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Top 1% Global Leader Digital Agency
Ranked by Clutch 2023

Top 1% Digital Agency in United States
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Fastest-Growing Companies in the USA
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Top 1% Global Leader Digital Agency
Ranked by Clutch 2023

Top 1% Digital Agency in United States
Ranked by UpCity 2022

Fastest-Growing Companies in the USA
4 Years in a Row

Top 1% Best Digital Marketing Award
Ranked by Expertise 2023

#2 Global Award Winner
Ranked by MASHABLE

Top 1% Award of Excellence Winner
Years 2020, 2021, 2022

500+ 5-Star Reviews in Google
Ranked by Our Customers

Top 1000 Global Digital Agency
Ranked by Clutch 2022

#1 Global Digital Agency
Ranked by Business Journal

Top Rated SEO Agency
Ranked by SEO Blog 2023

Top Ecommerce Development Company
Ranked by Selected Firms

Top Web Development Agency
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Boston Website Design

"Small businesses are the backbone" of the region's economy.

According to the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, “Small businesses are the backbone” of the region’s economy.

It’s easy to see why. There are 700,000 of them, employing over 1.5 million people collectively, in addition to all of the medium and large businesses that employ many thousands more.

That’s great for Boston’s economy.

But what does it mean for you as a business owner?

In a word – competition. In a few more words lots of competition.

Let’s break it down a little and assume you’re a plumber in Boston. A quick check of Yell shows us that there are 151 plumbing businesses competing with yours to land contracts, and there’s one thing that most of them have in common that you may not have – a website.

You’re living in one of the most competitive eras for business and you’re fighting a battle on both the physical and digital fronts. We’re confident you have the former in hand – you offer great services. But when it comes to the latter, you need an award-winning web design agency in your corner to create a website that puts you ahead of the competition. NEWMEDIA is that agency.

Boston, MA website design, UX, digital development and marketing agency


Top 1%

Global Leader Digital Agency

Ranked by Clutch 2023

Top 1%

Digital Agency in United States

Ranked by UpCity 2022


Web Design | SEO+Social Digital Marketing Agency

NEWMEDIA is a full-service Boston, MA website design, UX, digital development and marketing agency. Our beautiful offices are located at 265 Franklin Street, Suite 1702 Boston, MA 02110.


(857) 399-8930


265 Franklin Street, Suite 1702 Boston, MA 02110

What Can a Boston

Web Design Company

Do For Your Business?

We'll start with the basics.

Maybe you already have a website and you’re not sure what Boston web design companies like NEWMEDIA can do to make it more effective. Or, you don’t have a site (your business is doing well enough without one, thank you very much) and you’re not sure if you need one.

Allow us to show you what web design services do for your Boston business.

Enhance Your Web Presence

Most of the people who might consider buying from you want to check you out online before they do:

76% of consumers search for a company's online presence

This stat from design directory Visual Objects throws that fact under a harsh spotlight – over three-quarters of people will search for your business online before they visit your location or give you a call.

So, out of every 100 people who may be interested in what you do, 76 of them go straight to your website.

What do you think happens if you don’t have a website?

You create a disconnect between you and your potential customer. They’re looking for you online because they’re in their “information gathering” phase. They may not be ready to call yet. But they want to learn about what your business does so they can figure out if it’s worth them calling (or visiting) you at all.

If you don’t have web pages to show them (courtesy of Boston web designers like NEWMEDIA), you take away an avenue of discovery that customers can use to learn about you and, ultimately, buy from you.

It’s about online presence. And if you don’t have one, you’re missing out on a huge slice of the customer pie.

Become Your Branding Agency

Why do businesses spend money on web design agencies?

It’s a good question, especially when you remember that there are plenty of “off-the-shelf” web design tools that let you put something together in a few minutes and have it online in less than a day. If those tools exist, why spend the money? The simple answer – branding.

web design statistics

There are a few interesting stats in this collection (and we’ll get to the point about first impressions soon), but the one we want to highlight is that 73% of companies spend money on web design to differentiate their brands.

Therein lies one of the secrets behind why you should have designers create websites for your business – you have to stand out. Let’s say you use an “off-the-shelf” web design solution. Sure, it’s fast, and the results look okay. But you’re working from a template, one that many other businesses use, and it’s clear to anybody who visits that there’s no real care that’s gone into the design. Worse yet, it may not even match the quality of the branding in your other marketing materials. The colors are off. The logo seems misshapen (you had to squeeze a large logo into a small box, for instance). And the brand cohesion that builds trust isn’t there because you don’t actually have control over the design you’ve created. Our point? Web design isn’t just about getting something online for people to click on. It’s about creating an experience, one that ties into your branding, so you create the trust that potential customers need to buy from you.

Exceptional Lead Generation

We mentioned that we’d get to first impressions in a moment (and we will), but there’s another stat from the branding section that deserves your attention:

Nearly two-thirds (62%) of companies that invested in responsive websites saw their sales increase. Why is that? On the micro level, responsive web design ensures a site looks as good on mobile devices as it does on desktops. And in a world where most people browse the web on their phones and tablets, having a new website that looks good on mobile is essential. We’re not just saying most people use their phones to look at websites, by the way. The stats prove it:

global mobile traffic

In 2023, mobile devices account for 60% of all web traffic, and those numbers are only going to climb higher.

Switching focus to the larger issue, there’s one thing that your business needs, above everything else, to make sales – trust.

You create trust by selling great products, communicating with your audience, and, crucially, making sure your web design and development are up to the standard that customers expect to see.

Make an Outstanding First Impression

So, we come to first impressions.

Let’s set the scene.

You have an interview lined up for the job of your dreams. You know you have the skills to do it, too, and you’ve gotten all of your ducks in a row when it comes to your resume and the answers you’re going to give to the questions you’ll face in the interview. So, you get ready. A pair of jeans and a T-shirt later, you feel like you’re good to go.

You rock up to the interview and you feel like you gave good answers. But after a week, you get the fateful email landing in your inbox:

“Thank you for applying. However, we decided to select a different candidate.”


Seven words – a pair of jeans and a T-shirt.

No matter how skilled you are, the first impression you leave on people has a massive impact on their decisions about you. And in the case of this job interview scenario, you turned up looking unprofessional, which the interviewers took as a reflection of what they could expect if they hired you.

So, how does this apply to your website?

If your website is an applicant, your visitors are the interviewers. They’re looking for you to make that rock-solid first impression or they’re not going to look deeper to find out what you actually do. It’s a “judging the book by its cover” situation, and it’s something that has a massive impact on your ability to get customers:


WordStream has done the math – 94% of your website’s visitors’ first impressions come from what your web designer achieves. Make sure you’re making the right impression with quality web design.

Ensure You Look as Professional Online as You Do in Person


In the business world, there’s no more valuable commodity to a business than credibility. You could argue trust is as important, but credibility is ultimately what leads to trust being built. If you don’t have credibility, you don’t have customers, which means you don’t make sales. Now, credibility comes from all sorts of places.

Every time you deliver your service to a happy customer, and they talk about it (online or off), you get a credibility boost. Consistent branding, online marketing campaigns, and simply the way your business presents itself in person are all credibility builders. But when it comes to the online domain, there’s no greater source of credibility than a good website.

Check out the image we shared when talking about first impressions. You’ll see another stat there – 75% of people say they judge a company’s credibility based on its website. Search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing don’t matter if you have a website that looks like it was drudged up from the dark ages of the internet.

Customers have standards they expect you to meet in your design. If you meet (and ideally exceed) those standards, you have a constant credibility builder that makes people more likely to buy from you.

The Service NEWMEDIA's

Web Designers Offer

By now, you get it. The right website (supported by full online marketing campaigns) boosts credibility, creates trust, and helps your business get sales. Now, you want to know something important – what does NEWMEDIA do to create great websites?

Let us tell you.

Custom Web Design

Anybody can use an “off-the-shelf” website-building tool and have something online in a day or two.

We won’t deny that.

But what we will say is take a look at the final product that comes from these types of tools. It’s bland. Boring. The templates use common design concepts, sure, but they’re not made with a deep understanding of what your business does or what it represents. How could they be? They’re templates made for everybody and their dog to use.

When it comes to digital solutions, custom web design wins against templated websites every time for a simple reason – a custom site delivers tailored web experiences.

NEWMEDIA doesn’t rely on templates in our creative design process. We rely on you! Your business, your branding, and your customers are the lifeblood of your website design, and we incorporate all three to give you a site that stands out from the templated masses.

Responsive Web Design

We touched on how many people use mobile devices to browse websites (remember – 60% of traffic comes from mobile) earlier. But that presents a challenge for small businesses. It costs money to have a website designed and built. Getting two, one for desktop users and another for mobile, means you’re paying double to get the same information out there.

That’s where responsive website development comes in.

The idea behind responsive web design is simple – create a site that responds to what the user does.

On a device basis, that means the site “morphs” to fit the device on which it’s accessed. Navigation bars are an obvious example. A navigation bar that appears in full on a desktop website may get compressed into a menu icon on a mobile device, with the latter being tappable to display the range of menu items.

It’s a little thing that makes a big difference. With responsive design from NEWMEDIA, you create one website that displays as it needs to no matter who a user accesses it.

Mobile Website Development

Let’s dig a little deeper into the mobile conundrum.

Your website has to look great on mobile devices or people are going to look elsewhere, as these stats from BrandLume demonstrate:

user retention of responsive web

There’s a lot to take in there, so we’ll zoom in on the stat that really matters – 61% of people will head straight to a competitor if your website isn’t mobile-friendly. And despite the fact that businesses risk losing nearly two-thirds of their potential customers to mobile mishaps, almost half (46%) of mobile users say they have difficulty interacting with websites on their devices.

The message – tons of businesses aren’t doing enough to provide the experiences visitors expect on mobile.

NEWMEDIA ensures you get ahead of that out-of-date crowd with quality mobile-specific websites. Oh, and by the way, we’re also a mobile app development company that can deliver apps to build upon your mobile website experience.

Web Hosting

You can’t hang a pretty picture on your wall if you don’t have a nail, and you can’t get your new website out there if you don’t have web hosting. Think of hosting as that nail in the wall – it’s how you display your website so the world can see it.

On the technical side, your hosting is where you store everything that makes up your website. The pages (and their images), as well as any databases running behind the scenes, all require a reliable hosting provider to make their way to your customer’s screens.

Why does that matter?

After all, there are tons of hosting platforms out there, so why should you care if NEWMEDIA offers in-house hosting services?

How about reliability?

Uptime is essential in the online world. Every minute your website is down is a minute when a potential customer could visit, see absolutely nothing, and move on to a competitor. It’s like hanging your picture on a crooked nail. Yeah, it’ll stay on the wall most of the time, but the nail will keep moving or dropping out, so you have to constantly go back and fix it.

With NEWMEDIA, you get reliable hosting. That means maximum uptime and constant support so your site always stays online.

Graphic Design and Logo Creation

The little graphical elements that combine to make your brand matter, starting with your logo design:

how consumers recognize brands

Most people (75%) say that they rely on logos to help them to recognize brands. That means your website could have the most compelling design in every other aspect, but if the logo looks terrible, most people will struggle to even remember who you are.

NEWMEDIA can provide businesses with new logos, and other smaller graphic design elements, that act as the glue that binds together your website design. The little things matter. Make sure you master them so your website has that all-important visual “pop” that ensures it not only makes a great first impression but an impression that sticks in the visitor’s mind.

UX Design and Development

It’s not just about how your website looks. It’s about how it makes a visitor feel, and if that overriding feeling is “Argh, why won’t this website do what I want?” then guess what you’ll have?

Former visitors who bounce away.

Nailing the feel of your website is what UX (user experience) design is all about. And to showcase why it’s so important, here is a quick selection of stats from UX experts and researchers at The Baymard Institute:

  • If your site takes over three seconds to load, you’ve lost 40% of people before they ever see your fancy new design.
  • Most people (88% of them, in fact) say they’ll never return to a website if they have one bad experience while using it.
  • For every dollar you spend on improving your UX, you make $100 on the back end.

So, we have two messages here – bad UX sends customers packing, and good UX generates a 100-to-one return.

Happy customers and more money. That’s why you need UX design and development from NEWMEDIA.

Custom Web Development

Imagine you have a gorgeous Ferrari sitting in your garage.

That car gleams. Its bodywork is beautiful, and you can’t resist going out and waxing it every single day. Everybody who sees it says it’s the most beautiful car they have ever laid eyes on, but there’s a problem:

It doesn’t have an engine.

So, the only people who ever get to see it are the people you invite into your garage – i.e., a handful compared to the thousands who’d see it if you had the car up and running.

That, in a nutshell, is what happens if you have web design without web development. Your site has no “engine,” meaning all of the behind-the-scenes stuff that needs to be in place (coding, databases, etc.) isn’t there.

The result – you have a pretty website with nothing in place to make it work.

NEWMEDIA solves that by handling both sides. Yes, we’re a web design agency. But we’re also a development agency that can build the “engine” your website needs to work properly.

Digital Marketing Services

Social media marketing. SEO. Paid ad campaigns. Content creation.

None of these services technically fall under the web design umbrella. You can get a good-looking website without them. But if you’re not investing in the online marketing portion of your web experience, you end up with something akin to the Ferrari without an engine scenario we talked about earlier – you have a great website, but nobody gets to see it.

We’ll make it simple – you won’t maximize your website’s potential if you’re not investing in digital marketing:

email marketing ROI

No matter where you look on that chart, you see a digital marketing technique that makes money. SEO returns $22.24 for every dollar you spend. Internet display ads give you $19.72 for every dollar. And email marketing (long thought dead by less creative online marketers) delivers a staggering $40 per dollar spent.

You don’t need online marketing to build a website.

But you do need it to drive traffic to that website so that your customers get to see what you offer. And NEWMEDIA is the agency of choice in Boston if you want your website to make a mark on the wider digital landscape.

Our Past Projects

Our Esteemed Clientele

We Work with Major Brands

CBS Television. Delta Airlines. The YMCA.

What do they all have in common?

They came to NEWMEDIA because they needed web design and digital marketing services that that they couldn’t get anywhere else. But, of course, the major brands are just the headliners. We’ve helped smaller businesses grow revenue by 10 times or more and we’ve catapulted medium-sized companies into the stratosphere.

We get results.

And we’re ready to deliver those results to you.

Delta Sky Club

The new Delta Sky Club website portal, designed and developed from scratch by NEWMEDIA, allows Delta passengers who go online in any of their Sky Club lounges across the U.S. to quickly get news, weather & stock market information, in addition to tracking flights on any airline (not just Delta!), searching directly in Google, and getting maps and driving directions to/from any address on Earth.

California Almonds

NEWMEDIA Los Angeles, in collaboration with Sterling-Rice Group (SRG), built a new website for the Almond Board of California under an aggressive development timeline. We built a multi-language website for them while ensuring a consistent user experience by bringing all four existing websites into a single universal system. Our team of experts delivered this mammoth project even after the deadline was shortened by four weeks.

Six Flags

The Six Flags team reached out to NEWMEDIA for a complete website redesign and multi-site ecommerce web development. We redesigned the website to change its complete look and feel and organized content into categories and subcategories to simplify content discovery for visitors. Over the course of the project, we worked in close coordination with the Six Flags team to deliver the website quickly before their parks reopened.


PostNet approached us to completely redesign all their websites, including those of franchisees. We developed a fresh responsive website for them to offer a consistent browsing experience to visitors irrespective of the screen size of the device they use to access the website. Additionally, we developed a tool to help visitors find their nearest PostNet center. Finally, we designed the 300+ franchise websites for them with local SEO and franchise SEO.

YMCA (The Y)

YMCA (now “The Y”) is an organization that we’ve all heard of and/or been a part of at one time in our lives. YMCA of Metro Denver came to us for a fresh website design that would communicate their mission of being for youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. Even more exciting, they had just had a brand refresh and this was the chance to support that refresh with a complementary website.


When CBS Television was producing the show that came to be called Haystack Help, they needed a complex yet easy to use website application to direct the TV viewers to visit, and their search for a Denver website developer led them to NEWMEDIA. Initially, prior to contacting NEWMEDIA, they had selected another web development partner for the project. Then, there was a problem…


The Top Web Designers in Boston

All digital campaigns start with results-driven websites. It’s a simple fact that we’ve proven time and again with the stats and information we’ve shared with you so far.

Hopefully, you agree with us, which leaves us with just one more question to answer:


We’re recognized by the industry and major business publications as the place you need to go if you want an amazing website designed.


We Win Awards for What We Do


In 2022, UpCity named NEWMEDIA as one of the top 1% of digital agencies in the US.


ranks NEWMEDIA a Top 1% Global Leader Digital Agency.


made us a top 1% "National Excellence Award Winner" for three years running (2020, 2021, and 2022).

Business Journal

calls us the top digital agency in the world.

Don't be confused by the many imitators, with names that look and sound alike - there is only one, original NEWMEDIA.COM - helping clients grow their businesses since 1996.



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Not with NEWMEDIA.

We have a Boston office that you can visit whenever you want: 265 Franklin Street, Suite 1702 Boston, Massachusetts 02110

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265 Franklin Street, Suite 1702 Boston, MA 02110