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Performance marketers solve dilemmas by focusing as much on the results of your marketing efforts as they do on the campaigns themselves. And with NEWMEDIA, you work with one of the country's top performance marketing agencies.

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Top 1% Global Leader Digital Agency
Ranked by Clutch 2023

Top 1% Digital Agency in United States
Ranked by UpCity 2022

Fastest-Growing Companies in the USA
4 Years in a Row

Top 1% Best Digital Marketing Award
Ranked by Expertise 2023

#2 Global Award Winner
Ranked by MASHABLE

Top 1% Award of Excellence Winner
Years 2020, 2021, 2022

500+ 5-Star Reviews in Google
Ranked by Our Customers

Top 1000 Global Digital Agency
Ranked by Clutch 2022

#1 Global Digital Agency
Ranked by Business Journal

Top Rated SEO Agency
Ranked by SEO Blog 2023

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Performance Marketing

Your business knows that digital marketing is the key to reaching your target audience, meaning you need to use that key to unlock the door to better lead generation. So, you put a campaign together. And you're feeling pretty good. Your brand marketing is on point, and you have a plan of attack for taking on search engines.

In the rush to get campaigns up and running, too many marketing companies forget that you have to dig into the weeds that a campaign produces to see if it's effective. After all, a digital marketing strategy isn't much use if that strategy leads you down a long and costly road straight into a dead end.

Performance marketers solve this dilemma by focusing as much on the results of your marketing efforts as they do on the campaigns themselves. And with NEWMEDIA, you work with one of the country's top performance marketing agencies.

What is a Performance Marketing Strategy?

The basics of online marketing are pretty simple. Mix search engine optimization (SEO) with content marketing, add a sprinkling of paid search marketing and some dalliances on social media platforms, and you have the recipe for most digital marketing campaigns.

The question is, do those campaigns pass the taste test?

Performance marketing (also known as results-based marketing) answers that question by demonstrating the tangible results of your digital marketing strategies. And that’s a major problem for a lot of companies, as this chart from WordStream demonstrates:

marketing analytics challenges roi

This survey of business marketers shows us that nearly three-quarters (71.11) find it hard to demonstrate the link between their content and social media marketing and ROI. Almost half (46.67%) say it’s difficult to measure up how the leads they generate translate into revenue, with 41.67% saying they don’t even know what key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure to determine whether their campaigns are successful.

So, you can think of performance marketing as a way to fill in the gaps that exist in regular digital marketing campaigns. Rather than forcing you to fly blind after you launch your campaign, a performance marketing plan delivers tangible numbers and solid metrics that demonstrate how your advertising efforts help (or even hinder) your business goals.

What Can Performance Marketing Agencies Do for Your Business?

Performance-based marketing is about more than the creative services you'll mesh together when creating campaigns. With performance marketing campaigns, you keep one eye squarely on results to ensure you're getting what you need out of your digital marketing.

Get the Results You Pay For

Imagine that you’ve paid a landscaping company to transform your backyard from a patch of land that looks like a tornado has run through it into a horticultural masterpiece. You hand over your money and wait for the contractors to get to work. Only, they keep telling you that they need to delay until, eventually, they stop calling altogether. The company disappears off the face of the earth and you’re left feeling like you got scammed.

Sadly, that feeling is familiar to a lot of business owners who’ve tried to market using digital channels, only to find themselves chasing the money they’ve spent down an online rabbit hole. The lack of appropriate tracking and results measurement in traditional digital advertising is one of the reasons many smaller businesses don’t go digital.

Performance marketing differs because it demonstrates the ROI you achieve via your various advertising platforms. It’s for that reason that many companies want to increase their performance marketing budgets (often by working with performance agencies), as these stats from Marketing Charts show:

Outlook Performance Marketing Budgets

In this survey of 274 marketers, 60% (nearly 165) say they want to increase the budget they dedicate to performance marketing by at least 20% in the coming year. Compare that to the 11% that say they’re going to reduce their budgets and it’s clear that most marketers recognize the value that proper tracking of performance metrics offers in helping them to maximize performance.

Track Campaign Performance

Tracking advertising spend to see whether it’s achieving the results you want seems like the most obvious thing in the world. But if that were the case, the following chart wouldn’t reveal that most companies aren’t tracking their marketing efforts anywhere near as much as they should:

measure marketing campaign reporting frequency

This pie chart from Ruler Analytics shows us that only 43% of businesses check the results of their marketing efforts once per week (and we’d suggest even that isn’t enough). Nearly a third (32%) only glance at their metrics monthly, with the 10% of companies in the “Other” category apparently not even giving the numbers a monthly look.

Performance marketing takes the opposite approach by constantly analyzing your performance marketing channels to confirm that your campaigns deliver the results you need.

Make Real-Time Changes to Advertising Campaigns

Imagine, for a moment, that you’re 10 years old again. It’s been snowing (unfortunately, not enough to cancel school), and you can’t wait for recess so you can play in the snow. Finally, the bell rings and you charge outside. Within seconds, you and your friends are hurtling snowballs back and forth without a care in the world.

But one of your snowballs goes awry. You put too much power into the throw and your aim was off, meaning that thrown globule of solid snow and ice goes flying toward a teacher’s face. All you can do is watch in horror, unable to change a thing, as the snowball smashes all over the teacher.

Off to the principal’s office you go.

As fanciful as that little story may be, it perfectly encapsulates how many business owners feel when they launch digital marketing campaigns. They hope that the campaign will go in the right direction, but when it doesn’t, they feel like there’s nothing they can do to change the trajectory.

Performance marketing changes all of that by giving you real-time insight into a campaign’s performance and, crucially, equipping you with the tools you need to make changes on the fly. And that real-time capability is critical in today’s digital landscape, as this chart from Econsultancy shows:

performance marketing main benefits

An enormous 84% of companies say that real-time marketing (made possible by tracking performance) leads to a better customer experience. Nearly three-quarters (72%) say they get more conversions when they can tweak campaigns in real-time, with about half saying those tweaks also help with customer retention.

Unlike performance marketing, you often have to set and forget with your traditional marketing efforts. By bringing the ability to make real-time changes into the mix, performance marketing maximize the dollars that advertisers pay for digital campaigns.

Drive Sales Across Multiple Marketing Channels

We could talk for days about the different types of performance marketing and how they combine to help you to hit your business objectives. But in the end, there’s only one goal for every marketing campaign:

Generate the leads you need to make more sales.

Now, you can make plenty of sales with a standard digital marketing campaign (assuming you have the right agency in your corner). But where performance marketing differs is that it hits multiple channels, all at once, to maximize sales. As this chart from Deskera shows, a good performance campaign is like a pincer movement – it hits from every side to bombard the consumer with your messaging:

performance marketing channels use

This combination of channels, which pulls together paid advertising with organic marketing, spreads your ad spend to maximize results. Think of it like diversification for investors. Instead of putting all of your eggs in one basket (and getting financially ruined when that basket topples over), performance marketing distributes your eggs into multiple baskets so you get multi-channel returns from your investment.

The Approach Our Performance Marketing Agency Takes

The chart we shared when talking about using a performance marketing strategy to make sales does a pretty good job of highlighting the channels you’ll use with this advanced digital marketing strategy. But it’s worth digging deeper to highlight exactly what performance marketing agencies do for your business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

No matter who you speak to about online marketing, “S”, “E”, and “O” are usually the first three letters that come out of their mouths. That’s no surprise because SEO has been one of the most effective tools for customer acquisition for over two decades, as this chart from WordStream highlights:

seo highest roi search engine optimization importance

Even with the introduction of a raft of other online marketing techniques, 49% of marketers will tell you that climbing to the top of search engine rankings is still the highest ROI digital activity your company can use.

But if you dig behind all of the keyword research and content tweaks that SEO requires, you get into the stats. And those stats often look something like this screenshot of a Google Analytics account, courtesy of Smart Insights:

organic traffic GA

It’s here, deep into the numbers, that performance marketing demonstrates its effectiveness. Even if you’ve mastered the mechanics of SEO, you can’t maximize your results unless you can interpret the numbers. It’s like driving a car but having no idea how to fix basic mechanical issues. Everything’s great until something breaks down and you’re left scrambling for a way to fix the problem despite having the wrong tools in your hands.

NEWMEDIA’s SEO services get the car running, show you where it needs repairs and carries out the mechanical work needed to deliver exceptional ROI.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Where SEO is all about handling the stuff that helps you rank organically in search engines, SEM is more of a “pay-to-win” approach. You create ads (targeting keywords and crafting copy in the process), and then hand over your money to an ad platform so it’ll display the ad somewhere that people will see it.

Consistency is the key with SEM, as this chart from First Page Sage demonstrates:

seo vs sem ROI

At first glance, you’d be forgiven for assuming that this chart shows that SEM isn’t worth your time. After all, ROI hits a peak of about 40%, while SEO’s ROI keeps climbing from making a loss in the first year to hitting ROIs of over 1,000% after three years.

But think about that first year. With SEO, you’re investing a lot of money to achieve long-term returns, whereas SEM (when done right and properly tracked via performance marketing) delivers consistent returns of around 40% almost immediately. And with NEWMEDIA’s performance marketing team, you’re going to get much better than a 40% return through SEM channels.

Social Media Marketing

Pulling our attention away from search engines for a moment, performance marketing also focuses on the social side of things. But far from posting the occasional picture or story on social media, NEWMEDIA tracks the performance of every post so you can tweak your approach to get more clients.

Why bother doing that? According to this stat from Oberlo, almost three-quarters of companies point to social media marketing as being “somewhat effective” or better for their business:

social media marketing statistics graphic

But just as we see with SEO, the data behind social campaigns can be a nightmare to navigate. Social Media Examiner makes that clear with this screenshot of a Facebook analytics dashboard:

facebook analytics overview

Don’t fear if those pages of stats look intimidating. NEWMEDIA cuts through the numbers to help you see exactly how your social media marketing performs, ensuring it can become yet another ROI-generating feather in your digital marketing cap.

Influencer Marketing

Anybody who’s spent more than 10 minutes on TikTok or Instagram knows what an influencer is, and may have been shocked by the fact that the top influencers have millions of followers.

What’s even more shocking is just how effective teaming up with these influencers can be, as these stats from PublicFast highlight:

roi from influencer marketing

In this survey, nearly half of respondents (48%) say that influence marketing offers “Better” or “Much Better” ROI than other marketing channels. Combine that with the 41% who say they get a comparable ROI, and it’s clear that working with influencers opens up another channel you can use to get your product in front of the masses.

But working with just any old influencer won’t do, as the individuals you choose need to have a large enough following of people who want (or need) what you offer. NEWMEDIA connects you with the right influencers, helps manage your campaigns, and keeps track of the numbers to ensure your business becomes as influential as the people you use to market it.

Sponsored Content

Have you ever watched a YouTube video where the host spends a couple of minutes introducing the video’s topic before launching into a couple of minutes about a sponsor? You know the videos. “Before we get into that, I want to tell you about NordVPN,” or “If you love mobile gaming, you need to hear about Raid: Shadow Legends.”

Those segments stick in your mind for a couple of reasons:

  • Companies like NordVPN and the developers behind Raid create sponsorship deals with tons of content creators.
  • The messages these brands want to deliver come from a source that you trust/enjoy watching, meaning you’re more likely to listen.

With sponsored content, you get your business in front of thousands of pairs of eyes that may never discover you organically. And from a performance marketing perspective, you can give the people you sponsor a direct link (connected to the person you sponsor) so you can track exactly how many people arrive at your website thanks to the person you sponsor.

The trick is in tracking again, as the metrics you gather from sponsored content show more about what your audience looks like and which of the people you sponsor deliver results. NEWMEDIA helps you craft scripts for your sponsored content and tracks the numbers behind the videos.

Affiliate Marketing

If you’ve ever read a piece of content that kicked off with a disclaimer like the following:

“We receive payment if you purchase any of the products mentioned in this article using the links provided in the article.”

…then you’ve seen affiliate marketing in action. As the name suggests, affiliate marketing opens up the marketing of your product so that other people (be they companies or individuals) can advertise your product to their audience. In return, your affiliates get a slice of the pie, meaning you pay them a percentage of each sale made via their affiliate links.

It works a lot like sponsored content, and can be tracked in the same way, too. You create the links your affiliates use, meaning you can track the progress a lead makes from clicking the link to buying your product.

And it works, as these stats from Kinsta demonstrate:

digital marketing channels rank

According to this survey of marketers, over half (54%) rank affiliate marketing as one of the top three channels for customer acquisition. A fifth of those surveyed (20%) say it’s the top channel, beating SEM, social media marketing, and even organic search.

A good performance marketing campaign takes advantage of the power of affiliate marketing, in addition to tracking the metrics so you can see which affiliates produce results.

Native Advertising

If sponsored content is the video side of the sponsorship coin, native advertising is the written content side. The idea is much the same. You pay to write (and publish) an editorial piece on an established website. In return, you create a link back to your website, a valuable piece of information that helps your customer take the next step in their buyer’s journey, and a little extra authority for your business in the mix.

The highlighted article slots right in alongside Buzzfeed’s self-penned pieces, but it’s actually a sponsored piece written by the Bumble dating app team.

The clever thing here is that Bumble sees that a lot of Buzzfeed readers are part of its own target audience, so it’s taken advantage of that synergy to get its own content in front of that audience. And it works. According to PulsePoint, native advertisements (like these articles) drive as many as 30 times more clicks than banner ads, in addition to being up to 10 times more cost-effective.

NEWMEDIA can craft the content, and use the native advertisements platforms, that make native ads an effective (and trackable) part of your content marketing.

How We Measure Performance Marketing Results

As one of America's top performance marketing agencies, we're focused on getting results as much as talking about the techniques we use. These metrics delve into the numbers behind your campaigns, so you can see how they're performing and what you need to tweak.

Customer Acquisition

You could have the most beautiful store in the world and it won’t mean a thing if that store is in a place that gets no footfall. Nobody will know that you exist, which means nobody comes through the doors. And if foot traffic is non-existent, customers aren’t going to see (or buy) your product.

The same applies to your website (and the digital marketing efforts surrounding it) as none of your hard work means a thing if you’re not getting customers. We track three metrics to make sure you’re getting customers and that those customers don’t cost an arm and a leg to acquire.


Cost per mille (also called cost per thousand) is the amount of money it costs to get 1,000 pairs of eyes onto your product. Performance marketing, which incorporates most aspects of digital marketing, delivers here, as this chart from Seriously Simple Marketing shows:

traditional vs digital cost

Granted, this chart shows the cost per 2,000 impressions rather than 1,000. But all we have to do is halve the numbers to see that search engine optimization and marketing deliver 1,000 impressions for $25, with social media hitting the same numbers for $37.50.

Cost-Per-Click (CPC)

A million people could look at your ad and it won’t matter unless a good portion of them go. “Hmm, that’s interesting,” and click through to a landing page. With paid ads, you’ll spend money for every click you get, meaning you need to measure how much you’re spending. If the cost of your clicks cuts too deeply into your margins, you’ve found a sign that something needs to change with your paid marketing.

Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)

Let’s do some math.

Imagine that you have an ad with a CPC of $1.50. That ad gets 100 clicks (meaning 100 visitors to your site), creating a campaign cost of $150. However, only two people buy a product from your website, meaning you’ve spent $75 per customer.

That’s your cost per acquisition, and if that number is so high that it’s eating into your revenue, you have an indicator that something needs to change. Using the above example, a CPA of $75 is great if you’re selling your product at $1,000 per unit. But if you sell at $50, a $75 CPA means you’re spending more money than you’re making.

Lifetime Value

It’s nice getting anybody to buy your product, but in a perfect world you want people to buy from you again and again. Repeat customers make businesses more money than new customers (and cost less to retain than it costs to acquire a new customer), as this chart shows:

existing customers more valuable

Optimove’s stats tell us that a repeat customer has an average transaction value that’s 30% higher than that of a new customer, with the number of items they order being 40% higher.

So, we can see that repeat customers are great, but where does the lifetime value metric come into it?

Lifetime value is a measure of the amount of money you earn from customers during their “lifetime” with the company. The metric will highlight where you have a lot of “one-and-done” customers, which shows you need to do something about keeping repeat business.

Conversion Rate

Your conversion rate is the result of dividing the number of conversions you receive by the number of clicks your website gets. And as you can see from this Ruler Marketing chart, conversions rates vary between industries:

average industry conversion rate

If you’re in the auto industry and you’re not hitting the 3.7% average for the sector, you’re a candidate for conversion rate optimization. The same goes if you’re not hitting (or ideally exceeding) any of the averages highlighted in this chart.

Performance marketing shows you how well your campaigns convert, meaning you can stack your numbers up against industry benchmarks to see if (and how) you can improve.

Dominate with Performance Marketing Services From NEWMEDIA

As any sportsperson will tell you, all of the preparation and training in the world won’t matter if you don’t perform when the bright lights are shining down on you. The same goes for your website, as you could spend years writing content and creating campaigns, only to find yourself flushing money down the toilet if you’re not tracking performance.

NEWMEDIA is the ideal performance marketing agency to provide your business with digital marketing services, and these are the reasons why:

  • Our results speak for themselves, as we’ve generated over $3.5 billion in revenue for clients during our 25-year history.
  • We count major brands among our clients, including the YMCA, Delta Airlines, and CBS Television.
  • The industry recognizes our excellence, with, Clutch, and SEOBlog all calling us one of the best digital/performance marketing companies in America.

We’ve got the credentials, and you need a performance marketing agency that delivers results. Get in touch with our team at [email protected] and we’ll talk about how we’ll get your digital marketing campaigns operating at peak performance.


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