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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the backbone of business today. As businesses struggle to generate more leads and sales online, maximizing ROAS and ROI is more critical then ever before. The combined challenges of increasing competition, rapidly changing marketing space, and technological advances make it hard for businesses of all sizes to stand out from the crowd. But NEWMEDIA can help.

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Top 1% Global Leader Digital Agency
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Top 1% Award of Excellence Winner
Years 2020 - 2024
Fastest-Growing Companies in the USA
4 Years in a Row
Top 1000 Global Digital Agency
Ranked by Clutch 2024
Agency Partner
500+ 5-Star Reviews in Google
Ranked by Our Customers
Top 1% Digital Agency in United States
Ranked by UpCity 2022
Top 1% Best Digital Marketing Award
Ranked by Expertise 2023
#2 Global Award Winner
Ranked by MASHABLE
#1 Global Digital Agency
Ranked by Business Journal
Top PPC Company
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Ranked by Selected Firms
Top Digital Marketing Company
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Digital Marketing

Digital ad spending has surpassed $261 billion and spending per internet user has reached $584.87 in 2022. That’s a lot of money per user and if your business is spending anywhere near this amount, you must ensure that it isn’t spent on the wrong marketing channel and a poorly optimized marketing campaign.

You don’t just need a budget to leverage digital marketing services — you must know how to best utilize your budget for maximum output.

This guide on digital marketing services covers everything you need to know about online marketing, why it’s important, where to spend money, what marketing channel to choose and why, and what makes a decent digital marketing agency.

NEWMEDIA Digital Marketing Agency

Dominate the Competition With Exceptional Online Marketing

Are you behind the curve with your marketing?

That may seem like an odd question at first. There are only so many ways to market your business, after all, so surely you can’t be too far behind the curve. But the reality is that many businesses are for one reason:

They’re not making any digital marketing efforts.

And if they are… they’re not making those efforts as well as they could because they don’t have a defined strategy that underpins all of the marketing they do online. Check out this chart from Smart Insights:

organisations with a clearly defined strategy

It’s already worrying to see that 18% of companies use digital marketing solutions but keep them siloed away from the rest of their marketing to the point where their strategies don’t combine into something that really sells.

But take a look at the number of companies that say they don’t have any defined strategy behind their digital marketing campaigns.

Almost half!

A staggering 47% of companies surveyed say they don’t have any specific ideas about how their digital marketing comes together, which either means they’re not working with a marketing company or they’re working with one that isn’t up to the task.

That’s what we mean by behind the curve – internet marketing services only matter when you know how to use them.

And that’s where NEWMEDIA comes in. We’re not just any marketing agency. We’re one of the top digital marketing agencies in the United States, and here, we’re going to explain what we do, how we do it, and why your company can get ahead of the marketing curve with us.

What Do Digital Marketing Agencies Do?

At the super basic level, the work of digital marketing companies is simple:

Use online marketing strategies to gain exposure – and make sales – for your brand. Those services vary massively, as you’ll discover later, but can include search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, and producing amazing content to help with your sales efforts. Your website – and everything that happens with it – falls under the remit of a digital marketing agency, as do the emails you send out to existing and potential clients.

But there’s what a digital marketing agency does.

And what the best digital marketing companies do.

There’s a distinct difference – the best companies don’t just employ whatever techniques you pay for to enhance your presence digitally. They transform those techniques into a cohesive strategy, one that defines every action taken by a specific purpose so that your online marketing becomes a part of who you are and what you do as a company.

Why You Need a Digital Marketing Company in Your Corner

We’ll dig into the work that internet marketing companies do – and why NEWMEDIA should be your choice – in a little while. Before that, we’ll answer the key question you have floating around in your mind:


Why should you invest your company’s hard-earned cash into paying the fees that come with the creation of digital marketing projects? After all, hiring an expert digital marketing agency isn’t cheap by any stretch of the imagination. The investment has to come with a payoff, with the following defining that payoff on multiple levels to explain why you need (good) digital marketing providers in your company’s corner.

Design World-Beating Digital Marketing Strategies

We’ll start with the point we made earlier.

A ton of businesses use digital marketing in some fashion. If you’ve ever sent a marketing email – as 87% of companies have – then you’ve at least taken a tentative step into the world of marketing your business online.

The problem is that a ton of companies don’t go much further than that.

They’ll test out a few digital marketing techniques – such as building a small email campaign or paying a company to run SEO for a few months – but they don’t bring those techniques together into a cohesive strategy. There’s no rhyme or reason behind what they’re doing other than they’re hoping to gain a little exposure or get a handful of leads.

That’s not digital marketing as it’s meant to be done.

But, as you discovered earlier, it’s the approach that 47% of business owners take when trying to build their reputations online.

So, where do online marketing companies factor into all of this?

The right digital marketer will take all of these seemingly disparate techniques – SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, and all of the rest – and bring them together under a defined strategy. They’ll work with you to set goals, both in terms of gaining exposure and generating leads, and to build a cohesive message that serves as the core of your digital marketing.

In short, they’ll deliver consistency to your online presence.

And when combined with your traditional marketing – remember that only 35% of companies have an integrated marketing strategy – you’ll have the ability to reach potential customers via a multitude of channels.

Enhance (And Speed Up) Business Growth

What is the main thing you want for your company?

If you answered “business growth,” then you’re in very good company. Even with so many plates spinning, the majority of CEOs say that growth is their number one priority:

growth top priority ceos

Or, at least, it lands in the top three. Over half – 53% – of CEOs point to growth as a top three point of focus, with no other potential priority coming close. You could even argue that the next nearest in the pile (IT-related) is about growth, too, as companies simply can’t grow unless they have their IT infrastructure in place.

But what does this have to do with working with a digital marketing firm?

The simple answer is that marketing online is how you achieve growth. And to prove it, let’s run a little comparison.

We’ll assume that you operate an SME with a strong local presence in a city of around 5 million people. You do all of the traditional marketing, from sending out flyers and running booths at trade shows to paying through the nose for billboards and – if you’re especially ambitious – some ad time on local networks.

And it’s paying off…to a point.

Your company is building a solid local reputation, and it’s growing slowly. However, the fact remains that you have a ceiling on your traditional marketing – you only have a chance of reaching up to 5 million people, and the odds are that most of them will never come across your traditional marketing.

Contrast that with digital marketing.

In the United States alone, 97.1% of the population is online.


population online percent

For context, that’s an audience of around 299 million people – almost 60 times the number you could reach with traditional advertising in our hypothetical city. Expand digital marketing globally and the potential audience reaches into the billions.

And therein lies the key word – “potential.”

The right digital marketing company unlocks your organization’s potential for growth by making sure that your online presence is conducive to achieving that growth. In other words, you become easier to find to the millions of people in the U.S. – and billions around the world – who use the web, and when they find you, your messaging will be strong enough for them to want to get in touch.

Make Your Stamp in the Digital Marketing Space

What do we mean when we say “make your stamp?”

That’s our way of talking about building up your reputation to the point where potential customers trust that your brand does what it says it’s going to do – and delivers a product worth their time – when they find you online.

Let’s talk about trust for a moment.

If your company doesn’t have the trust of the people to whom it’s trying to sell, it’s not going to sell anything. After all, the vast majority of consumers say that trust is a huge factor in their purchasing decisions:

why privacy is important to customers

We can see the importance of trust in the data compliance world, with these stats from Data Privacy Manager showing that almost three-quarters – 73% – of people say trust matters more now than it ever has before. And worse yet, for your business, 65% say that they’re gone forever and won’t buy another thing from a brand they believe has done something distrustful.

Let’s put that into the context of the digital marketing landscape.

The vast majority of people do research online before they buy anything:

percentage of consumers who use search engines to research retail products

As these stats from Invoca demonstrate, most industries are looking at at least a 60%+ research rate – and, of those, many fall into the 70% to 80% range – by their customers. Now, imagine that you have a potential customer who researches your brand or service online, and one of two things happens:

  • You don’t show up online.
  • You show up, but what they find doesn’t indicate that your brand is trustworthy.

If you’re not online at all, there’s no chance that the people who research online are going to trust you. There’s no presence for them to check. Your company might as well not exist to them – certainly in terms of them being able to find out more – so you have a huge uphill battle on your hands to establish the trust you need to sell.

But what if you are online?

What could indicate that your brand isn’t trustworthy?

Negative reviews from past customers would be a big indicator, especially if you don’t respond appropriately. A shoddy website, minimal social media presence, and not showing up in search engine results for the products and services you offer are also problems.

They combine to show a customer that you’re not investing in your business. And if you won’t invest in you, then why should they?

Get Better Results Than Traditional Marketing Provides

Let’s switch gears to focus on the monetary side of things.

You use traditional marketing – such as flyers and broadcasting – because it gets proven results. Your company gets eyeballs on its product, even if the investment you make into this type of marketing is substantial.

Why incorporate digital marketing into the mix if you’re already getting results?

The simple answer is that you’ll get better results faster – and for less money – by working with the best digital marketing companies than you’ll ever get from traditional marketing:

cost of reach traditional vs digital

The above chart showcases how much it costs to reach 2,000 people using various marketing techniques. Even at the cheapest end of the traditional scale – broadcast marketing – you’ll have to spend $150 on a campaign for it to reach 2,000 people.

It costs a third of that amount to reach the same number through online search. And it takes half the amount to reach the same number through social media. So, you get 6,000 pairs of eyes on your product for the price of 2,000 if you go down the search engine optimization route. Even if you opt for the more expensive social networking option, you’re still reaching 4,000 for the $150 required for broadcast marketing to reach 2,000.

Go up the scale on traditional marketing and the numbers only get worse.

Sticking with the search engine side – which is what most small business owners think of when they imagine digital marketing – you’ll reach 10,000 people with search for the cost of reaching 2,000 with a newspaper ad. The number goes up to 20,000 compared to magazine ads and a staggering 36,000 compared to direct mail:

That’s 34,000 more sets of eyes on your product for the same $900 you’d spend on a direct mail campaign.

Is all of this to say that you should abandon your traditional marketing efforts?

Not at all – as long as they’re generating a solid return on your investment (ROI).

What we’re saying is that the best digital marketing company – i.e., NEWMEDIA – can bolster what you’re getting through traditional channels by unlocking online marketing channels that give your business more exposure for less money.

Dominate Search Engines With Top Positioning

Most business owners’ goal when digital marketing is to achieve top positioning in search engines, especially Google. After all, ask most people to define what a digital marketing agency is, and the odds are their description will be akin to an SEO agency.

They get rankings for their clients.

That’s true – albeit SEO is only one part of a complex array of digital services that online marketers offer – so let’s hone in on search engines.

Why does it matter that you get to the top?

The simple answer is that the vast majority of your potential customers aren’t going to look much further than the top three results they get whenever they use a search engine:

google ctr google ads

These stats from Search Engine Journal are especially illuminating because they showcase the number of clicks each result on a standard first set of 10 results gets. Number one is obviously the top click-getter, receiving 18.9% of all clicks on the first page of a set of results for a query. Then, there’s a steep drop-off – over 10% – between the first and second results, with the latter getting 8.8% of the clicks. And it only goes downhill from there until you reach result 10, which only gets 1.8% of the clicks.

Land anywhere below that first 10 results, and your website may as well not exist to the average searcher.

They’re not going to find you – or, let’s face it, most of the results in the top 10 – because they’re laser-focused on the first three results they see.

That’s what digital marketers mean when they say you need to “dominate” search results. It’s not enough to just be “in the mix” of the top 10 results because less than 5% of searchers are even going to click on your website if you’re in position five or below. Your digital marketing needs to be so strong that you’re landing on top – or at least in the top three – for every term that’s relevant to your website.

For that to happen, you need a great website design, amazing content, and the sort of strategy that only digital agencies, such as NEWMEDIA, can offer.

Oh, and before we wrap this point up, there’s just one more stat to share for the people who might be thinking, “18.9% of nothing wouldn’t mean a whole lot:”

Google processes above 8.5 billion searches. Every. Single. Day.

Improve Brand Recognition Through Your Digital Presence

Rather than listening to us regarding what you should want to get out of the services that digital marketing companies offer, why not listen to somebody more important?

The companies that use digital marketing:


Smart Insights reveals that over a third of companies – 37% – say that increasing brand awareness is the main goal they have in mind when they engage a marketing agency. That’s 11% more than those who say they want to get more leads – though more on that later – and 17% more who are concerned with building a stronger customer experience across all platforms.

Now, we’ll preface what we’re about to say by pointing out that all five of the above goals are crucial and should be part of any digital marketing strategy you create. Several are also interlinked – such as brand awareness and getting more leads – because one of the best ways to get more leads is to ensure that people know who you are and where to find you.

Still, one simple fact remains:

The power of your brand influences the success of your company.

That’s why over a third of business owners name gaining brand exposure as their key goal of digital marketing. And they have the stats to back them up because brands matter as much to potential customers as they do your company:

branding stats new brand

Let’s start with the most important stat of the bunch – 59% of customers say that they prefer to buy from brands with which they’re familiar. That familiarity may stem from having shopped with the brand before, meaning they already have a strong idea of the type and quality of product they’ll be getting. But it can also come from the brand’s online presence – if they’re popping up in search and socials, then the customer will be familiar with them even if they haven’t bought from the brand before.

So, you get more people wanting to buy from you if you have a strong brand.

You also gain more brand loyalty – crucial to purchasing decisions for 90% of people – and an avenue for growth, with 77% saying a strong brand helps a business to scale up.

This is where a digital marketing agency worth its salt comes in:

They’ll boost the consciousness level surrounding your brand to such high levels that you create the familiarity – and, ultimately, the trust – that is so crucial to the average consumer’s purchasing decision.

Supercharge Your Lead Generation

While lead generation may be a lower priority for many of the companies that seek digital marketing than brand recognition, it’s far from unimportant. And, if data from Venture Harbor is to be believed, finding new leads is right at the top of most companies’ lists of challenges:

top marketing challenges

An enormous 65% of businesses – almost two-thirds – say that creating the traffic that results in new leads is one of the top challenges they face. And that should come as no surprise:

A business can’t grow if it doesn’t have a strong pipeline of new leads coming in.

That brings us right back to digital marketing. Every reason we’ve shared for why you need a digital marketing agency – like NEWMEDIA – in your corner comes back to the concept of lead generation. By improving brand recognition, you’re building familiarity and trust – both essential factors in a person’s decision to buy or at least get in touch with your business.

Getting to the top of search engines enhances that brand recognition, ultimately resulting in more leads, and investing in the lower-costing digital marketing options you have gets more eyes on your product.

Again, more eyes results in more leads.

This is the essence of what we mean when we say that a digital marketing strategy needs to be precisely that – a cohesive strategy that builds your brand, provides a great ROI, and builds the trust that leads to more leads coming into your business.

NEWMEDIA's Digital Marketing Services

By now, you’ve heard enough about why you need a digital marketing agency in your corner. How about we dig into the “how” – what services will get get if you work with NEWMEDIA?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We said earlier that SEO is what most people immediately jump to when they think about digital marketing, and it’s an extremely important part of the equation. As you discovered earlier, most people don’t look beyond the first handful of results – and barely ever make it to the second page – when they’re looking online for brands or services.

So, what is SEO exactly?

The technical definition is that it’s a series of techniques a digital marketer uses to boost your site through the rankings. These techniques start with the technical side – researching keywords, analyzing search intent, and handling metadata, for instance – but expand into almost every other aspect of your digital marketing strategy.

Any content you post on a website’s blog is SEO. Your social strategy can also play into SEO, not least in terms of the online reputation aspect, as can your website’s design and how well it gels with what search engines want to present to their users.

But it all ultimately comes down to one thing:

SEO services help your company dominate the results that are relevant to it in the likes of Google, Bing, and every other search engine.

Search Engine Marketing

Hold on a second…

Didn’t we just cover search engines?

Well, yes and no. On the SEO side of things, you’ll be working toward organically getting your website up the rankings in Google. This comes at a cost, of course, but you’re paying for the services that go into that ranking rather than the ranking itself.

That’s the key difference between SEO and search engine marketing (SEM).

SEM covers the paid rankings part of the equation, and it can be a powerful marketing channel for those who haven’t achieved solid organic results yet. The most common example may be one that’s already familiar to you – Google Ads.

The concept is simple.

You create an advertising campaign in which you build ads, assign keywords to them, and then “bid” – read: pay money – to have those ads displayed in a prominent position on Google. If you’ve ever run a Google search before, you’ll already know that these ads tend to appear above and to the side of the organic results.

They’re also effective:

how does google ads work

When done well, an SEM campaign – especially one that uses Google Ads – delivers an 800% ROI, meaning your company earns $8 for every $1 it spends on its ads. Better yet, these types of digital channels confront the “increase brand awareness” goal that many marketers have, meaning even those who don’t click on your ads are going to see them and your brand when they search for your services.

We’ve focused on Google Ads here, but the reality is that SEM covers practically any other paid ad you’re likely to see inside a search engine or on a website. That includes the display network – visual ads placed by Google inside websites – and even the shopping section you might see appear in Google’s results.

Keyword Research

We’ve mentioned keywords a handful of times already – particularly regarding SEO – and the concept is supposedly pretty simple. You find keywords that match what you think your customers will use to search. Then, you optimize your website to match those keywords.

But the reality is that most people don’t know how to do keyword research well. If they did, we wouldn’t see situations like this:

90 pages get no traffic google

The vast majority – 90.63% of websites – get precisely zero organic traffic from search engines either because they don’t know what keywords to target or because they have come up with some keywords that aren’t serving their digital marketing needs.

Enter your digital marketing agency.

NEWMEDIA doesn’t simply give you a list of keywords that “sound about right” for what your business does. We engage in painstaking research – drawing in data from tools like Google Ads and our competitor research – to create a list of keywords that aren’t just relevant to your company but match the intent of the people searching for what you offer.

Once we’ve done all of that, we will use the research as the backbone of your SEM and SEO campaigns.

Digital Advertising

If SEM covers the paid ads you’ll see pop up in search engines – and, in Google’s case, the display network it’s set up with ad-delivering websites – then digital advertising covers all of the online ads for which you might pay.

Think social media ads, which often work similarly to search engine ads, or the video advertising you see every time you watch a YouTube video. These ads don’t fall under the SEM umbrella because they’re not limited to search engines but, when used well, can be just as effective at bringing in leads and exposing your brand to possible customers.

Let’s hone in on YouTube:

how many people use youtube 2019-2028

A staggering 933 million people use that platform to watch video content, with that number likely to crack a billion in 2026 and go up to 1.13 billion by 2028. The message is simple – YouTube’s audience is huge, so getting your ads to play in front of, in the middle, and toward the end of videos posted on the platform means plenty of brand exposure.

But here’s the catch:

YouTube often allows its users to skip ads.

So, a digital marketing agency like NEWMEDIA won’t just create digital ads on these platforms. We’ll create them and build a strategy around their deployment to ensure they reach the maximum number of eyes and aren’t subjected to the dreaded “SKIP AD” button.

Video Marketing

The YouTube ads we spoke about in the digital marketing section fall under the wider category of video marketing – the act of using videos to enhance your brand and, ideally, generate some leads.

Ads are the most direct form of video marketing because they’re also the simplest. You spend money on creating the ad – along with your marketing company. Then you spend more money to have that ad displayed somewhere, whether that be a digital platform like YouTube or a traditional one, such as television. The payoff is that the ad gets seen, hopefully by thousands, if not millions, of people, and your brand gets much-needed exposure and some leads.

But that’s not all that video marketing can be.

For instance, an educational brand could create “how-to” or “tutorial videos – perhaps placed on a platform like YouTube – to showcase its expertise. Video marketing can also cover filmed testimonials and case studies from previous clients, used to create the all-important trust we spoke of earlier, as well as interviews with experts in your field.

Basically, if it’s on film and put out for the world to the consumer, it’s video marketing. And with NEWMEDIA, you get a marketing agency that not only creates your videos but makes sure they’re out there so they can generate leads and exposure.

Web Development Services

There are two aspects to any website – what the visitor sees and everything that’s going on behind the scenes to make what they see possible.

Web development services cover the latter. It’s the nuts and bolts of your website – such as the coding and databases – that ensure every interactive element of the site works as it should when it’s needed.

But it also has a part to play in online marketing.

Search engines love to rank websites that are well coded because they’re easy to navigate, and the code behind them makes sense. That’s why you need NEWMEDIA for web development – we create clean code that keeps your site running and makes it attractive to search engines.

Web Design Services

Web design is the visual side of the website coin.

And it’s crucial for one reason – a shoddy website design damages the trust that you’re trying to build with your customers. Don’t take our word for it. The stats say it louder (and clearer) than we ever could:

top reasons a visitor leaves a website

HubSpot’s stats show us that there are a bunch of reasons why somebody might leave a website. At least two of those are design-related – 61.5% are gone if the navigation structure doesn’t make sense, with 38.5% leaving if the design is outdated or shoddy.

Think of it like this:

Your website’s design is a reflection of your company and its level of professionalism. If you’re tired of feeling like an also-ran online, NEWMEDIA can help you design a website that’s a perfect reflection of how awesome your business really is.

Social Media Marketing

There are two elements to social media marketing:

  • Figuring out which platforms your company should be on.
  • Making sure the profiles you have on those platforms share content people actually care about.

The first part is the most challenging – every social media platform has its pros and cons. From a pure ROI perspective, Social Sprout highlights what will make your business the most money:

social media platforms roi

So, the choice is simple, right? Facebook + Instagram (with a sprinkling of YouTube) is the best choice for a social media marketing strategy.

Not necessarily, as it really all depends on what type of business you operate. For instance, those going for B2B clients should hone in on LinkedIn. It may have a lower ROI – 16% compared to Facebook’s 29% – but it’s also the place where your likely clients hang out.

And where they hang out is the key part of the equation.

You could have the greatest Instagram account in the world and it won’t make any sales for your business if that’s not where your clients are. This is where NEWMEDIA comes in – we analyze your business and the available social platforms to determine where you should be and how extensive to make your presence on those platforms.

Social Media Management

The management side of social media is an offshoot of your marketing strategy, but it deserves its own section. Why? A poorly managed profile goes stagnant, either in terms of the content it’s posting – think of irregular schedules that fail to encourage engagement – or in terms of its interactions with the people who are liking, commenting, and sharing on posts.

That interaction is key.

Given that the entire point of social media marketing is to get people talking about – and with – you, the strategy isn’t going to amount to much if you’re not engaging the people who are most active on your profiles. That means replying to comments – especially when they contain DM requests – and showing people that your business does more than show up, post, and leave.

That’s social media management – the act of keeping your accounts active and enjoyable for your potential clients. This service also includes oversight of your social ad campaigns, which require constant tweaking, and updating of old content to keep it fresh and relevant.

Influencer Marketing

If you’re a social media user, you’ve seen influencer marketing. Somebody – be they a celebrity or somebody who has a following on a social platform – markets a product or service on your behalf. The key here is that you’re taking advantage of that person’s large following to get eyeballs on what you do by collaborating with the influencer.

how effective is influencer marketing

An enormous 80% of marketers who use influencer marketing class it as “effective” or “very effective.” And even of the 20% that don’t fall into that category, only 5% say that it’s “ineffective.”

We’re willing to bet that means 5% don’t do it well, either by choosing the wrong influencer or by failing to align their products and services with what their chosen influencer’s audience wants to see.

So, how about you do influencer marketing right?

NEWMEDIA can make that happen – we can build an influencer marketing campaign into your social media marketing strategy if it’s relevant to your product and your market.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Email has been around for nearly as long as the internet, and one fact is as true today as it was way back when:

Marketing professionals can use emails to nurture potential clients and, ultimately, generate leads for your business. Better yet, your email strategies – when done well – deliver a much higher ROI than almost any other form of online marketing:

email ROI

The headline here is clear – $40 earned for every $1 spent on your emails.

Why is the ROI so high?

Though email is often considered something of an “old-school” marketing strategy – some would even place it into the traditional category – the fact remains that most people check their inboxes at least once per day. If you’re sending emails, they’re going to be seen. If you’re sending emails that contain amazing offers or valuable information that helps somebody with a problem they’re looking to solve, they’re going to sell.

The best marketing agencies – such as NEWMEDIA – not only create great emails that generate leads, but they’ll also ensure those emails are structured in ways that there’s no chance of them landing in spam folders.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a blanket term that covers practically any form of content – written or video – that you share online. The emails you send out to your potential clients and prospects are content marketing. Every word on your website. Every video you upload to YouTube or your socials. Even your ads. It’s all content, and it’s all designed with the express purpose of making people more interested in your business and, potentially, becoming customers.

content marketing stats

Cision points out that great content has a massive impact on a possible customer’s purchasing decisions. Almost three-quarters – 70% – say that learning about products through the content companies share on their websites and through other channels is preferable to learning about it through traditional ads.

Then there are the physical store visits – 75%of people say they’ll go visit a place if they find helpful local content pointing them in the direction of a solution to their problems.

Your company should be that direction, which is why your content marketing strategy needs to be on point. Cohesive brand messages and valuable content (that actually solves problems) are the keys here, and NEWMEDIA can help you with both.

In fact, we’ll do you one better – we’ll integrate your content strategy into your SEO and social media campaigns to create the cohesive consistency that claims clients.

App Creation and App Marketing

Mobile apps make money for your business…assuming they’re built well and marketed to the appropriate audience. Get those two elements right and you’ll have a powerful marketing tool – as well as one you can use to sell directly – that complements your website and gives people who already love your brand another reason to continue engaging with you.

And trust us – people use mobile apps a lot:

monthly hours per user by age

Depending on the age of your clients, you’ll see anywhere between 51.4 and 112.6 hours of mobile app usage every single month. For context, that’s up to 3.6 hours per day (in a 31-day month) that people spend on their smartphones using an app.

Your business needs to make the most out of those app usage hours.

Now, you’re not going to take up all 3.6 hours per day with your mobile app. There’s a ton of competition out there, and that time will be split between multiple apps for any given person. But if you don’t have an app at all, then there’s no chance of you getting any of that 3.6 hours of valuable time you could use to keep marketing your products and services.

NEWMEDIA builds your mobile apps – and markets them – so they reach the right audience.

Web Analytics and Reporting

How much traffic does your website pull in? Where does this traffic come from? What campaigns – be they SEO, social, paid ads, or anything else – are working for you and demand more investment compared to those that don’t?

Without proper web analytics set up and reported upon, you’ll never know the answers to any of those questions, which creates major problems for your online strategy and, ultimately, your customer satisfaction levels. After all, how can you know what your potential clients want to see from your marketing if you’re not analyzing and reporting on every single campaign you create?

And yet, so many companies fall behind in this crucial aspect of digital marketing:

frequency of measuring campaigns

Only 43% of businesses say they measure – and thus adapt – their marketing campaigns on a weekly basis. A shocking 32% only check one per month – which is bad enough – while 10% fall into the “Other” category, meaning they’re checking even less regularly.

Why is that a problem?

If you’re not tracking what happens with your campaigns, you won’t know when it’s time to pump the gas on something that’s working or pull the brake on something that isn’t. NEWMEDIA helps there – we analyze regularly and report on our findings to keep your campaigns strong.

Marketing Strategy Creation

Every online marketing technique we’ve covered so far can be used in isolation and achieve solid results. But “solid” isn’t good enough for your business. You want spectacular, and for that, you need a marketing agency that can combine these techniques into cohesive strategies designed to drive people toward your business.

There are so many possible permutations here.

For instance, your strategy could involve the development of landing pages – requiring web design and development – that you market using social media ads. Those ads, along with the landing page, require content. Plus, the payoff to the landing page is that you receive email addresses from everyone who downloads whatever you’re offering, opening the way for an email marketing campaign. And, of course, you can use SEO to boost your landing page in search results.

Do you see how it all ties together?

That’s the essence of a marketing strategy – taking disparate techniques and melding them into something cohesive. And with NEWMEDIA, you’ll develop a strategy that can take the online world by storm.

Why Choose NEWMEDIA as Your Digital Agency

You know why working with a digital marketing agency is so vital and, thanks to NEWMEDIA, you know what services to expect and how they combine into a strategy.

There’s just one more question to answer:

Why choose NEWMEDIA?

We're No. 1 Marketing Agency

That’s according to Clutch and UpCity, which have both ranked us as one of the top 1% of digital marketing companies in the United States.

We Have Offices Everywhere

With NEWMEDIA, you get a national-level online marketing service at the local level. That starts with our commitment to maintaining offices in over a dozen states – each ready and waiting to welcome you into the digital fold.

We Work With the Best

Ford. CBS. Delta. They – and many other major brands – are past or current NEWMEDIA clients, and they’ve all achieved amazing results with us.


So, are you ready to work with a digital marketing agency that does so much more than sell you a handful of services while you hope for the best? Then you’re ready to work with NEWMEDIA – a message to [email protected] is all it takes to get the ball rolling on your new marketing campaign.

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