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Holland & Hart launches new Drupal site for Persuasion Strategies

Persuasion Strategies – In 1990 they became the first litigation consulting team serving in-house within a law firm to support trial attorneys and their clients.

Their success quickly grew and they expanded our practice to attorneys and organizations outside of Holland & Hart LLP.

Now their team services attorneys within the largest, most prestigious law firms, providing unmatched trial prep services including Visual Presentation, Mock Trials and Jury Selection.

When Persuasion Strategies needed a brand-new web presence, they knew several things:

  1. The site had to be fully-responsive – with their emphasis on contemporary technology, and with a client base moving more and more toward working “on the go” with a variety of mobile devices, this was a requirement.
  2. The site had to have a highly-functional Content Management System – with both technical and creative teams in-house, Persuasion Strategies needed a website that would allow them to run with it, grow it, and to fully utilize it moving forward without the need for ongoing developer support. Of all the options available today, Drupal was the obvious choice.  And, upon choosing Drupal, NEWMEDIA was the logical next choice for this client.

We worked tirelessly with Karla Molk, or primary contact with Persuasion Strategies/Holland & Hart, as well as her large and talented internal team.  The process revealed a lot of interesting aspects of their business, opened up a number of opportunities for us to explore, and the new site was launched in March 2013.  We love it!  But, ultimately, it comes down to one thing.  Whenever you want to know if you did a good job, just ask the client!

It appears the time has come for us to swim in the deep end on our own. We now have the skills and we know that if we require a lifeguard, you are not far away. Thank you for your talents, patience and perseverance. We are very excited about our new website and are proud to share it with the world. 

As you know, the fantastic team at Persuasion Strategies was instrumental in bringing this website to life as well.

I feel grateful and privileged to have worked with all of you.

Warmly, Karla