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Ranked by Clutch 2023
Top 1% Digital Agency in United States
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Top 1% Global Leader Digital Agency
Ranked by Clutch 2023
Top 1% Digital Agency in United States
Ranked by UpCity 2022
Fastest-Growing Companies in the USA
4 Years in a Row
Top 1% Best Digital Marketing Award
Ranked by Expertise 2023
#2 Global Award Winner
Ranked by MASHABLE
Top 1% Award of Excellence Winner
Years 2020, 2021, 2022
500+ 5-Star Reviews in Google
Ranked by Our Customers
Top 1000 Global Digital Agency
Ranked by Clutch 2022
#1 Global Digital Agency
Ranked by Business Journal
Top Rated SEO Agency
Ranked by SEO Blog 2023
Top Ecommerce Development Company
Ranked by Selected Firms
Top Web Development Agency
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Why Digital Marketing?


According to the New York City government, there are about 220,000 companies operating in the city. Of those companies, 98% are small businesses meaning that they have fewer than 100 employees.

Your business may be one of that 98%.

And if the government’s figures are anything to go by, you face a lot of competition when trying to get ahead of the thousands of other businesses in New York.

Then, add the thousands more from other states (and other countries) that sell goods and services in New York. Most of those businesses have websites just like yours. And those in your niche are competing for the same keywords and audience as you.

You need to get ahead

You might have already tried traditional paid media. Maybe you’ve even given the digital side of things a go. But your digital marketing efforts haven’t given you the results you want.

That’s where NEWMEDIA comes in.

You have digital marketing problems, and we have online marketing solutions. Our goal is to help New York businesses of all sizes climb the digital ladder and get the results they deserve.

We do that with a full suite of digital marketing services, which we compile into a powerful strategy that’s tailored to your company’s goals. But what does that really mean? Join us as we demonstrate why our digital marketing services give you world-class results that you can’t get anywhere else.

The Digital Building Blocks that Help You Reach Your Business Objectives

Before we get into the hows and whats of what we do, we need to answer a question:

What is

Digital Marketing

Any marketing work you do that involves the internet in any capacity is a form of digital marketing. Every email you send to a prospect is a type of digital marketing. The fancy website you’ve built, with all of its bells and whistles, is a huge interactive business card (and sales tools) that falls under the digital marketing banner.

Social media marketing, paid online ads, and even the reviews people leave for you online are all part of your company’s overall digital advertising strategy. Online advertising and marketing encompass a huge range of strategies. In fact, this handy graphic from Inca Accounting demonstrates that better:

digital marketing components

That’s a lot to get your head around.

And therein lies the challenge.

For a small business that’s trying to handle all of this marketing while doing what it needs to do to grow, digital marketing can feel like you’re trying to complete a jigsaw puzzle. Worse yet, you don’t have all of the pieces of the puzzle, meaning you have to cobble together the best strategy you can and hope for the best.

Large and enterprise businesses based in New York don’t have it any easier.

Sure, they have more resources than small businesses to throw at digital marketing solutions. But if they can’t pull all of the pieces together into a cohesive marketing strategy or, worse yet, mess up one of the elements of digital marketing, they’ll end up pouring money down the drawn.

Getting digital marketing wrong is as damaging as getting it right is profitable.

And it’s in avoiding getting it wrong where a digital marketing company shines. The NEWMEDIA internet marketing agency brings the expertise that you may not on-staff to develop digital strategies that work.

From our base at One World Trade Center in New York, NY, we scale brands and help companies grow.

Would you like an example?

Here’s what the sales figures for one of our ecommerce clients looked like during the first quarter of 2020:

digital marketing components

You remember what happened in 2020, right? The global pandemic kicked off right after this first quarter of the year. Naturally, our client was worried. Sure, they were an ecommerce business. But they still didn’t really know how they were going to reach their target audience when the world was locked up indoors.

We did. Using several cleverly designed digital marketing campaigns, we took this client from just over $53,000 in a quarter to over $614,000:

digital marketing components

And we did all of that in the midst of a pandemic that struck down thousands of businesses in New York.

The reason we’re showing you this is that we want to demonstrate exactly what digital marketing agencies can help your business to achieve. Even in the face of a pandemic, and the increased online competition that the event brought, we helped a client get 12 times the sales in the space of one quarter.

That’s what a quality digital strategy can achieve.

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digital marketing components

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Web Design | SEO+Social Digital Marketing Agency

We can craft the perfect digital strategy to grow your business, and then execute it for you to generate massive scale. And we can move much faster than you would expect.




One World Trade Center 285 Fulton Street, Suite 8500 New York, NY 10007

What Makes NEWMEDIA One of the
Best Digital Marketing Agencies in New York?

We’re tempted to let the results we shared above do all of the talking for us.

But you probably need more than that. After all, those results are for just one business. You may be asking yourself whether that’s something we can replicate for your company, with all of its unique challenges.

As you suspect, every company is different. Your business objectives aren’t the same as a different company’s goals, so digital marketing agencies have to tailor their work to suit what you need.

That’s what our digital marketing professionals do. No matter what your specific objectives may be, NEWMEDIA can help you reap the following benefits from our digital marketing services.

Better Lead Generation

Your business needs leads.

Every business does.

The whole purpose of your digital marketing plans is to drive more leads to your salespeople. To get leads, you need more traffic to your social media profiles and website.

Don’t take our word for that, by the way. According to a survey by HubSpot, 61% of marketers believe generating the traffic that creates more leads is their biggest challenge:

digital marketing components

Working with a digital marketing agency means you build strategies designed to drive more traffic to your platforms.

But “more” doesn’t mean “better.”

NEWMEDIA does things differently because we focus on driving qualified traffic to your New York business.

What does “qualified” mean?

Have you ever spent ages on a call with a client, just trying to figure out what they want?

After 30 minutes of back and forth, you figure out the prospect doesn’t even need your product. So, you end the call and lament the 30 minutes you’ve just wasted on a client that was never going to buy. That’s what an unqualified prospect looks like.

A qualified prospect is the exact opposite. It’s somebody who knows what they want and knows enough about your business to know you’re the one who can provide it. Prospects become more qualified as they read more of your content, engage with you on social media, and search for keywords that pull up your website in search engines.

NEWMEDIA’s combination of technical and creative services, including search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC), and a content-based social media strategy creates the digital touchpoints that pre-qualify leads. Combine that pre-qualification with traffic generation and your business gets better leads through digital marketing.

Increased Conversion Rates

Getting traffic to your website is one thing. Converting that traffic into prospects who want to pay for what you do is another challenge entirely.

Some websites attract thousands of visitors without making a sale from any of them. The same happens with social media profiles. All of the likes, shares, and comments in the world don’t mean anything if you can’t convert those seemingly engaged people into clients. How do you know if you’re struggling with conversions? In 2022, WordStream did an in-depth study that looked into the conversion rates of Google Ads campaigns across a variety of industries. Here’s what they found:

digital marketing components

Bear in mind that these are averages for each industry. If your business is in any of these niches and you’re running Google Ads, a conversion rate below the percentage shown in this chart means you’re getting below-average results.

That’s a problem the NEWMEDIA digital agency helps you to solve. We know that you can’t measure business success in traffic alone. That’s why we focus on conversions just as much as conversations and traffic. You can find out more about how if you get in touch with our New York office.

Boost Your Brand's Identity

We could go on for days about how big search engine’s like Google are. There are reams of stats digitally printed all over the internet that tell us how many billions of people use social media.

For example:

“That’s all very impressive,” we hear you say. “But I run a local business for local people. I don’t need to market to the billions of social media users all over the world.”

That’s definitely true if you have a small business. Trying to embrace all things digital marketing to appeal to everyone means you’ll just run into the same problems you have with digital marketing:

  • Too much money spent
  • Not enough of your target audience reached

You’re based in Atlanta, GA. You have a business that primarily serves people in Atlanta. What can digital marketing agencies do on a local level to help you?

The answer’s simple:

We can boost your profile in local searches.

Take a look at this picture from Search Engine Land:

A Top-Notch Return on Your Investment

Ultimately, your digital marketing is supposed to deliver a strong return on your investment. It’s meant to cost less than traditional marketing while helping you to reach more people.

Unfortunately, a poor digital marketing strategy can make that combination of higher reach and lower costs difficult to achieve.

For example, we shared details about one of our New York clients earlier. They went from just over $53,000 in the first quarter of 2020 to over $600,000 in the second quarter. What we didn’t tell you is how our work affected that client’s return on investment.

In the first quarter of 2020, this client spent $70,000 on ads. Let’s do the math: $53,359 – $70,000 = -$16,641 Simply put, the client spent more than they made. Their ROI (net return over investment) was about negative 0.24.

Compare that to the results NEWMEDIA achieved after just 60 days of our digital marketing firm working on its pay-per-click strategy. $614,874 in revenue – $97,000 in ad spend = $517,874 That’s a massive turnaround. Yes, the ad spend rose by $27,000.

But it went up because we’d developed powerful campaigns that were focused on conversions as much as traffic. Our client achieved an ROI of 5.38 (or 538%). Would you take a multi-six-figure return for a five-figure investment? If you would, give our New York office a call at 212-220-6200 or send an email to [email protected], and we’ll show you how.

Our Digital

Marketing Services


Our results speak for themselves. But we know you want us to get into the nitty gritty in terms of what we do for clients. These are the right core services we build into your digital marketing strategy.

Search Engine Optimization

When most people think of digital marketing, they think of search engine optimization (SEO). It’s how digital marketing began. First, we had websites. Then, we had search engines to help people find the websites they wanted. SEO followed to help websites get to the top of search results.

While it may be the oldest dog in the digital marketing show, SEO is still as valuable today as it ever was. According to WordStream, organic search has the highest ROI of any digital marketing activity:

digital marketing components

That pie chart shows us that 49% of marketers point to SEO as the activity that has the best ROI. Email, social, and paid search only just manage to beat out organic search when combined.

SEO is the combination of techniques you use to get a webpage to the top of a search engine’s results. That’s the simple part. What’s more complicated is just how many concepts fall under the SEO banner.

Keyword research, creating optimized content, and all of the under-the-hood tech stuff go into SEO. At NEWMEDIA, we build organic search campaigns that make it more likely that you’ll fall into the 49% of businesses that can point to SEO as a huge revenue driver.

Content Marketing

Way back when, content marketing was pretty simple.

You wrote some content for your website. That content had a few keywords thrown into the mix and you called it as day. Assuming the content was good enough, there was a chance it would rank well. And if it was really good, you might even get some sales from it.

That simplistic view of content doesn’t apply in the 21st century. Today, your content goes everywhere, from your website to your socials. Content serves as the textual touchstones that prospects rely on to tell them if your business can help them to solve their problems.

It’s not enough to have a few articles in a blog on a website anymore. In truth, that was never really enough. If your company is going to get ahead of every other business in New York that’s vying for your audience, your content has to stand out.

NEWMEDIA creates content that is:

  • Tailored to suit your business strategy while aligning with your marketing messaging.
  • Optimized to ensure you’re not using too few (or too many) keywords.
  • Written with search engine algorithms in mind.

And if you need a reason to use our content marketing service, we’ll leave you with this simple stat: according to Content Marketing Institute (CMI), content marketing costs 62% less than traditional outbound marketing but generates three times the leads.

If your New York business is ready to find out how, we’re waiting to hear from you.

Email Marketing

We know what you’re thinking when it comes to email marketing.

“Email had its day. We have social media and messaging apps now. There’s no way that email marketing solutions are as effective now as they were 10 or 20 years ago.”

And you’re right.

If anything, email marketing is more effective than it used to be. To prove it, we can look to Statista to show us how much the right email marketing campaign can generate per industry:

digital marketing components

If you’re not exactly sure what you’re looking at there, this chart shows how many dollars different industries earn for every dollar they spend on email. The lowest is still over $30 for every dollar spent. That’s a 30X ROI, making email one of the most effective digital marketing techniques.

NEWMEDIA helps New York businesses unleash the power of marketing emails. We combine quality copywriting with the marketing automation needed to ensure your emails reach customers at the perfect stages in their journeys with your business.

Social Media Marketing and Management

We break our social media marketing offering down into two categories:

  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Marketing

Let’s start with the marketing side.

Social media marketing is all about using posts and paid ads to get your brand in front of people. On the posts side of things, we bring content marketing into the mix to ensure your business shares posts that actually mean something to your followers.

For LinkedIn, those posts might be industry insights that your connections can’t get anywhere else. On Facebook, we may help you craft targeted ad campaigns that push your latest product to a receptive audience.

The marketing side is all about the content.

The management side is about maximizing the benefits of what you post.

A social media post that’s left alone is a post that eventually dies. You may get some initial engagement from it. But if you’re not tracking that post and following up with people who comment, there’s no point in having the post.

Here’s an example:

You spend hours writing a mini-article for LinkedIn about your niche. When you’re happy, you hit the post button and send the article out to your connections.

Then, you never revisit it.

That article might gain traction without you knowing anything about it if you’re not managing the post. By tracking comments and responses, you might discover that a real industry player likes what you said.

There’s a possibility for a partnership.

Or, you may have connections asking follow-up questions or revealing that your post has helped them to see they have problems you can help to solve.

Those responses are sales opportunities.

At NEWMEDIA, we make sure you’re posting content that matters to social media. But as importantly, we manage those posts so that play into your brand strategy while helping you develop more leads.

Web Design and Web Development

Hopefully, your business already has a website.

If it doesn’t, you already need web design and development services our New York digital marketing agency offers.

But let’s assume you have a website.

Do you think your website is up to date with modern design and development techniques?

It’s a vital question to ask because an outdated website makes your brand look less professional. That’s according to a survey from the team at Search Engine Journal. They quizzed 1,013 people aged between 18 and 60 about websites.

They found that 81% of people immediately think less of a business if its website is outdated. The effects are so pronounced that 39% of respondents said they would think twice about any product offered via an outdated site.

In short, simply having a website isn’t enough.

That site has to deliver on the visitors expectations. NEWMEDIA web design and technology agency ensures you have an attractive and up-to-date website that looks the part on every device. Get in touch to find out more.

Paid Search and PPC Marketing

The concept behind paid search and PPC marketing is simple:

You create ads that you want your prospects to see. Those ads go onto a paid platform, with your company paying money for every click or impression the ad gets.

Unfortunately, what sounds simple in concept is often difficult in practice. If you need proof, just re-read what we wrote about our New York client and its struggles with paid ads. Without the help of a digital marketing agency, they’d created ad campaigns that generated a negative $16,000+ ROI.

With our help, they made almost seven times more than they spent on their paid ads.

We don’t need to say much more than that.

NEWMEDIA’s talented paid search team knows what it takes to build campaigns that get results.

Online Reputation Management

The seeds of your online reputation grow from your website and social platforms. You can use both to talk about what you do, how great you are, and how your business solves problems for consumers.

But there are a lot of corners of the internet that aren’t in your control. And your prospects are going to look in every one of those corners to learn more about you before they buy.

For example, stats from Louis Zhou show that 95% of people check reviews before they buy a product:

digital marketing components

That’s not all.

According to online marketing experts Oberlo, most of your prospects check more than one review before they buy:

digital marketing components

That’s just reviews, by the way. There’s plenty of other content written about you, your business, and its products. Every press release, news article, and blog post about your company is ready and waiting for your potential customers to read.

Our point is that an online reputation isn’t limited to the platforms you control. As you get bigger, more people talk about you in places that you can’t control. But what you can control is how you respond and what you do to make sure the most positive messages about you are the messages that reach your customers first.

With NEWMEDIA’s online reputation management service, you ensure customers see more of what you want them to see.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

CRO is all about making sure that the people who see your stuff, whether that be your website, socials, or paid ads, convert into customers. Of course, there’s no such thing as a perfect conversion rate. But the goal is to get as high a percentage as possible for two reasons:

  • More conversions equal more money
  • The better your conversion rate, the stronger your ROI

NEWMEDIA offers a conversion rate optimization service that gets spectacular results. To prove it, we’re going back to our New York client that boosted its quarterly revenue to over $600,000.

Look at the figure on the bottom. That is what that client’s conversion rate looked like before they started working with us:

digital marketing components

This is what it looked like after 60 days with our digital marketing agency:

digital marketing components

Our client went from converting 1.51% of traffic to converting 4.42%. That change represents a 191% improvement in conversions, which is a huge reason why this client went from low five-figure sales to high six-figure revenue.

That’s the power of CRO. And with NEWMEDIA, you can design ads, websites, and marketing campaigns that get more people buying.

Discover What Our

Full Service Marketing Agency

Can do for You:

As a full-service digital marketing team, NEWMEDIA has one goal:

Deliver world-class results for our clients in New York.

Here’s why your business should work with us.

Award-Winning Service

Inc. 5000 named NEWMEDIA one of the 5,000 fastest growing private companies in the United States. Clutch Global name is one of its top 1,000 companies. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. And we’re a 2020 National Excellence Award Winner.

You’re not working with any old digital marketing agency when you choose NEWMEDIA.
You get a team that wins awards for the quality of its service.

Vast Experience

We’ve designed, developed, hosted, and managed over 4,000 SEO campaigns, websites, social media accounts, and mobile apps for clients throughout the United States. Simply put, we know what we’re doing. Whether you have a global business with a base in New York or you’re a small company looking to get a leg up in digital, NEWMEDIA can help. We’ve worked with brands including:

  • The YMCA
  • Bad Boy Brands
  • PostNet International
Now, we’re ready to help you.

New York Offices

Some digital marketing agencies try to pull a fast one on their customers. They’ll tell you they offer services in New York. But when you get in touch, you learn the offices are somewhere else.

That means you can’t meet with the team that’s responsible for your online success.


If you'd like to learn more, there are several ways to get in touch with us.

NEWMEDIA is different.

You can come and visit us anytime at our New York office:

One World Trade Center

285 Fulton Street, Suite 8500

New York, NY 10007

If you want to get in touch before we meet, give us a call at 212-220-6200 or email us at [email protected].

At NEWMEDIA, we scale brands.

Get in touch with us today and we can talk about how we can make an impact on your brand tomorrow.