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How Much of a Website Do I Really Need?

When you take the first step and decide to create a website for your business, it can be exasperating. The average person usually does not know a lot about what they need for a new website.

Some questions that frequently come up with clients are:

  • How many pages do I need?
  • Do I need a highly detailed website if my business is new?
  • What about if it’s a small or simple business?

The truth? Less is more. Very few users will go through every page of a 100-page website. In fact, most users are just skimming to see what you do, who you are, and how to contact you. And that, my friends, is where you should start.

What You Do: The Homepage

Your homepage is the page that will (obviously) be visited most frequently. However, it is extremely important to grab your visitor’s attention while also letting them know what you do. The average visitor will decide in less than 5 seconds if they will stay on your site based on your homepage. Visitors want to be confident they came to the right site and that you are the Company for them.

Who You Are:The About Page

The About page is critical to show your visitors that you are a real, living, and breathing company. You are going to be competing with multiple other websites, so the more ways you can make yourself stand out, the better. Visitors want to make sure they will be doing business with humans and not robots. This means, any pictures of your employees or physical location greatly help here.

How to Reach you: The Contact page

This might be the single most important page. This is your call-to-action , and how you will generate business from the website. You want visitors to be engaged and reach out to you. Whether the call-to-action is to fill out a contact form, email you, or call you, that conversion will be extremely important to the health of your website and your overall business.

To wrap things up, when embarking on the new website journey, you really don’t need a large website with a ton of pages. Your website will be successful as long as you are able to convey what you do, who you are, why customers should choose your company, and a way people can contact your company.  Wondering where you should start, or, just need some simple help? Contact the team of website experts at NEWMEDIA today!