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Acquia Certified Developer… Check

I took the Acquia Certified Developer test this morning and … PASSED!

“Earning Acquia Certifications will gain you visibility and credibility for your experience and expertise and help your organization establish a leadership position within the Drupal community and with Acquia products.” (Acquia Learning Services)

Overall, I thought it was a very fair test. The premise of the test is to measure Drupal related skills in four broad categories: Section 1 – Fundamental Web Development Concepts, Section 2 – Site Building, Section 3 – Front end development (Theming), Section 4 – Back end development (Coding). The questions were about what you would expect, a wide range of topics that you will confront as a skilled Drupal developer. If you’ve been doing it the “Drupal Way,” you should have no problem passing this test. If, however, you’ve resisted learning how to use Drupal the way it was intended, you might get tripped up.