A Tool for Opscode Chef Cookbook Readme Generation

Consistency is the key to successful engineering teams. Here at Newmedia we are constantly seeking ways of providing tools to allow our engineers to be

Better Living Through DevOps

A series of articles that cover how NEWMEDIA utilizes best practices to better secure and improve operational infrastructure. The DevOps movement is about

Drush Make: Don’t Store What is Stored

In the devops community the standard process is to allow other repos store what is theirs, and let your repo store what is yours....

No Man is an Island

At NEWMEDIA, we pride ourselves on our ability to collaborate and work as a team. It is this mentality that has gotten us to where we are today and will"


Drupal 8 opens the door for clean, readable, version-controlled configuration in Drupal development. But how can we leverage this system effectively in

Deploying a Drupal Site from a Chef Role

With a properly setup Chef repository and server, managing Drupal application deployments becomes a simple exercise of managing the subset of metadata

Using Knife and Knife.rb for Managing Databags

Securely deploying sensitive data with Chef can be achieved through the use of encrypted databags, which can be managed easily with a properly configured

Integration Testing with KitchenCI First Steps

When you want to test the integration of your snowflake data into your environments you should consider KitchenCI. You should understand Test Driven Development with...

Building Base Boxes with Packer

Packer is a powerful tool that enables the creation of identical multi-platform virtual machine images from a definition file. In this article we will