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Everything about your company is just more information flowing into the daily deluge that the average person has to handle. If that information doesn’t stand out – due to your company having a weak brand – it’ll just sweep on by. Ignored. Unheard. Disappearing into a sea of discarded information while the people to whom you’re trying to sell turn their focus to something a little more interesting.

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Top 1% Global Leader Digital Agency
Ranked by Clutch 2023

Top 1% Digital Agency in United States
Ranked by UpCity 2022

Fastest-Growing Companies in the USA
4 Years in a Row

Top 1% Best Digital Marketing Award
Ranked by Expertise 2023

#2 Global Award Winner
Ranked by MASHABLE

Top 1% Award of Excellence Winner
Years 2020, 2021, 2022

500+ 5-Star Reviews in Google
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Top 1000 Global Digital Agency
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#1 Global Digital Agency
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Supercharge Your Business with a Leading Branding Agency

Information overload.

That’s what the average person has experienced almost every day since the rise of the internet. Every notification, from social media or email landing in an inbox – along with the wealth of info pinging every few seconds on a smartphone – floods people’s consciousness.

Then, there’s your business.

Everything about your company is just more information flowing into the daily deluge that the average person has to handle. If that information doesn’t stand out – due to your company having a weak brand – it’ll just sweep on by. Ignored. Unheard. Disappearing into a sea of discarded information while the people to whom you’re trying to sell turn their focus to something a little more interesting.

Enter a branding firm.

With the right firm by your side, you can create powerful branding strategies that turn the flow of information coming out of your company into an undeniable identity that your prospective customers can’t ignore.

That’s what NEWMEDIA does:

We develop brand strategies for businesses.

What Is a Brand?

Before we get into how our brand design agency can help your business, we need to answer a big question:

What exactly is a “brand?”

We could spend pages writing about brand identities and appealing to a target market, but the answer – at least according to NEWMEDIA – is fairly simple.

Your brand is whatever makes you unique among the many other companies that are vying for supremacy in your industry. That may make the entire concept seem malleable – what makes your company unique could differ wildly from another.

However, a truly great brand strategy involves finding that one thing that makes you special and then using that thing as the lynchpin around which you build everything else.

Your message comes from that one unique thing.

Your company colors, logos, and websites all communicate that special something about you to your customers.

Ultimately, your brand underpins your marketing – and how you speak to your customers – which is why it’s so crucial to understand what it is so you can build a strategy around it.

The Benefits of Working with Branding Agencies

“I get why having a brand is important,” you might say to yourself. “But do I really need one of the top branding agencies to help me build it? I know my business better than anybody else – surely I’m the best person to build my brand.”

You know what? You’re right!

You do know your business better than anybody else, which probably means you understand better than anybody what makes the whole thing tick. But that alone is not enough to develop a great brand. You need a strategy – encompassing everything from your visual identity to how you tell your story to maintain an advantage in a competitive landscape – to build a true brand.

That’s where a brand design agency comes in, with the best delivering these critical benefits.

A Branding Company Delivers Unparalleled Expertise

You may already think you’re an expert in your brand – meaning you can develop strategies and engage in brand storytelling without any help – but is that really the case?

If it was, we wouldn’t see so many companies changing up their brand images so soon after forming:

7 Amazing Rebranding Examples to Learn From

Almost three-quarters – 74% – of businesses decide to scrap whatever they’re doing for branding within the first seven years of their company’s operations. And the reason is simple – the brand image they created on their own simply isn’t gelling with the audience to which they want to sell.

Now, there may be many factors that play into these branding failures.

The company could misidentify its target audience, for instance, leading it to spend good money after bad trying to sell to people who barely have an interest – if any – in their product. Or, the company has done such a poor job of handling its brand that customer satisfaction has dropped through the floor, resulting in its business falling by the wayside compared to competitors who’ve built a stronger strategy.

Whatever the reasoning may be, the outcome is the same – the brand isn’t working.

So, they have to invest more time and money – following all that they invested in the previous brand – to course correct. Frankly, that happens because the business doesn’t have the built-in expertise to build a brand in the first place. As great as it may be at the nuts and bolts of what it does, the brand isn’t on point so customers never know how truly brilliant the company can be.

Perhaps that’s all starting to sound a little too familiar.

And it’s in providing expertise that a brand strategy agency excels. Engage one early and you’ll build a strong brand from the beginning – meaning you don’t end up having to rebrand – with only tweaks along the way required to create something truly special. But if you happen to fall into that 74% of companies that need to rebrand within seven years, then don’t fear – the right brand consultant can help you to right the ship and steer you toward business growth through their expertise.

Branding Companies Deliver Superb ROI

What is your ultimate goal when you’re building a brand?

It’s the same goal you have with any other aspect of your marketing – you’re trying to sell more of your product or service. And that’s where some businesses start to come unstuck with measuring the true impact of brand building. After all, it can all feel a little nebulous compared to more direct marketing tactics. It’s all well and good to create a great message – and build a brand around it – but you can’t measure the impact of that message in the same way that you can track email sales or your paid marketing campaigns.

There are two points to make here.

First, those trackable marketing campaigns are all part of your branding strategy. They feed off the messaging – as well as the visuals – you create to help you communicate with your customers. So, in a large sense, any positive ROI you gain from your marketing efforts can, at least in some part, be attributed to your branding. They’re all part of the same strategy, with each feeding into and off the other to succeed.

But maybe that seems like a cop-out answer, especially to some of the marketing strategist types out there. Which brings us to the second point:

Building a brand is really about creating trust with your customers.

Think of it all in relationship terms. When somebody first comes across your company, it’s like they’ve just met you on a night out (or seen your Tinder profile for the younger business brains out there.) They may like what they see on the surface, but they want to dig deeper than that before they can trust you enough to enter a full-blown relationship.

So, you go on dates.

Or, in the business sense, the prospective customer starts to do some research. What do their “friends” – i.e., your previous customers – have to say about you? What does your company believe in and do those beliefs mesh with what they want out of the relationship?

All of these questions are asked in service of the main question the prospect wants to answer.

Can they trust you?

You need everything that you show them before they enter the relationship to lead them to a “yes” answer for a simple reason:

trusting a brand

The vast majority of your customers need to trust you – 81% of them, in fact – before they’ll even consider buying from you. It’s the purpose of all of the “dating” before they make it official with you. And it’s through the building of that trust that the true return on your investment into building a brand pays off.

That’s where the top branding companies help to strengthen your company. You may not be able to measure the results as easily as you can for your marketing campaigns – the stats aren’t as readily accessible – but you’ll see them over time. The positive buzz forming around your business. The steady trickle of new customers who come into the fold because they love what they’re hearing about you.

It’s all about trust.

And – once you have it – your brand marketing agency will help you keep it so you can continue building with your brand serving as the foundation for your business.

You'll Build a Defined Branding Strategy

A brand strategist builds a strategy.

“Thank you for that, Captain Obvious,” you might be thinking. However, it’s still worth pointing out just how vital that will be to your business for the simple reason that many companies fail to define a specific strategy they always follow when it comes to how they present themselves to their audiences.

Take content marketing as an example.

Your content – be it textual, video, or even image-based – is key to your branding. It’s what you use to communicate your messaging across practically every platform. And yet, a huge number of businesses don’t even have a content marketing strategy in place:

b2b marketers have content strategy

Neil Patel’s stats show us that 47% of companies have no documented content marketing strategy. That means – at best – their brand messages are being sent out irregularly, without any control mechanisms in place. At worst, they may not even be producing content at all. And that’s not to mention the 5% of companies that are “unsure” about whether they even do content marketing.

It all adds up to an unpretty picture – the majority of companies are rudderless when it comes to their content. And that means they can’t steer their brand’s image in the direction in which they need to in order to build the trust we spoke about earlier.

Think of it in these terms:

Imagine that you’re just starting as a business owner. What’s the very first thing that you created as soon as you figured out what you were going to sell?

A business strategy.

That strategy came in the form of a business plan – along with projections for growth – with every step to success being meticulously planned. If you didn’t have that strategy, you’d have no idea what your ultimate business goals are and, even if you had a vague idea, you wouldn’t know what you need to do to reach them.

Translate that line of thinking to your branding strategy.

If you don’t have one – especially one that handles all of the creative aspects of the messaging you put out to the world – you’re not going to achieve the brand recognition you need. Your company will struggle to grow because its messaging is a mishmash of experimental ideas that serve no rhyme or reason.

A brand strategy consultant fixes all of that – they create the direction that your branding efforts will follow.

Develop Consistency in Your Branding (And Business) Strategy

Following on from the points about brand strategy comes something else that’s crucial to your potential customers:


It’s here where we can deliver some statistics that showcase the revenue-driving potential of proper branding, the first of which comes from Oberlo:

branding statistics graphic

The majority of companies – two-thirds of them – say that fostering consistency within their branding has a direct impact on revenue. Growth of at least 10% – and pay special attention to the words “at least” – is directly attributable to a company settling on a defined message and delivery strategy.


Potential clients want to see that your company delivers the same message across different platforms. That consistent leads to trust – gained because you’re not sending out mixed signals – which is key to making sales. You saw that earlier, and it’s the same story when it comes to consistency:

A consistent message suggests a consistent service.

Branding consultants from NEWMEDIA help you to define (and refine) your branding messages so that customers are more likely to trust what they read and, by extension, trust you to deliver.

Create a Competitive Advantage via Your Brand

As a business owner, you’re in constant competition.

Even on the local level, you’ll face companies that are constantly targeting the customers you want – across all platforms – with their services. They may offer lower prices or have a better search engine optimization strategy, resulting in them coming ahead of your company in search results.

All of that can leave you scratching your head and wondering how to develop a competitive edge.

The answer?

Strong branding.

Your branding isn’t simply the marketing that you put out to the masses. It’s your competitive advantage – the thing that differentiates you from everybody who’s trying to land the same customers that your business needs to thrive.

That differentiation is the key.

And it can come from all sorts of things within your company. Your product could be your differentiator, either because it’s completely unique or it offers a twist on an existing product. If that isn’t the case – as with many service-related businesses – your differentiation may come from your customer service or how you treat your employees.

If the latter point of differentiation seems strange, then check out this chart from Sprout Social:

brands get real chart

Treating employees well leads to more of your people advocating for your brand on social media. That advocation is effective – nearly three-quarters (72%) of potential customers feel more connected to your company if you have employees who share their experiences with them on social media. In this sense, you showcase that there are real people behind your branding efforts – which has a positive effect on 61% of customers – and differentiate your business from the faceless brands out there.

That’s just one example of how finding your differentiator gives you a competitive advantage.

The NEWMEDIA brand consultancy can find many more once we start working with you on defining a strategy.

Speaking of working with you…

The Best Branding Companies Deliver a Fresh Perspective

You’re working hard to build a business.

That means you’re deep in the weeds – setting up processes and ensuring you deliver your services – with any brand research you might do being colored by what you already know about your company. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. You (and any agency with which you work) need to understand your business inside and out to create a branding strategy.

But it can lead to a problem:

You might struggle to see the wood for the trees.

In other words, any branding efforts you make right now are influenced by one perspective, meaning you potentially miss out on opportunities to explore other avenues.

That’s where a branding agency comes in.

Agencies don’t just deliver the expertise needed to execute the techniques built into the strategies they create for your business. They also bring fresh perspectives – informed by their work with dozens of other clients – that can help you see opportunities that you’re missing.

Take these statistics from WordStream as an example:

how many clients

The majority of agencies – 60% – say that they have at least 11 clients, with 26% saying they have 50 or more. That’s good news for your business – it means these agencies have worked with dozens of clients – each requiring different strategies – so they understand what it takes to build brands in different industries.

Your agency has a different perspective.

It has already seen what works, meaning it can fast-track you into a branding strategy designed to strengthen your business. But just as crucially, it’s seen what doesn’t work. Thus, you avoid mistakes you might otherwise waste time and money on making due to your lack of perspective.

Ultimately, working with a brand agency opens up a new world of opportunities. And those opportunities achieve something crucial for your business…

Engage with Brand Consulting to Improve Awareness

Awareness is the key to making sales.


Because it’s the first stage in the typical five-stage sales funnel:

conversion funnel new

Through awareness, you’re able to generate interest. That interest leads to a desire for your product – bolstered by consistent branding that showcases how you solve a customer’s problem – which results in a customer taking action. And once they’ve taken action, usually by purchasing or subscribing to your product, the strength of your brand combined with the quality of your service keeps the customer loyal.

It’s a model that is as old as sales itself, and it all starts with awareness.

So, where do branding agencies come into play?

They create strategies that generate awareness, which ultimately leads to you making more sales:

importance of familiarity with brands

Familiarity with a brand is critical to making sales, as this chart from Global Banking and Finance demonstrates. Almost half of your potential customers – 48% – say that it’s “very important” that they recognize your brand before they buy, with a further 23% saying it’s at least “somewhat important.”

Less than 30% say they don’t care one way or the other.

The message is key:

Familiarity with a brand breeds the trust that consumers need to have before they consider buying. And that’s where the work of a brand agency comes in. They build complete branding strategies – designed to showcase your innovative ideas and creative service – to customers through websites, socials, print advertising, and so much more. It’s all in service of awareness – the first stage in a funnel that leads to your business making more sales.

Reserve Your Team's Resources by Relying on Brand Consultants

Let’s talk about an aspect of branding that often goes underappreciated:

The sheer amount of time your company has to dedicate to the campaign development is part and parcel of building your brand. Every strategy you use takes time to implement. Market research requires companies to dedicate staff to looking at industry trends – taking them away from their core tasks – as does strategy creation and every technique you build into that strategy.

Now, let’s assume you’re running a small business. You can ill afford to dedicate so much of your employees’ time to handling your marketing and branding when those same people are also trying to provide a service to your clients.

The result?

Something has to give.

Either you start neglecting your brand architecture – reducing awareness and resulting in your business failing to benefit from the advantages that good branding delivers – or you start to neglect your service. The latter can be even more damaging because the quality of your service is tied to your branding.

As soon as customers start expressing their displeasure, you have negative messaging out there that could cause others not to buy from you.

At its core, strong branding is a resource management issue.

As you’ve seen, the poor management of your internal resources can prevent you from offering exceptional services to your customers. But it can also do something much more damaging – leave your people with no idea what they’re supposed to be doing with their time:

how often americans feel they have things under control at work

According to Zippia, only a fifth of American workers feel like they always have things under control when they’re at work. The rest experience at least one day in the working week in which they’ve lost control and either can’t keep up or simply don’t know what they’re supposed to be doing.

A shocking 12% say that they “never” feel in control.

That’s a problem for your business – the more your employees struggle, the faster burnout happens. And with burnout comes higher turnover rates, which place even more pressure on your company.

That’s where brand strategists come into play.

With an agency like NEWMEDIA in your corner, a huge weight gets lifted from your employees’ collective shoulders. They don’t have to worry about handling every single aspect of your branding and marketing, allowing them to focus on what they do best – delivering your services to your clients.

Two things come from that:

Happier clients – who contribute to your branding by leaving glowing reviews – and happier employees who feel like they’re more in control of what they do in the workplace.

Access a Powerful Network Through Your Strategic Branding Agency


It’s something that all companies need but – at least from a branding perspective – it’s also something that many businesses lack. Just take these stats from Search Engine Land as an example:

understanding google search results

When quizzed on their understanding of how Google chooses the first result in its search engine, almost three-quarters of business owners – 73.9% – say they only have a moderate understanding, at best. Many have no understanding at all, showcasing a complete lack of digital marketing expertise within their companies.

You might find yourself in a similar position.

In that case, you have two options.

The first is to build out an internal marketing and branding team. That’s a huge challenge – one in which you have to invest inordinate amounts of time and effort into finding the right people. You get expertise. But the cost is so great that you may struggle to use that expertise because your budget is so drained by the act of finding it.

The second is to work with a brand consultancy.

Not only does the consultancy deliver the expertise you need – much of it being in-house – but you benefit from that agency working with others to achieve your goals. In other words, they have connections that you don’t.

For instance, do you have a network of PR agencies you can use to showcase press releases on new products and innovations from your company?

Your branding agency does.

Branding agencies may also be part of marketing networks – dedicated to the industry – that are out of your reach. That brings even more connections into the fold, with some of those playing into your development of a strategy.

The point is simple:

With brand consultants in your corner, you not only access the expertise of the consultants themselves. You get to work with somebody who has the network needed to create an expansive branding strategy.

NEWMEDIA Brand Agency

Our Key Branding Services

You understand the host of benefits that come with developing a brand identity with the help of an agency. Your business gains the trust of its customers – through consistent messaging – and achieves more sales because it differentiates itself from the pack.

That’s all well and good, but you still have one question in mind:

What does a branding agency actually do to help me reap those benefits?

The answer lies in the host of services that NEWMEDIA offers.

Market Research

Every branding strategy starts with researching the market.

Think of this as your competitive landscape analysis – it’s all about understanding what your competitors are doing with their branding. How do they market themselves? To whom do they try to appeal? What are their differentiators?

You need the answers to these questions because knowing what “they” are doing informs everything about how you approach your own branding strategy. Remember that setting yourself apart is key to everything, and you can only do that when you understand what you’re setting yourself apart from.

And yet, market research is something that causes problems for many companies:

clear market research strategy

Almost a quarter – 23% – say that they have no defined market research strategy. That means they don’t know what their competitors are doing, or why, meaning they can’t adapt their own branding accordingly.

You need to know your market to build a brand strategy.

NEWMEDIA’s branding consultants always start with this key piece of the puzzle. We learn about you – and your industry as a whole – to help us identify what techniques are likely to work and what you should avoid doing.

Target Audience Identification

Most companies don’t know enough about their target audiences.

Sure, they may have a general idea about the ages and locations of the people they’re targeting with their branding. But when it comes to what makes their audiences tick, they’re completely in the dark:

most marketers don’t know their audience

HubSpot demonstrates that with these survey results, which show that fewer than 50% of marketers have key information about their audience in major categories. For instance, only 45% know about their audience’s interests and hobbies – limiting how well they can engage on social media – while only 42% know the basic demographic information they need to target their advertising campaigns toward the right people.

Keep reading the chart and it only gets worse.

Less than a third understand the pains their audience has – knowledge that is key to branding – while 42% don’t even know what products their audience might have an interest in buying.

It all adds up to a branding disaster.

How can a company deliver a coherent – and consistent – message to customers when it doesn’t know what those customers look like or what they want?

That’s where NEWMEDIA’s target audience identification service comes in. As part of building your brand, we get into the who’s and what’s of your main clients. Who are they? What do they want? How do your products and services heal the pains that they have? With that information, you’re able to develop stronger marketing and branding campaigns – built on real data – that are designed to appeal to the people who are most likely to buy from you.

Brand Strategy Creation

You may remember that we told you earlier that 47% of companies have no defined content marketing strategy. That lack of strategy isn’t reserved for copywriting alone – a huge number also have no documented digital marketing strategy:

percent of businesses with digital marketing plan

Smart Insights reveals that a shocking 44% of business owners are basically taking a scattershot approach to their digital marketing. They’re doing…something. But there’s no rhyme or reason to the campaigns they create, meaning their strategies lack the consistency needed for proper branding. That’s also the case for the 12% of companies that have a defined strategy but have siloed it away from the rest of their marketing. Messages will get missed because their digital marketing isn’t integrated into their wider branding efforts.

It’s haphazard – perhaps the most damaging thing when consistency is so crucial to the creation of the trust that leads to people buying from your brand.

A brand strategy agency fixes these problems by creating a cohesive plan that aligns with the rest of the marketing that your company does. Your strategy builds upon the market and audience research NEWMEDIA offers – which shows you who to target and how to differentiate yourself – while setting the standards you’ll follow to build consistency into your brand.

Fonts. Color schemes. Positioning. Brand personas. It all goes into this strategy, which becomes the bedrock of everything else your company does from a branding perspective.

Strategic Planning

Creating a brand strategy and working on strategic planning may sound like the same thing. But they’re not. Rather, they’re two sides of the same, very important coin.

Where your brand strategy defines audience personas and sets forth the message you’ll be delivering – as well as the design ethos surrounding that messaging – strategic planning is all about the “how” and the “why.”

In other words, what goals does your company aim to achieve with its branding strategy and, crucially, what steps is it going to take to transform those goals into reality? It’s through strategic planning that you define the specific techniques you’ll use to build your brand – all informed by your brand strategy – so you build a sense of direction in your marketing efforts.

The goals you set can vary widely:

top goals creating brand content

As this chart shows, 45% of marketers say that building brand awareness is one of their top goals. But there are many others. Increasing web traffic is another prominent one – 37% say it’s important – as are generating leads and sales.

You may want to focus on one of these goals ahead of all others. Or you may think they’re all important, meaning your strategic plan needs to account for several desired results. That’s where this service comes in – it defines your branding goals and plots out the course your business will follow to reach them.

Creative Solutions

There’s one word that underpins your brand positioning efforts:


The “same old, same old” isn’t going to cut it from a branding perspective, especially with differentiation being such a key part of building a strong brand. It’s all about memorability – how well do your creative efforts stick in the minds of your target customers?

We have some insight into what makes for memorable branding from HubSpot:

funny content is the most memorable

“Funny” and “relatable” are the top two types of content that people want to see brands posting on social media, both of which require a creative streak. Humor is obvious from the creative standpoint, but you also need the same spark to create something relatable – the most creative people can craft stories relating to your brand and its customers they stick in the mind.

Continue down the chart and you see that every one of the top six most memorable types of content requires creativity in some way. Copy that reflects your brand’s values – memorable to 30% of people who’ve discovered a brand’s products on socials in the last three months – requires creativity both in creating those values and expressing them through social posts. On the educational side, creativity comes into play by transforming what could be a dry set of instructions into something that sticks in the mind.

In short – branding is about finding creative solutions for getting your message out there.

That’s where NEWMEDIA comes in.

Our array of digital strategies – ranging from content creation to social media marketing – take the creative approach needed to emphasize what makes your brand special across every platform.

Brand Story Creation

Every brand has stories to tell.

How you came to be – and the problems you aim to solve – are all part of your story. So are your employees – each of whom has a story that brought them to work with your company –  and your customers. You’ll see this everywhere in marketing. Every case study you’ve ever read is a company telling its story to its prospects, for instance. And if you spend a lot of time on LinkedIn, you’ll know just how many people share stories that they relate to their business endeavors in some way.

There’s a simple reason for this:

Stories sell:

Brands story impact

Influencer Marketing Hub points out that a good brand story can lead to 55% of people considering a purchase, with a further 15% buying right away on the strength of the story alone. Then there’s the sharing aspect – 44% of the people who love your story will share it with others, raising your chances of gaining more customers in the process.

Let’s do some math.

We’ll assume you post a great story on social media that 1,000 people see. A huge 150 people will buy immediately, already demonstrating the power of storytelling, with a further 550 at least considering buying from you in the future. As for sharing, remember this – 54.58% of Americans have between 1,000 and 10,000 followers across their social media platforms.

Even if we take the low end of that range – 1,000 – that means the 44% who share your story are exposing your brand to 44,000 more people.

That’s the power of great brand storytelling – something that NEWMEDIA provides as part of its brand consultancy.

Digital Marketing Strategy

The rise of the web took the branding industry by storm. What was once limited to traditional marketing – billboards, radio and TV ads, flyers, and the like – became global. Your company now has the opportunity to speak to a truly global audience that’s ready and waiting to hear your message.

You just need a big enough megaphone so that message spreads far and wide.

That’s where digital marketing comes in – a collection of services built into a strategy that complements your overall branding strategy to ensure you create the awareness that’s key to a strong brand. Many techniques can go into a digital marketing strategy, though the following five are key to your brand.

Web Design

First impressions are everything to a brand.

Fail to create a good one and you give yourself an uphill battle – a potential customer is wary of you from the start, meaning the rest of your branding has to work overtime to get them to buy. That’s assuming they stick around, of course. A bad first impression could be enough to cause people to abandon your company entirely before they’ve even gotten into the meat of your branding.

Where does that first impression come from?

In most cases, it’s your company’s website – the first thing a prospective customer will check once they become aware of you. And that’s where web design becomes part of your branding. You need a strong website because customers are going to judge your company based on what they see:

digital marketing statistics website

Three-quarters of them – 75% – will take one look at your site and instantly develop an impression of whether they believe your company is credible or not. That plays into the trust factors mentioned earlier – a lack of credibility makes it infinitely harder to develop the trust you need people to have in your brand in order for them to buy from you.

NEWMEDIA’s website design service is all about building your credibility.

Building from the messaging, color schemes, and other guidelines in your brand strategy, we build websites that achieve two key things:

  • Look the part for those all-important first impressions
  • Remain consistent with your other branding to build trust

Graphic Design

A brand isn’t just about the message it puts out to its potential customers. It’s a visual thing – everything from logos and colors to the graphical style you use in your visual media contributes to building your brand.

And that’s an area where many companies struggle:

outline visual content marketing stats

Almost half of marketers – 43% – say that producing consistent visual content is a major barrier for them, with great design also being another key challenge. From there, the stats dig into finding relevant data – 22% struggle with that – and structuring that data in appealing ways – a problem for 12% of marketers – as key visual branding challenges.

Graphic design is the solution to these challenges.

It’s all about the look and feel of the media you put out for others to consume, with a focus on that keyword we’ve mentioned several times already – consistency.

NEWMEDIA’s graphic design service helps you develop consistency in your visual media by designing assets – in accordance with your brand guidelines and strategy – that you can use again and again. Nothing looks out of place because all of your graphics are designed to the same standards, contributing to building the trust you need your customers to have in your brand in the process.

Social Media Marketing

If part of building a brand is all about generating awareness, you need to ensure that your brand is prominent in the places where most of your potential audience hangs out.

Enter social media:

global social media use

There are almost enough stats provided by Smart Insights here to make your head spin. But the key thing to remember is that an enormous 5.04 billion people were using social media as of January 2024 – around two-thirds of the entire global population. What’s more, that number’s growing. There’s an average 5.6% increase in social media users per year, meaning 2025 will bring with it an extra 266 million people on social platforms.

Social media is where your audience hangs out.

So, NEWMEDIA’s social media marketing services are all about building awareness – sending social users to your website – and engaging with prospective clients on your profiles. We help you build profiles that are consistent with your brand while using social media to share your stories, products, and even your people.

Search Engine Optimization

We’ve touched on SEO already – it’s a collection of techniques that your company uses to appear at the top of search engine results for keywords relating to what you do. But you may not know why that’s so important:

google ctr per ranking

Pick any keyword out of a hat and most people who search for it are never going to look beyond the first three results that they see. Over a quarter – 28.5% – only click on the first. Everything below gets overlooked. Once you get down to the bottom of the first page of results, click-through rates drop massively to just 2.5%.

They all but disappear from the second page onward.

SEO is all about ensuring that you land on the top of the results for the terms that matter most to your brand. Those terms may be local, longtail – such as questions – or, in the case of global brands, so huge that they attract millions of people. But they’re all linked to your branding. NEWMEDIA creates SEO strategies that not only get results but also ensure your traffic is served with pages that align with your overarching branding strategy.

Reputation Management

Building a brand isn’t just about the content you put out there.

It’s also about what other people have to say about you – and that’s something you have to work hard to control. After all, many of your potential customers are going to look beyond your website and social media to learn more about you:

online consumer reviews

An enormous 95% of them, in fact, who’ll check reviews online before they buy from your business. NEWMEDIA’s job is to ensure that the reviews they see – along with PR and news reports – paint the picture of a brand that does a great job and aligns with the potential customer’s needs.


Through online reputation management.

Reputation management isn’t about building scores of fake reviews and lying to your clients. That’s a bad branding practice that is as transparent as glass to your audience. Instead, it’s about managing how you’re perceived online through the use of strategies that control the narrative that surrounds your brand.

Examples include offering incentives for people to leave good reviews – going beyond simply hoping they’re happy to talk about you once they’ve received a great service – and ensuring your customer service is on point for negative reviews. It’s not about running away or ignoring any negative media that’s out there. Rather, your responses to that media fall under the reputation management umbrella, with each response helping to build the image of a brand that cares enough to always try to do better on the rare occasions that it fails.

Brand Messaging

How does – or should – your brand communicate with its audience?

That’s the question that NEWMEDIA’s brand messaging service answers, with the idea being to create the means through which potential customers can build a relationship with your brand.

Think of it as the culmination of every other branding technique you use.

For instance, all of your company’s charitable efforts feed into the message you put out there. Not just in terms of your business being philanthropic – which is great in its own right – but also in terms of the social causes you support.

The events you hold, the social media pages you create, and even your company’s website all feed into that message. They each offer ways for customers to connect with you and what you do – often outside of buying a product – with your messaging doing something that we’ve highlighted several times already:

Building trust.

Where does NEWMEDIA fit into all of this?

As a brand marketing agency, we help you to determine what differentiates your company and – crucially – the target audience that needs to hear your message. With that information, we not only work with you to create the messaging that underpins everything that you do with branding but also ensure that message reaches the right people through the channels those people use.

That will look different for every business.

Some thrive on socials – with digital messaging being key – whereas others are best at showcasing their message through physical events. Many need a combination of both. NEWMEDIA can handle it all.

Creation (and Utilization) of Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines are far from a new concept for any company that has done any semblance of branding work before. They’re your “checklist” of everything that any piece of media you put out needs to follow. Fonts, colors, specific terminology, and the messaging you want to put out there are all part of these guidelines.

But there’s a problem.

While most organizations have brand guidelines, very few do a good job of following them:

branding guidelines chart

Statista’s data points out that only 30% of organizations can claim that the guidelines they’ve created are both well-known and used throughout their businesses. The other 70% aren’t so lucky – they either don’t have brand guidelines, only used them some of the time, or silo them away so only their creative teams have access to them.

When consistency is such a major factor in great branding, your guidelines (assuming you have them) can’t be optional.

NEWMEDIA ensures they aren’t.

In addition to helping you to create your guidelines – or refining the ones you have – we also help with implementation. Everything that NEWMEDIA does on your behalf will follow those guidelines, with our experts also helping you to impress the importance of understanding them on the rest of your business.

Logo Design

What’s the first thing that consumers use to recognize a brand?

It’s logo – the single graphic that may be the most important tool you have for building a memorable visual identity:

how consumers recognize brands

When quizzed about how they recognize brands, 75% of people said that logos are the key. That’s 15% more than those who pointed to visual style – only 60% of people – and brand colors, with 45% saying they can recognize a brand from the colors it uses.

And it makes sense.

Think of any major brand and one of the first things that’ll come to mind will be the logo it uses. Nike’s “swoosh” for instance, or the curved font used in the Coca-Cola logo. Your logo – just like the content you put out – is part of your overall messaging. And in many cases, it’ll also inform the rest of your brand’s visual identity.

That’s why it’s so important to create a great logo.

Enter NEWMEDIA’s graphic designers – we create logos that speak to your business and stick in the minds of its customers.

Create Your Brand Identity with One of America's Leading Branding Firms

You know why you need a brand agency in your corner, and you understand the specific services that the best agencies combine to build out your strategy.

There’s just one more question to answer:

Why choose NEWMEDIA as your brand strategy partner?

We Scale Brands of All Sizes

Allow us to hit you with a few quick statistics.

Over the last 25 years – which is how long NEWMEDIA has been in the branding industry – we’ve worked with hundreds of companies by providing them with world-class digital products. Those products have had remarkable effects:

Our work is responsible for our clients collectively generating over $3.5 billion in revenue.

That’s billion, not million. The simple fact is that NEWMEDIA has a level of expertise – combined with proven results – that no other branding firm can match. We’ve been doing this for a long time, and have adapted constantly to the industry in the process, meaning we’re perfectly placed to provide you with the fresh perspective you need on your branding efforts.

Our Digital Solutions Win Awards

If you can think of a prominent organization in the branding and digital marketing sectors, the odds are they recognize NEWMEDIA as one of the best in the business. called us one of the best digital marketing agencies of 2023 – a title we’ve received from the group for consecutive years- and Clutch names us as one of the world’s top 1,000 companies. UpCity gave us a “National Excellence Award” in 2023 for our work, with SEOBlog naming NEWMEDIA as a top SEO agency.

Why does all of that matter?

Our awards prove that we deliver on the promises we make by providing a consistently high-quality service. If you’ve been paying attention so far, you know that consistency makes all the difference in every aspect of business.

We Work with Global Brands

What do Delta, Six Flags, The YMCA, and California Almonds all have in common?

They’ve worked with NEWMEDIA to build their brands – often through digital products – locally, nationally, and even around the world. And that’s just a small sample – we have a laundry list of successful projects under our belts for some of the most recognizable brands in the world.

Why should that matter to you?

For one, a branding agency needs to know what makes the most successful brands tick so that it can apply powerful strategies for your business. NEWMEDIA’s exposure to such huge companies means we have knowledge and expertise that you can’t find anywhere else.

As for the second reason…

We bring a global branding mindset to companies of all sizes, from massive multinationals to small businesses trying to make waves on the local level.


With NEWMEDIA, you never get anything less than the best, which means there’s only one thing left to do:

Get in touch today – our contact page is always open – and we’ll put you in touch with the local NEWMEDIA office that can provide the valuable insights you need to skyrocket your branding.

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