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Content Templates, Worth Contemplating

We all know that content can either make or break the success of your website. Yet content is often given a second-citizen role in the web development

Role of Imagery in Web Design – Trends that are Here to Stay

The beauty of the internet is that since its development in the late 80s and early 90s, it is constantly evolving and new ideas are being brought to the

8 Items That Should Be On Your Website Redesign Checklist

"Website redesign" Two little words that can bring utter fear to the hearts of any business owner or marketing professional. The amount of work needed to

Take the NEWMEDIA Marketing Challenge

Why would you want to work with anyone but the best? NEWMEDIA continues to grow and we are incredibly lucky and honored to have recently been awarded

Which comes first: The brand or the logo?

A brand is not a logo, although a logo helps brand a company. What’s the difference between these two marketing tools that help position a company in the

Understanding the Snapchat and Instagram “Stories” Platform for your Business

It seems like all we ever hear about are Instagram “Stories” or Snapchat “Stories” but what’s the big deal about it anyways? It’s a new platform for

Don’t Forget to Aggregate

It takes five minutes, improves your page load times, and now it may help your Google search results—aggregate your Drupal CSS and JavaScript files. On

Five Ways to Class Up Your Website

Web evolution can result in dated design. Updated optimization will increase engagement, clicks, purchases, or other types of actions. Achieving a new, fresh site,...

NEWMEDIA is Ranked the #1 Web Designer in Denver by Clutch

We understand what it takes to build a website that converts for your business using advanced UX design concepts and SEO ranking techniques. Our 20+...