The Brief

Headquartered in Denver, PostNet is the business behind small businesses in America, providing the marketing support business owners need to get new customers and keep the ones they have. Our Denver website design experts had the privilege of working side-by-side with PostNet on a fresh, new franchise web development and SEO experience for their customers.


Project Description

PostNet came to NEWMEDIA to completely redesign the websites for their corporate presence and franchisees. We designed a fresh and professional website atop a solid information architecture that greatly improved the overall user experience. This is a project we are very proud of as a company.

Responsive Experience & Content

When it came to creating a mobile website experience for Postnet, we didn’t want to simply squeeze the desktop version into a smaller screen size. Instead, we wanted to craft a fluid application that was easy, intuitive, and responsive to whatever device a visitor happened to be using. We spent many hours working with PostNet to optimize appropriate and relevant content across the most popular device resolutions. The result is a beautifully fluid user experience that will serve PostNet and its customers well for many years to come.

Locate a PostNet Center

One of the key success factors for this project was to allow visitors to quickly and easily locate the PostNet center nearest them. We spent many hours optimizing the corporate homepage to efficiently direct visitors to their local PostNet center. We leveraged Google’s powerful mapping API, a tailored AJAX interface, and HTML5 geolocation to quickly locate visitors and show them nearby PostNet centers on an interactive map. We also took time to ensure the user experience was great on any device.

300+ Franchise websites…done

As a franchise, PostNet needed to share global and professionally-crafted content across centers located around the world. They also needed to give franchise owners the ability to make changes to their own centers, while maintaining and improving their rankings via effective local SEO and franchise SEO execution. With the help of the powerful Drupal content management framework, we designed the websites with a solution that meets the content needs of PostNet Corporate, while at the same time empowering franchisees to focus more on their business and worry less about maintaining their web presence.


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