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It’s that time of the year again, NEWMEDIA’s Team Day!

I am one of the newbies on the team, but I know we all look forward to our company’s quarterly team days! Client dedication, productivity, and being “heads down” in our work is typically how we roll around here but we also know that balance is key!! So we find time to let loose, put focus on our team and have fun aside from everyday work and play.

Our September 2013 Team Day was a particularly fun one for me, not only because it was my very first one here, but because of the team I am lucky to be a part of and the fun we all had together! What a better way to kick off team day than keeping that balance and working throughout the morning here at headquarters, then spending the afternoon having fun together!

NMD headquarters is located next to Coors Field, in Lower Downtown Denver, perfect for our team day shenanigans! Everyone knows that fun loving Coloradans take beer seriously. With the city’s most popular local breweries conveniently located in Denver’s Ballpark Area, it was an easy decision to make in having our team day right outside our doors, and enjoying a day filled with some hops.

We headed out after work in the afternoon for a delicious lunch at the Rio down the street, yum! Then we all hopped on the Denver Bike Bar and off to the breweries we went! Here are some highlights from this September’s Team Day. We headed north, slightly out of LoDo, and hit four or five of the RinoDistricts lovely breweries:) Fun, Fun, Fun!

I love our team! What will we think of next?!