The Brief

Your Life Extraordinary (YLE) uses a unique blend of functional fitness, nutritional guidance, and personal coaching to achieve amazing results.


Project Description

YLE came to NEWMEDIA to completely create their online presence from scratch, from start to finish, with custom website design, professional photography, Drupal web development, managed hosting, marketing, consulting, and PR. The website includes a very clean look, with all custom iconography, but below the surface hide a variety of high-level functions including data calculation and visualization (member workout progress charting), a membership/tracking system, restricted content, eCommerce and recurring billing, as well as some very slick features, summarized below:

Naked Workout – The Naked Workout is a bodyweight-based workout that can be completed at home, in the park, or anywhere you want to exercise with no additional equipment required. Like all of our workouts, it can be completed in 20 minutes or less and get you energized for the day ahead or relieve the stress from a long day on the go.

DaYLE Workout – The DaYLE workout features more advanced, technical movements and requires additional equipment. It is ideal for people who have weights at home, at an office fitness center, or maintain a membership at a public fitness facility or national gym. Not only do these workouts offer a bit more variety because of the additional equipment, but they will also challenge you to push your limits and learn new movements that will help you build power and strength beyond what you can achieve with body weight alone.

One of the main profile features is the Progress Chart, which tracks members’ inches lost over time.  Weight can spike or drop from day to day based on numerous variables. Inches will provide a more consistent measurement over time.  YLE also includes a unique pedometer feature. If you use a pedometer, you can track your steps and accumulate some serious milestones! Want to hike the Inca Trail, or perhaps see the Great Wall of China from end to end? Tally your steps and see the world!  The other primary features of your profile are your Nutrition and Exercise Logs. These features are invaluable in helping you manage your daily activity level and keep track of what you put in your mouth.

Adding daily workouts is a breeze – the YLE system developed by NEWMEDIA logs whatever workout its members choose and allows them to add notes for any modifications used as well as tracking scores to measure improvement over time.


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