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The eCommerce industry has never been bigger. Or more valuable. It's rate of growth doesn't seem like slowing down any time soon. Indeed, estimates suggest that the industry's value could more than triple in the decade ahead, presenting incredible opportunities for shrewd entrepreneurs.

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Top 1% Global Leader Digital Agency
Ranked by Clutch 2023

Top 1% Digital Agency in United States
Ranked by UpCity 2022

Fastest-Growing Companies in the USA
4 Years in a Row

Top 1% Best Digital Marketing Award
Ranked by Expertise 2023

#2 Global Award Winner
Ranked by MASHABLE

Top 1% Award of Excellence Winner
Years 2020, 2021, 2022

500+ 5-Star Reviews in Google
Ranked by Our Customers

Top 1000 Global Digital Agency
Ranked by Clutch 2022

#1 Global Digital Agency
Ranked by Business Journal

Top Rated SEO Agency
Ranked by SEO Blog 2023

Top Ecommerce Development Company
Ranked by Selected Firms

Top Web Development Agency
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The Best BigCommerce Developer for eCommerce Success

The eCommerce industry has never been bigger. Or more valuable. It’s growing year on year, as the chart below from Precedence Research shows:


The chart also shows that the eCommerce industry’s rate of growth doesn’t seem like slowing down any time soon. Indeed, estimates suggest that the industry’s value could more than triple in the decade ahead, presenting incredible opportunities for shrewd entrepreneurs.

Unsurprisingly, plenty of aspiring business owners are eager to get their part of that massive market pie (or broaden the size of their existing slice). But keeping up with your rivals is tougher than ever. Especially with eCommerce growing increasingly competitive, year on year.

That’s why you have to get every decision just right. Starting with your choice of eCommerce platform to build your online store.

There are plenty of options. BigCommerce has rapidly emerged as one of the leading choices. 

It’s ideal for budding businesses wishing to gain ground on their rivals, boasting a huge array of advantages that set it apart from other eCommerce systems. But you’ll struggle to make the most of the BigCommerce platform by yourself. Instead, it’s recommended to hire BigCommerce developers to help you.

That’s where NEWMEDIA, a trusted BigCommerce developer, comes into play. Our industry-leading BigCommerce development agency can help you build a successful eCommerce store on the BigCommerce platform.

We offer many BigCommerce development services to suit any eCommerce business, great or small. Read on to discover why you need a reliable BigCommerce partner like NEWMEDIA, and how we can help you build the best possible eCommerce store.

Why Hire BigCommerce Developers for Your eCommerce Platform?

global platforms

Shopify. WooCommerce. Squarespace. You’ve got options when it comes to building an eCommerce business, as the image above from Gelato shows.

So, you might be wondering what it is that sets the BigCommerce platform apart from the crowd and why you should favor BigCommerce development over other choices.

Well, there are several key reasons to opt for BigCommerce development for your eCommerce site.

The SaaS Edge

BigCommerce is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform. That’s a claim that very few other major eCommerce systems can make. It gives BigCommerce a distinct edge.

Why? Well, since BigCommerce operates as a SaaS solution, it’s the perfect fit for any eCommerce business that doesn’t want to deal with the more technical side of running an online store.

Everything runs in the cloud with BigCommerce eCommerce development. So, there’s no need to worry about tedious software installation, time-consuming admin, and tricky integrations.

Instead, BigCommerce developers can spend more time, energy, and resources on things that matter. Like creating an attractive, engaging store. Marketing to the broadest possible audience. Or finding new, innovative ways to drive sales.

Easy Onboarding

According to the latest figures, there are over 26 million eCommerce sites in existence. As shown in the chart below from MarkinBlog.

That’s a colossal number. Of course, that doesn’t mean you’ve got 26 million rivals. As sites and online stores vary in size, scope, and target audience.

Still, in such a crowded industry, competition is rife. No matter what you’re trying to sell. That means you won’t want to waste time setting up your online store. Or configuring the backend. Instead, you’re going to want to dedicate as much focus as possible into making sales. Engaging your audience. Building a winning brand.

Fortunately, the BigCommerce platform is famed for its intuitive, straightforward setup. It’s quick and easy to get a BigCommerce online store up and running. Especially with the help of a trusted BigCommerce development agency, like NEWMEDIA.

Thanks to that, those who are setting up new online stores and eCommerce websites won’t have to worry about a lengthy, time-consuming development process. They can create their online business in next to no time with the help of top BigCommerce developers and start making sales right away.

Intuitive Product and Order Management

If you want to be successful in the world of eCommerce, you have to put customer satisfaction at the forefront of every decision you make. Ultimately, that’s what will make or break your business.

As explained above, customers have more choices than ever these days, as there are so many eCommerce solutions and online stores. The best of those stores work hard to ensure that customers have seamless, straightforward experiences when placing orders, navigating sites, and so on.

Just take a look at the stats below, provided by Roomle, for an illustration of this idea.


The first stat shows just how significant the eCommerce industry has become. But the second two stats are particularly revealing regarding the importance of client satisfaction.

With much lower costs for retaining older customers compared to obtaining new ones, it’s clearly in your best interests to find ways of building customer loyalty. Plus, to minimize that 70% cart abandonment rate, you have to provide top-quality experiences for your users.

Again, BigCommerce (and your chosen BigCommerce development team) can help with this in a big way.

BigCommerce is, without a doubt, one of the best eCommerce development platforms in terms of customer contentment. It’s designed to be as intuitive and easy to work with as possible, helping customers manage orders, make returns, and find products in no time.

With the help of experienced BigCommerce developers, you can craft a site that’s a joy for people to use. They’ll be able to use advanced filters to find the products they’re looking for. Track their orders with easy. Create and manage their accounts with minimal fuss.

Plus, on your end, you should also find it easy to manage and fulfill orders, as well as analyze and understand your audience.

SEO-Ready Solutions

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has never been more important. It’s common knowledge that the top-ranking results on Google get the most clicks, and that’s particularly relevant for those attempting to run a successful online store.

Check out the stats below from Digital Information World.

google users click the first-organic result

This chart just goes to show how big that No. 1 ranking is, enjoying almost twice as many clicks as the next. The further you go down the top 10 Google rankings, the lower the click-through rate (CTR) becomes.

Naturally, eCommerce store owners want to see their pages and links as high as possible. That’s how they get the most user engagement and website traffic. BigCommerce, and a BigCommerce development agency, can help.

This eCommerce platform comes with an array of useful SEO features. For example, it gives users free rein to edit page titles, meta descriptions, URLs, and so on to meet the latest SEO standards. It also makes it easy to create blog content to support your store and even offers automatic title optimization.

Mobile-Friendly Themes

As the chart below from Statista demonstrates, mobile customers are taking up an increasingly large part of eCommerce sales.

global mobile ecommerce worth

With every year that passes, the amount spent on mobile devices rises, and the total share of eCommerce sales made on mobile rises along with it.

That’s why every online store owner has to take mobile development and optimization seriously.

Fortunately, mobile optimization isn’t a problem with the help of a BigCommerce developer.

BigCommerce comes with a vast suite of themes and templates you can use to create eCommerce stores. They’re all 100% responsive, meaning that they’ll work flawlessly on mobile devices, easily adapting and adjusting to smaller screens and touch-based interfaces.

Thanks to that, it’s super simple to tailor your BigCommerce theme to suit every user, no matter what device they’re browsing and buying on. A trusted BigCommerce partner like NEWMEDIA will even take the time to test and run your site on different devices to ensure the most optimized, streamlined performance for every single user.

Beautiful, Customizable Designs

Given that eCommerce is such a competitive field, you have to grab users right from the get-go. Your site has to draw them in and make a fantastic first impression. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing potential customers and missing out on possible sales.


As the stats above from WordStream demonstrate, first impressions are immensely important, and design has a huge part to play in that.

Almost every user will judge a site in the first few seconds based on how it looks. If they’re not satisfied, more often than not, they’ll leave without making a purchase. In fact, poor design is one of the leading causes of high bounce rates for eCommerce stores.

Thus, if you wish to succeed online, your BigCommerce store needs an attractive, engaging design.

Seasoned BigCommerce developers, like the team at NEWMEDIA, can take care of that for you. Our BigCommerce experts can take full advantage of this platform’s customizable themes to craft a beautiful space for you to sell your products.

That not only gives you a store to feel proud of, but it can make a massive positive difference when it comes to conversion optimization.

Multichannel eCommerce

There’s no need to restrict yourself to single sales channels when setting up eCommerce businesses. You can sell products and services across a wide range of platforms. Indeed, a multichannel approach can be key for maximizing sales and gaining an edge over the competition, as the stats below from ERP Software Blog show.


A great benefit of choosing BigCommerce as your eCommerce platform of choice is that it’s well-suited to a multichannel sales strategy. It allows you to sell across many different sites and platforms, from big stores like Amazon to social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. That makes BigCommerce one of the most versatile eCommerce solutions available today.

A trusted BigCommerce developer can help you reap the rewards of multichannel selling. NEWMEDIA’s BigCommerce developers, for example, can set up sales points on social media, online stores, and beyond. This gives your store the biggest reach and the broadest potential audience, which should help in generating leads and making sales.

A Global eCommerce Solution

The success of the eCommerce industry isn’t just limited to North America.

Far from it. As Nexcess’s infographic (pictured below) demonstrates, eCommerce is on the rise all across the globe. From Asia to South America, more and more people are buying goods and services online.


With that in mind, you may not want to restrict yourself to only selling to your own country or region. Instead, you might want to offer your store’s goods all over the globe to reach the biggest possible audience.

Fortunately, BigCommerce is well-suited for international brands. It allows merchants to easily accept payments in over 100 currencies. Plus, it comes with multilingual support, with automatic or third-party translations for your site’s content, making it accessible and understandable for users far and wide.

A certified BigCommerce partner, like NEWMEDIA, can help you take full advantage of these useful features. We can help you set up a truly global store that runs smoothly and seamlessly, no matter where it’s being accessed from. We can also assist with international payment processing, allowing customers to effortlessly place orders and pay in their native currencies.

Cutting-Edge Security

With countless cyber-attacks occurring daily, cybersecurity is one of the biggest challenges facing eCommerce business owners. Indeed, many business owners are fearful of falling victim to hackers and attacks, potentially putting their customers’ valuable personal data at risk.

Well, when it comes to standards of security and reliability, BigCommerce is a terrific eCommerce platform to pick.

Boasting SSL certification, fraud detection, DDoS protection, and dozens more exceptional solutions for security and privacy, BigCommerce stores are at relatively low risk of cyber-attacks. What’s more, BigCommerce stores tend to have very high uptime rates, so you won’t have to cope with costly downtime too often, if at all.

In short, a BigCommerce store should be impressively safe and reliable for both the owner and their customers. A BigCommerce developer, like NEWMEDIA, helps to ensure the very best levels of security across the board, safeguarding you, your customers, and all of your data.

Scalable to Suit Your Changing Business Requirements

Growth. It’s the No. 1 aim for countless business owners and SEOs across the world, as seen in this list of business priorities from IT World Canada.


If you, too, hope to grow your eCommerce business, you’ll need an eCommerce platform that can grow right alongside you. Otherwise, you may find that a whole host of new challenges emerge to slow or even restrict your business’ growth.

Fortunately, BigCommerce is an excellent platform for those seeking a flexible, scalable solution. It’s immensely customizable, allowing you to easily expand and manage your product catalog and build up your online presence over time. Plus, it imposes no restrictions in terms of how many products or how much traffic your store can cope with.

So, as your company grows, your BigCommerce development agency will easily be able to make the necessary behind-the-scenes adjustments. They can scale your site and online store up to suit your ever-evolving situation.

Exceptional Integration Opportunities

Your eCommerce platform is just one piece of the puzzle when setting up an online store. You may also wish to utilize a wide range of additional tools and software solutions to improve your store and fine-tune your customer experiences.

There are countless apps out there that can assist with everything from email marketing to customer support, inventory management, analytics, and payment processing.

Unfortunately, such apps don’t always play nicely with every eCommerce platform. But BigCommerce is different. One of the best aspects of this platform is its versatility and high levels of compatibility. It works well with hundreds, if not thousands, of other apps and tools.

So, no matter how you want to expand or enhance your store, working with a trusted BigCommerce developer can alleviate any worries. NEWMEDIA’s experienced BigCommerce developers can integrate a range of apps and additions to your online business without any compatibility clashes or frustrations.

NEWMEDIA's BigCommerce Platform Development Services

By this stage, you’ve seen more than enough reasons why BigCommerce is a terrific choice for building a successful eCommerce project.

We’ve also answered why you need to work with the best BigCommerce developers to make the most of this particular platform.

With the “Why?” taken care of, let’s dig into the “How?” with a look at what kind of BigCommerce development services you can expect from NEWMEDIA.

BigCommerce Web Design

A fraction of a second. That’s how long it takes for people to form a first impression of your site. And that’s how much time you’ve got to wow them. If you don’t, they’re much more likely to simply close that tab or hit the “Back” button and click on some other store.


That’s why web design is arguably the most important element of all BigCommerce projects. Without an attractive and eye-catching design, even stores with great products and competitive prices can struggle to succeed.

A trusted BigCommerce website design partner, like NEWMEDIA, will ensure that your site is the best it can be. Not just in terms of the visuals, but the entire customer experience.

Adding visuals and branding elements. Keeping your store’s aesthetic consistent from page to page. Developing a smart navigation system that even first-time visitors will understand. Our Bigcommerce development experts can take care of all of this and more.

The result? A flawless site with an unmistakable air of authority and professionalism. A store that is sure to produce the finest first impressions, helping you obtain loyal, long-term customers and gain an edge over your competitors.

BigCommerce Web Development

Hold on, didn’t we just talk about this?

Not quite. Web design and web development may sound similar, and they are strongly related. But they refer to two quite different concepts.

Design is all about the customer-facing “facade” of your site. It’s about the look, the feel, and the experience that users have when they click on your pages and buy your products.

Development, meanwhile, is concerned more with what goes on “behind the scenes,” so to speak. It’s all about the inner workings and under-the-hood management of your site, the technical systems and complexities that keep everything up and running.

In short, if we follow an automobile analogy, design is all about how a car looks, while development focuses on the engine that powers it.

Naturally, this is very important for any kind of eCommerce website. You have to make sure that the fundamental technologies are in place to keep the site running smoothly, allowing users not just to browse but to make accounts, track orders, add items to their shopping carts, and so on.

It’s not easy by yourself. But, with the help of a leading BigCommerce development company, like NEWMEDIA, this seemingly complex task becomes almost effortless. You tell us how you want your store to run, and our BigCommerce development team takes care of the rest. We’ll implement payment gateways, fine-tune your site navigation, and create custom solutions to suit your specific needs. 

Performance Optimization

It’s not enough to have a functioning online store these days. You need an optimized one. A store that doesn’t just do the basics but performs above and beyond expectations, with fast load times, speedy account creation, and minimal risk of downtime or delay.

If not, you risk missing out on sale after sale. Indeed, several of the most commonly cited reasons for high bounce rates are connected to poor performance.


As this list from FullStory shows, people are likely to leave your site right away if it’s slow to load, has technical errors, or fails to function appropriately on mobile.

They won’t stick around to browse your catalog or appreciate your marketing materials. Each one that clicks away is a potential customer who has been put off by aspects of your BigCommerce development that are easy to fix.

A certified BigCommerce partner like NEWMEDIA can resolve such issues in no time and provide peerless levels of store performance. With our help, your online store will be smooth and speedy, reducing bounce rate and encouraging visitors to stick around, check out your products, and make a purchase.

Software Integration

Earlier on, we highlighted the versatility of the BigCommerce platform. Thanks to that, there are countless ways to enhance and fine-tune your BigCommerce store with the aid of plugins, extensions, and other pieces of software.

For example, a BigCommerce store can be improved with the aid of email marketing add-ons, like MailChimp, helping you connect with customers through email campaigns. Or, you could empower your BigCommerce store with AI through tools like Klevu, or secure and streamline payments with the aid of Signifyd.

The options go on and on. However, despite the fact that BigCommerce works well with many apps and add-ons, it can still be tricky to integrate new tools. That’s where a BigCommerce development company, like NEWMEDIA, comes in.

With unparalleled levels of BigCommerce project management and technical expertise, our team are masters of BigCommerce API integration.

We know what it takes to set up new systems and integrate fresh solutions into your BigCommerce store. What’s more, with a deep understanding of the BigCommerce compatible app library, we can recommend the ideal add-ons to perfect your store.

With the help of the NEWMEDIA Big Commerce development team, your store can do more than you ever imagined.

Browser and Device Testing

There was a time when the vast majority of online browsing and eCommerce activity was done on desktop devices.

But that time has gone. Just look at these charts from SmartInsights:


Now, well over half of all eCommerce sessions occur on mobile devices, either phones or tablets. Desktop may still dominate in the revenue stakes, with over 60% of sales occurring on computers. However, that still means that around 4 in 10 sales take place on a mobile device.

As such, you can’t run the risk of your store failing to run well for all those mobile and tablet users out there. That’s a massive chunk of your audience (and your potential revenue) that needs catering.

Well, along with BigCommerce theme development and BigCommerce API integrations, NEWMEDIA also carries out thorough store audits and testing.

In other words, we regularly run your store’s posts and product pages across a range of devices. In doing so, we look for any little issues that could negatively impact the user experience, no matter what device they’re on. Then, we find ways to fix them.

Thanks to this, with NEWMEDIA’s BigCommerce experts on the case, your store is sure to run smoothly and flawlessly for all.

SEO and Digital Marketing

Here’s a frightening statistic from Ahrefs: over 96% of all internet pages get absolutely zero traffic from Google searches. That means that your content might never, ever get clicked on in Google results, due to the fact that it appears so far down the list.


So, you could be investing hours of time (along with a decent chunk of cash) into making content for your BigCommerce blog and product pages. But, if it’s not tailored just right to suit Google’s ever-changing SEO algorithms, all that energy could be going to waste.

Fortunately, NEWMEDIA isn’t just a developer agency. We’re also highly experienced in the field of digital marketing, and we bring our SEO understanding and expertise to every project we undertake.

We can provide content creation and optimization alongside our BigCommerce development services, helping to push your pages up the ranks. With our help, your site will reach a far larger audience than you ever thought possible, gaining significant levels of organic traffic.

NEWMEDIA - The Ideal BigCommerce Development Agency

As this guide has shown, working with a BigCommerce development company is a terrific way to get ahead in the rapidly expanding eCommerce industry. The best BigCommerce development agency, NEWMEDIA, can take your store to whole new heights, connecting you with customers on deeper and more profitable levels than ever before.

But you still might be wondering why to choose NEWMEDIA over all the other BigCommerce developers out there.

Here are just a few reasons:

We're No. 1

But don’t take our word for it. Leading company ranking sites, Clutch and UpCity, both rank us among the very best BigCommerce developers.

We're Present Everywhere

NEWMEDIA is a national-level BigCommerce developer with offices in over a dozen states. Each one offers the same high standards of service and customer care, committed to delivering the finest experiences for every business we work with.

We Work With the Best

Ford. CBS. Delta. Those are just some of the major companies that have entrusted NEWMEDIA with design, development, and marketing services. With our experience of working with industry leaders like those, we know exactly what it takes to make a successful project.


So, if you want to work with the very best BigCommerce experts who can provide proven, game-changing results, NEWMEDIA is the name to know. Send a message to [email protected] today to get the ball rolling and learn all about how we can help with your next BigCommerce project.

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