get your business directly to people interested in what you have to offer. With the right SEO strategy, those people will become your customers in no time.

Building Long-Lasting Relationships

A new customer is undoubtedly a successful outcome. But a returning customer? Well, that means you’ve hit a jackpot!

Professional SEO services can help you attract new customers and keep them coming back for more.

More content, more products, more services.

Get people to trust you and appreciate the quality of your offering, and you’ve got customers for life.

Building Good Online Reputation

Online reputation management is one of the most important SEO services of any respectable SEO firm.

Your services or products are as good as your company’s online reputation. The more people talk about you in a good way, the better your reputation and the more chances of obtaining new customers organically. Favorable reviews, high ratings, positive testimonials, business listings, and awards all contribute to a stellar online reputation.

Gaining positive press throughout the digital world and beyond will foster a strong brand reputation and build credibility.

The benefits of a positive online reputation are tremendous and are even visible in the company’s overall market value, as seen in the image below.

US search market share

Outranking Your Competition

Top SEO companies are fully dedicated to each of their clients and their business’ long-term goals. As a good SEO practice, they research who your main competitors are and then monitor your website’s performance against them in the SERPs. The goal is to optimize your website in a way that it provides better user-experience and more useful content to your potential customers.

Competition analysis doesn’t involve any aggressive tactics that can jeopardize your brand reputation and essentially do more harm than good to your SEO. It aims to pinpoint areas where your competitors fall short.

Competitor analysis involves detailed research that will show how your competitors perform in the SERPs, which keywords they are targeting and how they rank for those keywords, what type of content they are publishing and how often, and how they go about link building. This analysis lets you see the blind spots in their strategy and helps you adjust your SEO campaign accordingly.

What Does

Our SEO Process


NEWMEDIA is a full-service digital agency with highly skillful SEO specialists. At NEWMEDIA, we work closely with our clients to understand their needs and business goals so that we can help them achieve higher rankings and more revenue from organic search traffic. Once we’re on the same page, we can start implementing our SEO services.

Our SEO process includes the following steps:

Step 1: Running SEO Audits

An SEO audit lets us take an in-depth look at your website, its content, and your current SEO strategy. An SEO audit consists of different website “health checks|” that will help us examine your digital presence closely and point to any issues affecting your website’s organic search performance.

During a complete SEO audit we will perform the following:

  • On-page audit. During the on-page audit we check your website’s design and usability. We also check for any indexing issues, page speed, canonicalization, mobile-friendliness, URL structure, and much more.
  • Content audit. During the content audit we inspect your published content across all digital channels. We check its originality, accuracy, relevancy, and overall quality. We aim to identify what type of content works best for you, areas of improvement and what to avoid.
  • Off-page audit. When doing an off-page SEO audit we determine how well your web pages are received by other high-authority websites. Here we check the quality and relevancy of your backlinks. We also look into how many backlinks you have and how well they’re distributed. Here we don’t examine your content but everything beyond it that may have influence on your rankings.
  • Technical audit. Technical audit involves scanning all your web pages to identify issues that prevent them from ranking better. We use professional SEO tools that help us identify any crawl errors, indexing issues, and other warnings, and give us a detailed report with your overall site health, as seen below.
US search market share

Step 2: Undertaking Extensive Research

Now that our SEO company knows where your website currently stands and where you want it to be, it’s time to do extensive research to figure out how to get you there.

Our SEO services include all types of research, including market, competition, audience, and keyword research.

Keyword research is arguably the most critical step during the research phase. For one, keyword rankings are often used to determine the success of an SEO campaign. In addition, keyword research informs all the other types of SEO research we conduct.

That’s why our SEO agency settles for nothing less than extensive keyword research.

During this research we discover terms your target audience is likely to type into the Google search when looking for products or services you are offering. After identifying highly relevant keywords related to your business, we do the following:

  1. Categorize them based on relevance, search volume, competition, and difficulty.
  2. Prioritize keywords with the highest potential to rank
  3. Incorporate these keywords in your website content

Step 3: Devising an SEO Strategy

With all the necessary information we gathered during the website audit and keyword research, we start devising an SEO strategy. The first step is establishing SMART goals.

US search market share

In the beginning, our SEO strategy prioritizes the most pressing SEO issues. This way, we make sure our SEO efforts produce precise and prompt outcomes. As time goes by and we better understand the impact of our search engine optimization, we adjust our SEO tactics accordingly.

Step 4: Investing in Content Creation

A well-rounded content marketing strategy is a key part of our SEO services.

Based on findings from steps 1 and 2 and goals set in step 3, our SEO agency focuses on creating highly optimized content for your website and beyond. The content we create boasts the following characteristics:

  • It provides information your target audience is looking for in search results.
  • It’s user-friendly and contains no distracting elements.
  • While optimized for search engines, it reads naturally.
  • It provides highly valuable and relevant information that goes in-depth.
  • It is hierarchically organized.
  • It includes evergreen content that delivers sustainable growth.

Step 5: Moving on to Content Promotion

No matter how thought-out a digital marketing strategy is, it still requires a great deal of promotion to succeed. Once everything’s in place, our SEO agency promotes your content to ensure it outranks the competitors and attracts organic search.

Since backlinks can make or break your website’s ranking, we primarily focus on our link-building strategies. These include:

  • Guest posting on relevant niche websites
  • Social media promotion
  • Influencer marketing
  • Content repurposing
  • Content syndication

Of course, we have these link-building strategies in mind even when creating content. This way, we ensure the content we create is shareable and easy to promote. For instance, long-form content generates more high-quality backlinks, as shown below. So, with our SEO agency, there’s no room for short, throwaway content.

US search market share

Step 6: Performing Detailed Analysis

Although we’re only now mentioning analysis, this step begins much earlier. In fact, our SEO agency sets up a complex tracking system from the moment you start using our SEO services. This way, you can fully understand the impact of each SEO campaign.

Our tracking system primarily focuses on keyword rankings, analytics, and key performance indicators (KPIs). This allows us to gain valuable insight, which we use to optimize our SEO services further.

Like researching and auditing, this step also requires using SEO tools. Sure, you can use free tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console and get some valuable insights. However, in-depth analysis can only be achieved by employing advanced SEO software.

Step 7: Turning In Extensive Reports

At NEWMEDIA, we’re all about transparency.

That’s why we compile extensive reports that allow you to understand the impact of our SEO services.

Since you’ll be assigned a dedicated project manager, you can review these reports one-on-one and ask any questions you might have.

This approach ensures we’re all on the same page at all times.

Step 8: Adjusting Ongoing SEO Strategies

Other SEO companies might stick to a rigid SEO process, but not NEWMEDIA.

At NEWMEDIA, we firmly believe that an SEO agency must be flexible and adaptable. That’s why we use our findings, the latest trends, and algorithm updates to optimize your SEO strategy continuously. This is the only way to ensure it continues delivering optimal results.

Of course, we’ll keep you informed of all the necessary changes and report on their success.

What SEO Services Do We Offer?

At our search optimization company, the traditional SEO packages provide everything you need to succeed in the world of search marketing. They contain all types of SEO and follow a detailed process laid out above.

However, some companies don’t want such extensive SEO strategies. Instead, they only want to focus on a specific area of SEO that will maximize their success.

If your business falls under this category, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s a taste of what our company offers, so you can choose the right SEO services for your business.

Local SEO

Our general SEO services include optimizing for international markets (international SEO), aiming to amplify your reach and organic presence as much as possible. However, if you sell your products or provide services locally, chances are you have no need for international SEO. You will want to focus on the local audience only.

That’s where local SEO comes into play.

Local SEO refers to a set of practices used to boost your website and business in local search. Basically, whenever someone searches your service locally (e.g., best home improvement company Boston), ideally your business will appear at the top of the search results.

Our local SEO services include the following:

  • Targeting local keywords
  • Acquiring backlinks from locally relevant sources
  • Setting up and optimizing a Google Business Profile
  • Including your business in local directories
  • Increasing NAP (name, address, and phone number) citations

A vast majority of internet users first research a business online before making a purchase or a visit, as seen below.

US search market share

For this reason, local SEO services are of utmost importance for growing your local following and customer base.

Ecommerce SEO

If you run an ecommerce website, our SEO company can help you provide your customers with a highly convenient shopping experience. From identifying issues in web development to optimizing every single product or service page, ecommerce SEO will transform your online store into a booming business.

Franchise SEO

As a search engine optimization company with over 35 locations in North America, NEWMEDIA knows a thing or two about successfully branching out. If you currently own a multiple-location business or aspire to do so, our franchise SEO services are perfect for you.

With these services, you’ll ensure each location gets special treatment and room to grow. Your locations won’t compete against each other, maximizing leads and sales in each place where you choose to expand your franchise.

Content Marketing

Best SEO companies take a holistic approach to digital marketing, and our SEO marketing company is no different. Although not an SEO service per se, content marketing and SEO efforts are inseparable.

For this reason, our SEO company also offers professional content-producing services. With years of hands-on experience in numerous niche industries, our writers know how to produce content that ranks and receives high-quality backlinks.

We aim to cover different types of content, seen below, based on their benefits for your business.

US search market share

Social Media Marketing

Many experienced SEO providers like NEWMEDIA use social media to their advantage.

Social media channels might not have a direct impact on SEO. However, they’re an incredible tool for content promotion and building solid relationships that can lead to link-building opportunities.

And of course, social media is essential for growing your business and staying relevant in today’s dynamic digital landscape, so consider this a win-win situation.

SEO Consulting

Suppose you’ve already worked with SEO firms or have an in-house SEO team but aren’t satisfied with the results. In that case, you can use our SEO consulting services to determine what went wrong.

Getting a second, outside opinion from experts at NEWMEDIA can help you overcome challenges other SEO companies might’ve placed before you and successfully reroute you to the path of SEO success.

Improve Your Online Presence with


As a full-service digital agency, we pride ourselves on our ability to completely revamp your online presence and help you build brand authority with your content. Here are some of the reasons NEWMEDIA is the best SEO company for you.

We Offer Decades of Know-How at Your Fingertips

As one of North America’s oldest digital marketing agencies, we’ve compiled a treasure trove of experience that can help propel your business into internet stardom. We’ve successfully worked with businesses of all sizes and have hundreds of SEO case studies to prove it.

Our SEO Team Is All In

Our SEO company consists of a diverse team of hardworking and knowledgeable digital marketing professionals and SEO experts willing to go the extra mile to help you achieve your business goals online.

Our Partnership Goes Beyond a Single Campaign

Our aim is to forge long-lasting relationships with all our clients. Relationships built on trust and stellar track record are essential to long-term success and health of any business. And these relationships are built on more than a single project or campaign.

Our Company Culture Is Based Around The Customer

Our SEO company has a customer-oriented attitude. From our exceptional customer service to providing honest feedback, everything we do is geared toward fostering a meaningful relationship with our clients.

Every Day, We're Better Than Yesterday

SEO is an ever-changing and constantly evolving, and with each new algorithm update our company adapts, improves, and evolves too. Our team is always up-to-date on the latest industry trends and continuously works on expanding SEO knowledge, allowing NEWMEDIA to always stay ahead of the curve.

We Implement Innovative, Tech-Powered Solutions

Working with our SEO company gives you access to advanced online marketing and SEO tools other agencies don’t even consider. Using the best industry tools available lets us build a tech-powered SEO process that gives results.

Playing Fair Is Our Core Value

Our SEO company is committed to integrity and fairness. This applies to all aspects of our business operations, from full transparency regarding our pricing structures to using ethical SEO practices to achieve superb results. There are no hidden fees or undisclosed tactics.

Our Reporting Is Accurate and Detailed

We will always present our results in the form of clear and accurate reports as well as during our weekly meetings and one-on-ones with your dedicated project manager.

We’ll inform you about your SEO progress in simple terms you can understand even if you aren’t tech-savvy. If a strategy isn’t producing desired results, we won’t hide it from you. Instead, we’ll work together to improve it.

So, what are you waiting for?

Send us an email at [email protected] to start your SEO journey with NEWMEDIA.

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