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Logo Size: Please stop.

A logo for a company is important, but it is not your site!

A lot of people feel that their logo is the most important part of their site. And there is a point to this, it is that their logo is the only thing that represents their brand at this point.

However, it is important that a logo is not your website. It may come as a surprise, but you don’t need a giant header with a giant logo to represent your brand. Your brand should be represented by the content, as well as, look and feel of the page. If these things are done properly, they will take place of the logo and deprecate the need of it.

The logo size has always been a design issue. Companies want the logo as big as possible to represent the brand, but the logo is not the brand. The brand is the brand. A brand consists of the products, the people and the atmosphere of the company. A brand is trusted, a logo is not. A logo represents the brand but alone isn’t a brand.

It is important to notice the difference between a logo and brand because people do not come to your website to look at a logo and learn about the details of the logo. They come to the website to learn about your brand.

Shrink your logo and give better content. Everyone will be happier and the user experience will be more tailored to the users.