Pinkard Construction


The Brief

Pinkard’s reputation for construction excellence is founded in our meticulous planning services, coupled with an in-depth quality assurance and control program, and an exceptional focus on maintaining a safe job site.


Project Description

Pinkard came to NEWMEDIA looking for a complete website redesign.  They wanted the new web presence to be something that really communicated their brand well. There were four main objectives we set out to accomplish with this project:


Being a construction company they need a way to really show off their past projects in a visually stunning way.  Their current site was not meeting their needs in that regard.  When we designed the new site, we put photography/graphics first and foremost.  After all, a photo says a lot more than words sometimes.

Partnering with Architects & Clients

As a company, they had two primary users.  They worked directly with the client of course.  However, architects were also great references for them.  They needed to show that Pinkard was great at collaborating with architects.  We called out these different journeys on the homepage to get people quickly to their desired information.

Our People make the Difference

They say on their site “Our goal is simply to be the best contractor in our market. We hire and train the most ethical, hard-working people that love to build.” We helped showcase their employees on various parts of the website; this helped in letting people know that their team “makes the difference”.


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