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NEWMEDIA’s Chili Cook-Off

Newmedia celebrated National Chili Day last week by holding a friendly competition between it’s coworkers.

Living in Denver we had to have “green” and “red” chili categories, and let me tell you, there was not a bad chili in the whole group! We all had the opportunity to try each chili and then voted on which ones we liked best.

NEWMEDIA’s Chili Cook-Off

We ended up having 5 winners with Carly taking the big win with two trophies for “best overall chili” and “spiciest chili”. Naomi and Bryon both won the “best green chili” with a tie. The “best red chili” went to Ryan while Luke took home the “most unique chili” with his Lamb Curry Chili. people who weren’t competing in the chili cook-off brought drinks and all the toppings you could imagine inside a chili bowl. It made the whole event come together perfectly. To say the least, this was a hit with the whole group. It gave us all a chance to take a break and have some fun while also having a fun competition in the office. Plus, at the end we all had a great lunch and were so full the only thing that could have made it better was a nap.

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