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Website Hosting, Maintenance and Upgrades With NEWMEDIA

When buying a home, there are several hidden costs that need to be considered beyond the purchase price. There is the cost of protecting it from loss or damage (insurance). There is the cost of replacing things that wear down and/or break (maintenance). And there is the cost of making overall improvements (upgrades).

The same principles apply to your business. Beyond the cost of creating the business is the cost of protecting it (insurance), maintaining it (cost of doing business), and updating it (innovation).

Websites are no different than these types of investments. Once the site is built, you need a hosting infrastructure to operate it and ensure the site stays open for business. You need to allocate time and energy keeping it up to date with security patches and performance tuning. And finally, you may need to extend the existing functionality and/or create new functionality, which is necessary to serve the ever growing and ever changing needs of your visitors, clients, and customers.

At NEWMEDIA, we would like to be your partner for all of these (and many other) additional services so you can get the most out of your investment.

Not only can we deliver a great service for an exceptional price, but we have seen countless horror stories of clients trying to go it alone only to shoot themselves in the foot trying to save money on hosting or avoiding routine maintenance. In some cases, a simple security vulnerability can result in a server being breached or a website getting hacked; both of which can be a significant cost to repair and can result in a disruption in your business. We want to minimize that risk for you! The best way to do this is to get a hosting, maintenance, and upgrade plan in place before your site launches.