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Which comes first: The brand or the logo?

A brand is not a logo, although a logo helps brand a company. What’s the difference between these two marketing tools that help position a company in the marketplace?

Some of the branding questions I’ve received as a web designer at NEWMEDIA have led me to believe there’s confusion for some folks around “brand” and “logo.” The two are not interchangeable. They are very different yet interdependent.

What’s a logo?

A logo is the physical representation, a symbol, icon, emblem, letter mark or word, for your company. It may be the first thing a customer sees, so it’s really important. Some well-known, recognizable logos include the Nike swish and McDonald’s golden arches. 

A logo ought to be easily recognizable. It’s often trademarked. Ideally, it evokes a positive emotion among consumers. 

What’s the brand?

The brand is intangible; it’s how you’re perceived by your customers in the marketplace. We try to influence this with our brand strategy, which is a company’s tone, image, marketing tools, and so much more. A good branding strategy gets a company noticed in the marketplace. That’s the goal: to get noticed, and build a strong relationship with your audience. A good brand encourages repeat customers. 

A company’s logo ought to come out of its brand (not vice versa). A lot of research—about business goals, identity and strategy; brand personality and voice; the intended audience; and more—goes into creating a company brand. 

Out of this groundwork, a logo also may be created. It’s the face of the brand; it’s what people can relate to (think back to the familiar Nike and McDonald’s logos). 

I always keep the company’s brand in mind when designing its logo. I need to know about the company’s target audience and how it wants to be perceived. Creating a logo has less to do with the colors or symbols you like; what matters is how you want your company portrayed to your intended audience. 

Successful companies brand everything: the product packaging, how the company is presented in social media channels, the flavor of its advertising … right down to how the phones are answered at headquarters—it all comes out of a well-crafted brand. The logo is there too, facing the world, communicating the brand.

Logo and brand: They play with each other, but the brand takes the lead.
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