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Better Living Through DevOps

A series of articles that cover how NEWMEDIA utilizes best practices to better secure and improve operational infrastructure.

The DevOps movement is about enabling better collaboration between development and operational IT staff by automating operational processes. Done correctly, the implementation of DevOps methodologies enables increased productivity, allowing us to spend less time on the dreary details of repeatable processes and focus on the unique aspects of a technical environment. The end product is the development of processes that provide efficient deployments of high quality systems and products.

The brilliance of using tools such as Puppet, Chef, Salt, and Ansible is that they enable the definition of a systems desired end state. Once that end state is defined, its configuration is easily enforced and repeatable across systems and environments. These types of tools are one of the big pieces of the DevOps methodology as they provide a way to define infrastructure as code which allows for the application of software development methodologies to the implementation of operational systems.

In the following series of articles we describe how how we utilize best practices to better secure and improve our infrastructure at NEWMEDIA.

  • Using LDAP in small organizations.
  • The power of a bastion and iptables.
  • Implementing two factor authentication.
  • NMD Base.