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Understanding the Importance of Responsive Website Design

Responsive web design is a crucial aspect of any business. For many, your website is a potential customer’s first point of contact, and you want to make a good impression. A study indicates that 92% of first-time viewers are not there to make a purchase, which is web your website needs to incentivize potential customers to come back again for further consideration. One prominent method web designers utilize to increase web traffic is through responsive web design.

What is Responsive Web Design

When a website is created with responsive design it means it is formatted for multiple devices.  It’s a critical factor for an optimal User Experience (UX). People browse the internet on different devices, with some using multiple throughout the day. With the advancement of connectivity and the advent of 5G, the number of internet-capable devices are only going to increase. Device Atlas specifies that mobile phones and laptops are among the most popular forms of internet browsing. However, the internet browsing field is continually expanding, with more devices being able to visit your website than ever.

The Importance of Responsive Website Design

Today, there are numerous devices used to browse the internet. Whether someone is searching on their laptop, smartphone, desktop, e-reader, gaming console, or any other device you want your website to be compatible. Responsive web design helps expand reach and accessibility because it is intended to fit the highest number of devices possible. No web page is one size fit all, and it takes careful execution to get it right, which is why responsive web design is so important.

Trust Experienced Web Designers For Responsive Design

Any experienced web designer will tell you, especially in this day and age, responsive web design is more important than ever before. If you entrust your web page design to an experienced designer, you want your designer to not only make your website look good but make it look good on as many different devices as possible. At NEWMEDIA, our experienced team of Denver website designers and digital marketing specialists can develop a website for any connectable device and increase your company’s exposure along the way. What are the items that should be on your website redesign checklistContact us to learn more!